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Thread: FYI mods

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMike View Post
    Just curious, try some other pages. I'm experiencing no issues with the site here so wondered if it might be something local to you (either PC or network).
    I'm sorry, Mike, but I just have nowhere else to check. Please, don't worry about it on my account. Probably just that Sat. morning 'thing', when so many are on the internet, it slows it down.

    Thanks for taking your time. It really is appreciated.
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    no prob here
    As a nation, we must face it. The Clintons are the reason for this mess. They're a cancer, poison, ruinous; a walking Constitutional Crisis. They should both be tried for Treason and executed for their crimes against American citizens and the USA. And they're not the only ones. Justice. It matters.


    Thank you for helping us provide great customer service

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