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Thread: For All Cycling Geeks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Dummy View Post
    This is so 2014 but so cool. I have to have this set up someday.

    I have a Surly Troll frame on my MB build, it can take the Rohloff hub in chain drive, the hub sets you back about a Grand. The Rolex of hubs.WIN_20180403_18_24_25_Pro.jpg
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    I've seen shaft-drive prototypes for 45 years. That's an interesting exercise; but the reality is, a chain is far-and-away the easiest, least-friction-contributing, way to move energy from petal to tire. It's why they endure in most motorcycles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kris P Bacon View Post
    I have a Surly Troll frame on my MB build, it can take the Rohloff hub in chain drive, the hub sets you back about a Grand. The Rolex of hubs.WIN_20180403_18_24_25_Pro.jpg
    The new Karate Monkey can be done in the Roloff with gates belt drive. One little hacksaw cut and bingo!
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    Some guy from England won this year's Tour de France, and he was not named Froome.

    Give me back the days of Armstrong, Landis, Hincapie, and U.S. Postal. Yeah, I know what Lance admitted to. So what? It is cycling, and an American won.

    I doubt that we have seen a clean cyclist since Bernard Hinault in 1985. Maybe not even then.

    Greg LeMond? Please.
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