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Thread: Springfield XDm-10 10mm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Dummy View Post
    Not pointless at all. It is the best varmint caliber out. Squirrel, rabbit, coon etc.

    Lots of coyotes fall to .17hmr.

    It's the best rim fire varmint round.
    Almost 30 years ago, I was looking for the best varmint round period. Landed on 223. Pet load ended up being the 50 gr ballistic tip @ 3,500 fps. Just below serious barrel burner speed.
    Played with the Sierra 40 gr HP. That went 4,200 fps. 26"barrel.
    Longest P-dog kill was just over 700 yards with the 50's.
    I thought about the Ruger 22 Mag varminter, but tried loading the 223 down. Using the 45 gr Hornet bullet with 9 gr of Blue Dot, I got 2,300 fps and sub MOA, for a cheaper per round cost than 22 Mag.
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