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Thread: Sowell and Peterson.

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    Sowell and Peterson.

    In 2009 Thomas Sowell published a work called Intellectuals
    and Society which was a critique of the influence intellectuals have on the
    structure of societies and the lack of accountability they share for the damage
    they do. Sowell is a kind of African American version of Jorden Peterson, a
    Canadian clinical psychologist who is essentially sounding a similar alarm. Both
    are highly intelligent, articulate and credible.

    There is little doubt that a lot of societal carnage has
    been imposed on America and the 2016 presidential election pried up the boards
    on the rotten floor of American education exposing a catastrophe that leaves
    much of the US a cognitive disaster area.

    A state of emergency has been declared among the election
    losers because the massive fraud of cultural Marxism has been laid wide open
    and whatís under those floorboards isnít pretty. As Sowell states in his book,
    from time to time the collective wisdom of the masses rises to counteract the wreckage
    of bad ideas and after eight years of a contrived, artificial and
    intellectually impotent empty suit, the people had had enough. They rejected
    the usual state offering and put a serious change agent in charge to stop the
    bleeding. But they got something beyond
    what they expected; they got a real leader.

    Sowell and Peterson are more than canaries in the coal mine;
    they are the leading edge of a new paradigm that is rising like a phoenix from
    the ashes of a country torn asunder not by mushroom clouds but by state
    propaganda disguised as education. Glorified Tupperware seminars like Black
    History and Womenís Studies are turning significant populations of college
    students into paranoid thumb-sucking snowflakes.

    Colleges and universities are manufacturing defective human
    widgets unable to read anything more complex than a restaurant menu and without
    the ability to compose anything in writing that qualifies as a respectable
    grocery list. These are the foot soldiers of cultural Marxism, far more
    dangerous than just rebels without a clue; they are state-sanctioned,
    indoctrinated goons for the status quo.

    The country is now under sound leadership but the opposition
    is mounting an attempted comeback on the heels of a disastrous perversion of the
    Department of Justice, FBI and national security apparatus out of sheer
    desperation. The President is in the midst of groundbreaking gains with a menacing
    regime in North Korea.
    Too bad portions of the country are too stupid
    to see it.

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    Thomas Sowell is Thomas Sowell. As the elder, he leads. Peterson is attempting to be a Thomas Sowell but he won't make it.

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