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Thread: "breathe jar" for sinus congestion

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    Relieve Sinus Congestion – Make Your Own “Breathe Jar”

    ="With only three materials needed to make your own 'Breathe Jar' this simple DIY couldn't be easier to make."
    Have you ever used over-the-counter nasal sprays when your sinuses have been all stuffed up? I have….and it was one of the worst experiences of my life! After using it for several days for a bad head cold, I stopped because I was feeling better and my congestion came back twice as bad as when I started it! It’s called the “rebound effect” and you become trapped in a cycle where you have to depend on the spray to breathe. Boy oh boy did I wish I’d known that before I started using the spray. I went “cold turkey” off the spray and it took a couple of weeks before the “rebound effect” wore off. I was so miserable! I will never use nasal sprays again.

    So what do you do if you have serious congestion? You could go for the over-the-counter pills or liquid that never seem to do much for me….or you could try making your own simple Breathe Jar with essential oils. You will wonder why you ever used the other stuff!

    All you need to make your own Breathe Jar is……a jar (duh)….a few cotton balls….and some essential oils.

    How To Make A “Breathe Jar”

    Place 1 to 3 cotton balls in a small jar (you’ll want to use a container that will fit over your nose.)

    <img essential oils, dripping them directly onto the cotton balls. These oils open and soothe the tissues of the respiratory system and combat airborne bacteria and viruses.

    Cover with tight-fitting lid.
    <img I decided to use a small 4 ounce mason jar. If you use a smaller jar, just use less cotton balls.
    How To Use:
    When sinus pain or congestion hits, open the cup, place it over your nose and and inhale S L O W and D E E P. If your jar is big enough you can also place it over your nose AND mouth, and the heat from your breath will help produce vapors from the oils and heighten the decongestant effects.

    Replace lid securely. Repeat as needed. Because essential oils do not stay in your system for long periods, you can use your Breathe Jar as often as necessary to help keep your congestion under control. Some people have even said it helps with a cough too.
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