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Thread: I Think Trump is Isolating Iran

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oberon View Post
    Don't much care about Russia either way; one of the few things I agree with McCain on is they're just a gas station pretending to be a super power; they aren't going to start any big wars, except if they can get away with extorting some tiny country on their borders; Putin is a bully, not a warrior chief, merely a gangster. The Russian-Iranian axis isn't a very strong one. Most of the ME thugs still blame Russia for their defeats and humiliations at the hands of the Israelis in 1967 and 1973.
    True, however Russia is aggressive in their pursuit of all things pro-Russia, so they are good to have on your side as long as you can leverage their strengths in your advantage. Russia is THE major chess piece in the collapse of Iran and potentially OPEC who has held us hostage for decades. No Russia propping up these shitty little dictatorships and the shitty little dictatorships disappear.

    At the end of the day it doesnt break my heart if our relationship with Russia doesnt get better, I do not think they have much effect on anything this country does, its not like they have much manufacturing that we rely on, we can pump our own oil, etc....but if destroying Iran is the goal (and it should be) Russia will have to part of that.

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    Iran's problem is that they don't have enough diverse views. Think about it, they don't have liberals because you step out of line & they kill you. Maybe we should ship them some?

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    Remember the "Green Revolution" that occurred right after Glorious Organizer took office?

    The one he completely ignored?

    Maybe....a simple statement of support for the protesters might have given them more clout to carry on their struggle. It MIGHT have even helped encourage some of the more moderate Clerics to side with the protesters.

    Ironically, same Glorious Organizer went out of his way to support the "Arab Spring," (hey, maybe he doesn't think Persians should be free...), even though, that mostly amounted to scribbling red lines in the desert.......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Tex View Post
    Iran's problem is that they don't have enough diverse views. Think about it, they don't have liberals because you step out of line & they kill you. Maybe we should ship them some?

    Irans problem is that they are a diehard Islamic State. Iran / Iraq war, the Shah and from there on they have been nothing but asinine.

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