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Thread: Mom killed baby, made up abduction story

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    Mom killed baby, made up abduction story

    Police say Florida mom killed son, made up abduction story: ‘Parts of her story didn’t make sense’

    The Largo Police Department shared more details about the death of two-year-old Jordan Belliveau, including the evidence stacking up against the boy’s mother, who is in custody for her son’s death.

    Maj. Stephen Slaughter said Charisse Stinson “made significant admissions” about the death of her son, leading police to arrest her Tuesday night. Stinson initially told police her son had been abducted by a stranger, prompting a statewide Amber Alert.

    According to an arrest affidavit, Stinson admitted to causing her son’s death during a “moment of frustration,” when she struck the boy in the face with back of her hand.

    Go to the WFTV link. That is the baby boy she slapped around and killed.
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    Looks like PP and NARAL need to get o the stick and start lobbying Congress and filing lawsuits to get post-birth abortions legalized.
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