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Thread: Plugspreading

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    Ive never seen a power strip like this one. But I sure as heck have wished for one. How many of you have the problem of finding places to plug in things because of those blasted over-sized wall plugs?
    There must be a reason the plugs have to be so big. Well, probably. The components needed to convert AC into DC take up a fair bit of room, and it is probably better not to mention safer to have them at the plug end, rather than the appliance end. But that is not the point.
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    I found them on eBay. In addition they are surge protectors.

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    Plug those things into a three-way plug, and plug THAT into the powerstrip.

    Or use a short extension chord, four feet, and plug the wall-wart into that; and the other end of the cord into the strip.

    Remember, the power strip is fused; and if it's a surge-protector, even better. So the likelihood of a fire from extra extension cords, or three-way plugs, is nil.

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    Once upon a time, electronic devices were fewer and used enough power that the power supply had to be inside the devices rather than a wall-wart (Try fitting a 5U4GB rectifier inside a wall-wart!). Now battery operated devices' chargers and low power electronic devices have proliferated, overwhelming not only homes' wall outlets but also power strips.

    BTW, power strips have re-settable thermal breakers rather than fuses. The surge protectors typically inside power strips are inexpensive, fairly effective components. BUT they are damaged slightly every time they absorb a surge. Consequently, folks who live in areas with frequent thunderstorms should probably replace those power strips every couple of years. Because the surge protection components fail messily if the breaker doesn't trip quickly.

    Usually daisy-chaining extension cords or power strips is not a great idea, but if it's just used for wall-warts it's not too bad.
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