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Thread: Weds feel good; 3 from Florida, 1 from Arkansas

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    Weds feel good; 3 from Florida, 1 from Arkansas

    From Lake Worth, Florida;
    The homeowner said he saw [Christopher] Mouassite holding a flashlight on the second floor of his home. He then shot Mouassite to “defend himself as well as his wife and daughter,” a deputy wrote in the report.
    When deputies arrived, the homeowner was chasing Mouassite behind his home, according to a sheriff’s office report. Deputies arrested Mouassite when spontaneously he said “It’s all a mistake, I went into the wrong house,” a deputy wrote.
    Mouassite had a gunshot wound to his right arm and was taken to JFK Medical Center for treatment. He later was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail and is being held on $30,000 bond.
    Deputies said in the report the homeowner was in well-founded fear that Mouassite was inside his home to commit a crime or hurt his family.
    Court records show Mouassite was out on bond from a March arrest on drug-related charges.

    From Altamonte Springs, Florida;
    The victim said she was on her way to her car just before the intrusion, but she turned around when she noticed that she had left her phone at home. She said her 13-year-old son and a female relative were the only ones in the house at the time.
    Afraid for her safety, the unarmed victim said she wrestled with one of the men until he dropped the firearm. They eventually ran out of the house, with one firing shots, but missing on his way out. No injuries were reported.
    “I noticed that the guy started getting nervous — his fingers getting crazy on the trigger. And I just disarmed it. I just completely took out the magazine from the AK,” the woman said. “They just didn’t know I was going to fight back. That’s what they didn’t know.”
    Police in Altamonte Springs, located about 10 miles north of Orlando, arrested Angel Delgado Santiago, 30, and Jorge Montanez, 17, on robbery charges in connection with the invasion, according to WFTV.

    From Miami, Florida;

    Authorities say a Florida man was fatally shot while trying to rob three people.
    The Miami Herald reports that the shooting occurred Saturday night.
    Miami police say 24-year-old Francisco Martinez Jr. managed to drive about two blocks away from the scene of the confrontation before losing control and ending up in a yard.
    Miami Fire Rescue took Martinez to a nearby trauma center, where he was eventually pronounced dead.

    From Springdale, Arkansas because Florida can’t get all of the attention;

    Police arrived to find a 21-year-old lying on the sidewalk with multiple gunshot wounds, according to the release. The man was transported to Northwest Medical Center, where he died from his injuries, authorities said.
    The person who initially called police about a burglary said he heard someone beating on the door of his apartment and didn’t get an answer when he asked who was there. A male and female then kicked in the door and entered the home, prompting the resident to fire a handgun he was armed with, the release states.
    The male collapsed on the sidewalk, while the female reportedly fled in a silver passenger car.
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    Well, 2 out of 4 ain't bad.....

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    The person who initially called police about a burglary said he heard someone beating on the door of his apartment and didn’t get an answer when he asked who was there. A male and female then kicked in the door and entered the home,

    Knock knock, who's there? Boom. It's a short joke but funny!

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    Good find @Big Dummy

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