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Thread: Harry Reid has pancreatic cancer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Dummy View Post
    I hope the Bundy’s wind up with his land. Oh how badly Harry wanted what the Bundy’s own. Reid was willing to shit all over ancestry, contracts, the rule of law and the Constitution, to get his Chinese solar generator pay for play scam. It would be sweet justice for the Bundy’s to get security in Reid’s death.
    Is that what the BLM was really all about with this? Reid was scamming their land Chinese solar generator pay for play?

    The Progressives have become full blown NAZIs, to thwart a Hitler that doesn't exist...since that is the only way they can express, and self justify, their fascism.

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    Solar power... God, did those parasites ever rake in billions in that little lib/eco-tard scam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canadianeye View Post
    Is that what the BLM was really all about with this? Reid was scamming their land Chinese solar generator pay for play?

    Yes, Bundy’s cattle feeds on that blm land. Bundy’s ranch house is right next to Reid’s. Reid wanted the Bundy’s out so he would have no neighbors and the blm land for the Chinese. As a caveat Harry’s son was to be given a multi-million dollar a year job at the solar plant.

    Pure greed and graft was attempted by Harry. But then why not? No one ever did research on the corruption on the hill. So he thought he had a sure thing. Like Saddam taking Kuwait, he was wrong.
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    MLK jr. "I am not saying that there is a conscious move toward socialism, not even by labor, the move is certainly unconscious. But there is a definite move away from capitalism, whether we conceive of it as conscious or unconscious Capitalism finds herself like a losing football team in the last quarter trying all types of tactics to survive."

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