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Thread: Buggy whips, Edsals and coal furnances for homes

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertLafollet View Post
    As you know I expect automation to take jobs. Those people will need to be taken care off.
    Obviously you're of the Luddite school of thought.

    You should read up about Luddism. About Ned Ludd...the semiretarded leader of the weavers who feared that mechanized looms would take their jobs away (it would) and they'd have no more work and would starve (true, but only so long as England fell under Labour politicians)

    Ned Ludd's dull-witted solution, was that he and other half-witted weavers would sneak into factories and smash and burn the equipment. It became a guerilla civil war, with the Redcoats mobilized. Ned Ludd himself disappeared - it's believed he took an assumed name and shipped out to Australia.

    Be it ever thus to knaves, fools and believers in modern Democrat doctrine.
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