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Thread: Tell Us about your 1st Time..

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    One of the more regrettable "gifts" of the leftists was the idea that you should talk about your personal life. I remember listening to guys tell stories about visiting Las Vegas and after losing the mortgage money a last minute Hail Mary bet brought it all back. So, I talked about walking out of a casino and noticing two quarters in my pocket. I put them in a poker machine by the door and got a pair of jacks which got me my two quarters back. I put them in again and lost them.

    One of the guys said, "What's the point of that story?"
    "The point is, I'm the only honest S.O.B. here."

    A much more interesting conversation would be, when's the last time you got laid. Of course, everyone would lie about that, too.

    A bunch of guys were talking about various churches and I said, "The Mormons might have it. If you had a dozen wives you could get laid ten, twelve times a year." Everyone laughed except the young guy who wasn't married. "I don't get it," he said. One of the old guys said, "You will."
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