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Thread: Libbys pardon means Trump knows Muellers witch hunt M.O.

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    Libbys pardon means Trump knows Muellers witch hunt M.O.

    We need to stand with President Trump. He is taking a lot of crap for WE THE PEOPLE. this could be our LAST CHANCE to try and save our freedoms and country.

    Libbys pardon means Trump knows Muellers witch hunt M.O.

    By Lee Cary & Marty Watters Bio and Archives--April 15, 2018

    WARNING: The following is, necessarily, somewhat extensive reading because the web of deceit it outlines is itself complex.

    Media speculation over the meaning of President Trumps pardon of Lewis Scooter Libby is predictable and wrong.
    Three examples:

    1. CNN speculates that, In pardoning a former White House aide, Trump could be signaling to his own associates that they will be protected if they decline to participate with government investigators. CNN assumes Trump is guilty.

    1. The New York Timessuggests that Mr. Trump may have seen some parallels [to Libbys case]and a chance to make a statement. Thats true, as far as it goes.

    As for what that statement is, the Times turns to Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff (CA) who says, This is the presidents way of sending a message to those implicated in the Russia investigation: You have my back and Ill have yours. Schiff assumes Trump is guilty, too.

    The Times also quotes Valerie Plamethe namesake of Plamegatewho says, I would say hes trying to build a firewall. Hes saying, If you get into trouble, dont spill the beans, Ill take care of you. This is how the mafia works. Plame assumes Trump is guilty. But a Mafioso, too?

    1. Writing for Minnesota Public Radio, Nina Totenburg finds a partial motive via the Democrat Minority Leader of the House: Pelosi said the pardon shows Trump is willing to pardon those who lie under oathand that is a threat to the Mueller investigation and to our democracy. Pelosi exaggerates.

    Collectively, the liberal medias explanation of Trumps motive is that hes trying to avoid justice by silencing potential witnesses, who might be able to offer testimony against him, with the implied offer of an eventual pardon.

    The logic of that explanation, though, is a bridge too far.

    For one thing, Trump was a Democrat in the NYC real estate business when Libby got trapped by a Special Counsel into committing a process crime that had zero to do with the outing of Valerie Plames C.I.A.s employment.

    For another, Trump would not have to reach back into ancient history to pardon someone trapped in a process crime. He could pardon General Michael Flynn, and may do so after all this collusion nonsense ends.
    So, what was Trumps Libby-pardon about?

    The legacy media will never see it because they look through broken glasses.

    A reasonable answer is found though examining the modus operandi (M.O.) of the lead actors in both the Plamegate, and the Trump-Russia Collusion, Special Counsel investigations.

    The predicate of both was the alleged commission of a crime. And, in both cases, the predicate was based a fraudulent misrepresentation that granted a Special Counsel a prosecutorial license to target political adversaries.
    In short, the arrangement created the perfect stage for a miscarriage of justice.

    The M.O. in Plamegate saw the Department of Justice (then Deputy Attorney General James Comey) and the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (then Robert Mueller III) collude to appoint a Special Counselor (Patrick Fitzgerald) to discover who leaked Valerie Plames C.I.A. employment to a prominent Washington, D.C. reporter, the late Robert Novak.
    But finding the leaker was not what this investigation was aboutnot at all. That assertion is provable.

    Canada Free Press readers of an earlier post know the sequence of events that led to the fake investigation into Plamegate. Quoting mostly from that earlier article, here is the chronology:

    Continued below...

    all of it here:

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    a threat to our democracy heh?
    I think we see who the real threat to the 'democracy' is.

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    President Trump sent a message. Leftie heads can explode all they want to. My opinion is that he just told Mueller and the rest that they are wasting their time. Deep State political types, unfortunately, don't mind wasting their time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dinosaur View Post
    President Trump sent a message. Leftie heads can explode all they want to. My opinion is that he just told Mueller and the rest that they are wasting their time. Deep State political types, unfortunately, don't mind wasting their time.

    They're not wasting time.

    Stop pretending their goal is to put people in jail.


    Their goal is to smear innocent men who's only crime is to beat Rodent candidates.

    That's what Libby was convicted of, and what they're trying to convict everyone around Trump of.

    Winning an election rigged for Hillary and the fascsists.

    And the POS GW Bush should have pardoned Libby the day the conviction came down.
    Freedom Takes "I Won't". - Eric Frank Russell

    We the People DID NOT vote in a majority Rodent Congress, they stole it via election fraud.

    1 out of 2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2

    = 1/4,194,304
    = "Heads, Always Heads, Heads Every Time"
    = "Rodents Cheating"

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    Scooter Libby's pardon simply recognizes what everyone already knew. The prosecution and conviction was bogus, politically motivated, and as usual, the biased DOJ attorneys were guilty of prosecutorial misconduct. President Bush commuted his sentence and now President Trump has erased a bogus conviction.

    We need to prosecute traitors and subversives.

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    I will just enjoy watching the Lefties & MSM go nuts over this pardon...

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    Mueller has a long and sordid past about furthering his career, in fact his political party IS Robert Mueller, Inc. He's just another in a long list of Deep State parasites, much like termites in America's framework. He needs to be sent packing ASAP..........although I think it's funny as shit Trump keeps stringing him along with Mueller praying he gets fired as a martyr so his complete complete waste of tax dollars doesn't make him go down as the country's biggest scam that ever existed.[/IMG]

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