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Thread: Muslim mothers shldn't take babies to the protest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swedgin View Post
    There are but two potential explanations for this tragedy:

    #1. Said mother either took her baby WILLINGLY (to create a narrative...), or, one of the male savages FORCED her to take her baby (to create a narrative....)


    #2. Mommy was dumb as a sack of sand, and, probably didn't need to be spreading her "Stupid" genes around the population, anyways......
    Option #3:

    Mother had arranged to get martyr payments for killing the child.

    IMO it was #3 all the way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RMNIXON View Post
    Women and children as Palestinian terrorist shields is very old and easy to document. Also launching rockets then hiding under schools and hospitals.

    What really gripes me is the left media falling for this old ploy as if this was something new!
    Yep, this is so 1990. Old schnooze. "baby milk factory" I have heard it a million times.

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    When you kill a mosquito, you prevent 100k more from hatching. Same here.

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