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Thread: Q ... to save the world

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retiredat50 View Post
    The video was great, but it is nothing that we have not heard multiple times over the last year and a half. Just about every 2 or 3 months a version of this story surfaces and assures us that the criminals are all about to be mass arrested, then nothing happens and a few more months the story is out again.

    It is a feel-good story, so lots of people watch the videos, which in turn makes money for the YouTubers that create them.

    As for Q, at first it was said that Q was a person high up in the government, but recently that is changing to Q being a group inside the NSA and maybe other intelligence organizations, that have formed their own version of the deep state, to counter the deep states attempts to control America.

    Me I have no clue if there really is a Q or not. I think we all agree that it would be great for the deep state to be taken down, and for people like the Clintons, Obama, Holder and so on pay for their crimes.

    Just don't get your hopes up to high.
    In my early days, as a Cryptographic operations (shift) supervisor at the Pentagon; I held a "Q" clearance (among others) which gave me access to Atomic Energy operations and pertinent material relating thereto. "Q" only had one meaning in those days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crusader View Post
    All I know is that, that girl holding the cell phone is friggen HOT!
    Yeah, but to much makeup. How does she look fresh out of bed? THAT is the question!
    Yep, I'd wrap that in bacon! KEEP AMERICA GREAT, TRUMP 2020
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    Quote Originally Posted by Philabuster View Post
    The grief you feel for the downfall of the predator Cosby should be transferred to the women he preyed on.
    That's totally off topic.
    Quote Originally Posted by Philabuster View Post
    Wishing people to die makes you unworthy of consideration.
    Are you referring to some remarks about Ruth B. Ginsberg in another thread OR something else.

    You seem to have a chip on your shoulder.
    Can you spot a communist?

    FIRE and replace the bad Republicans in their primaries, but NEVER EVER vote for a Democrat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trinnity View Post
    That's totally off topic.
    Are you referring to some remarks about Ruth B. Ginsberg in another thread OR something else.

    You seem to have a chip on your shoulder.
    Nope. No chip. Happy for the most part.

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