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Thread: Interesting Days In Jerusalem

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    Interesting Days In Jerusalem

    Over and beyond the opening of the new US Embassy...

    The entire "City of David" district (south of the so-called Temple Mount is one big archealogic dig.

    There may be more surprises but the way the archealogic finds are going combined with scriptural and secular scholarship are going it certainly appears that the real Temple of Jerusalem was not on the so-called Temple Mount. That feature was apparently a Roman fort in Biblical times. The real Temple was in the City of David if one believes ancient writings and information being uncovered. From the writings of the day, the Crusaders decided to call the roam fort the "Temple" because they needed something tangible to fight for.

    So the Moslem buildings in the old Roman fort will not interfere with rebuilding the Temple.

    A whole lot of Orthodox are gonna be severely butt-hurt about being shown to have been fooled for centuries. The Moslems will be outraged. They are always outraged. Its part of being a Moslem.

    Bigger problem: How do you build a rather substantial building in the middle of an archealogical dig?

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