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Thread: The Mainstreaming of Pedophilia

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    The Mainstreaming of Pedophilia

    2015 but still in news

    Why are some on the left attempting to normalize pedophilia on a par with homosexuality?

    We can judge the heart of a nation by his treatment of animals.

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    Anything that is way over the top or just plain weird and perverted is considered 'normal' to these dipshits.

    Even abnormal is okay in their eyes. Like animals and such, sex with family members (whatever ya call that) and self gratification in public.

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    I do feel sorry for people who suffer from pedophilia. I feel sorry for them right up until they act on their impulses. Then I feel sorry for the victims & want to kill the bastards. And I do not rank pedophilia equally with being gay. By it's very definition pedophilia is with under age children who can not give consent legally.

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    The 'Gay Rights' scam in the U.S. was started by a Communist who supported pedophilia. NAMBLA was a cherished member of the ILGA from its founding. Outside of a few lesbian activists the 'gay community' has always been fond of pedophiles, no surprise since male homosexuals commit at least 35% of all child rapes, most likely 50%, and we know from the undercover investigations of them that most of them also have no problem with raping little girls if they have no boy around at the moment. They just prefer boys. There is a strong link between the mental illness of homosexual fetishism and pedophilia, along with other mental disorders.

    Pedophiles have something like 90% recidivism rates, and even castration doesn't work well on them. They should be locked up permanently, hopefully before they commit crimes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickity Plumber View Post
    Anything that is way over the top or just plain weird and perverted is considered 'normal' to these dipshits.

    Even abnormal is okay in their eyes. Like animals and such, sex with family members (whatever ya call that) and self gratification in public.
    Liberalism...its arm-twisting, it's denial of the equal standing of others to liberals' own desires and fantasies..its obsession with control over others...its denial of realities of human behavior...'s mental illness.

    Homosexuality is also prima facie mental illness. Confirmation can be gleaned by looking at how much OTHER insane things the homosexual do. Parade in the streets, disrobed and in sexual congress. Anonymous couplings, at risk of deadly disease. The anger; the hair-trigger tempers; the abuse of children. The hatred of others, especially but not limited to non-homosexuals.

    So...when you have lunatics as the Political stands to reason, like Caligula with his sisters and with boys...this sort of thing is going to be jammed down our throats. Partly for their own giggles. Partly to bait us to get a reaction. And those two reasons, BECAUSE THEY ARE INSANE.

    We are about to have a hard reset of society. It could be managed but I don't think it will's going to be messy and the dawn of a new Dark Ages.

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    Queers and Pedophiles are pretty much the same scummy monsters.

    There was a study done by one of the Universities in Oregon (about 20 years ago) that pointed out that the occurrence of Pedophilia is 200 times more likely among Queers then Heterosexuals. That study has since been pulled from the internet.
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