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Thread: Chasing the Money Trail - Stormy Daniels - part 2 - crowd funding

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    Chasing the Money Trail - Stormy Daniels - part 2 - crowd funding

    Dodgy barrister Michael Avenatti – the same one who owes $5 million in back taxes and worked on opposition research for Democrats Rahm Emanuel and Joe Biden – has been adamant about the source of funding for Stormy Daniels’ crusade against President Donald J. Trump.

    “Once again (for at least for the 20th time) — ALL fees and expenses of this case have either been funded by our client, Ms. Stephanie Clifford, or by donations from our,” he said in statement. “Please re-read that if you are unclear. Read it again if need be. Keep reading it until you get it.”

    “Get over it,” he annoyedly said. “No political action committee, political party, or ‘left-wing conspiracy group’ is behind the funding.”

    When a slime ball leftist so wholeheartedly denies that there is a man behind the curtain, usually there is a man behind the curtain. In this case, that man is Ronald A. Klain.

    Klain is a columnist at Jeff Bezos’ blog, the Washington Post, and a former advisor to President Barack H. Obama.
    He was also a senior advisor to Hillary R. Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign.
    He also happens to be an advisor at, the same company that is crowdfunding donations so that Stormy Daniels can pay Avenatti for his legal services.

    “Ron Klain’s legal career has included service as Chief Counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chief of Staff to the Attorney General, and Associate Counsel to the President,” his biography on says.

    He was Chief of Staff to Vice President Al Gore and Vice President Joe Biden, as well as Obama’s “Ebola Czar,” a position created for him during the 2014 Ebola outbreak.

    He was the General Counsel for the Gore Recount Committee in 2000, for which a movie, “Recount,” was made.

    Klain was portrayed by Hollywierd pervert Kevin Spacey in the film.To be clear, there is no “left-wing conspiracy group” funding the Stormy Daniels circus, according to her trustworthy tax evading lawyer.

    It just so happens that a 30 year Democrat political operative is advising the company collecting the funds.

    But a conspiracy must involve at least two people, right?

    That is part of the definition of the word.
    Not to worry, another ex-Obama official is working behind the scenes at
    Kip Wainscott, also an advisor for the crowdfunding site, worked as a special counsel to the U.S. Attorney General during the Obama days.

    “Kip practiced law in a leading political and elections practice, serving as counsel to several Members of Congress, the Democratic National Committee, and numerous political and advocacy organizations,” according to his biography at the National Democratic Institute.

    If there is no left-wing conspiracy here, why are Obama, Clinton, and deep state fingerprints all over the organization that is funding Avenatti in Stormy Daniels’ attempt to smear Trump?

    The more pieces that come together, the more the Stormy Daniels saga appears to be a coordinated effort by experienced political insiders.
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    YES. I knew there was a libtard, hiding behind the curtain.

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    Very interesting...

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