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Thread: Facebook is for FOOLS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairball View Post
    Facebook is a choice. You can either have it or not. No one forces anyone to have it, and if you have it, you can control it.

    As with everything else, even with your computer or cell phone, you can control what you want and stay out of the mess.

    My Facebook is tightly controlled with certain settings. I only receive personal messages from my friends. This should not be an issue.

    Facebook crap can get quickly out of control if you let it. Check your settings if you get upset with anything.
    Explain to me, Hairball, how conservatives who get banned can "control" Facebook? How do you "control" Facebook if someone libels you by posting lies?

    You can control Facebook about as much as you can control government bureaucrats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairball View Post
    I'm lucky. I don't have to time to troll, I have enough on my hands keeping my home wonderful, being with my husband, and working 40 - 60 hours a week.

    Trolling is a waste of time, IMO, and that time is best spent with friends and loved ones.

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