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Thread: Veteran Candidates to Score Big in 2018 Midterms?

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    Cool Veteran Candidates to Score Big in 2018 Midterms?

    Could be the big "Wave" everybody seems to be talking about. And it's not just Dems or Repubs.

    One particularly striking finding is that significant numbers of voters on both sides of the spectrum (29% of Democrats and 32% of Republicans) are willing to forgo party affiliation to cast a vote for a veteran. And four out of five voters from both parties think veterans have the “attitudes and maturity” needed in Congress. The poll found veterans are viewed as mission-oriented coalition builders who can work across the aisle.

    And here's something to ponder:

    There are more than 300 veterans running for Congress, according to Zeng. With Honor is endorsing 19 candidates — eight Republicans, including Crenshaw, and eleven Democrats — running for Congress across the country. The candidates come from the four main branches of the military and each signed a pledge to “lead with integrity, civility, and courage, including the courage to meet with someone from another party at least once each month and to sponsor legislation with a member of another party at least once every year.”

    Think of that - more than 300 vets.

    More about this @ Heres Why Veterans Are Set To Crush It In The 2018 Elections
    Saint Junipero Serra's Legacy - the untold stories of California
    A Soldier's Stories - Reports of news and interesting stuff

    I proudly voted for President Trump!

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    I don't want to get along to go along. Who ever I vote for it won't be just because they are a veteran.

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    The Democrats have rounded up a bunch of whoodat vets to run in districts they don't think they have much chance at, counting on the good will that veterans generally garner.

    But they're still Democrats.

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