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Thread: It is time to Introduce Myself

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    Quote Originally Posted by NuYawka View Post
    Unfortunately, this is the year 2018..'nuff said.
    So no particular reason?

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    It is a forum after all Mr. V and in an age where opinions are often presented as facts, you’re not likely to get deep debate about anything. Most is tittle tattle, the kind of to and fro you get everywhere else concerning trivialities. I’ve just done a short series of over a cup of tea essays, which amazingly have produced 957 views as I write, yet most of which I assume are from guests to the forum. Be nice to have something International that I can get my teeth into though.

    As regards should I stay or go thread – Go. Many of us already have done so and what they’re left with is generally a bunch of liberals, the odd mentally disturbed ones and the ones that play both forums. It takes time to disengage and build up again, although you're not a newbie and I too found that out during my first couple of weeks, but you really will find support here if you write anything at least half decent. I disagree on many of the fundamentals here, as I’m sure they disagree with me, but there isn’t that nastiness here and you know what I mean. It isn’t as though it’s new, half the people you’ll get to meet here are from the other place already and as the moderators are conservatives themselves, it all makes for a place where you can speak your mind without waiting for the liberal backlash or get totally ignored. Stick around and post more here, you’ll like it.

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