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Art had personality.

I wasn't a fanboi; he had a lot of unappetizing aspects to his life. He spent a lot of time in Thailand and the Phillipines, and wound up, twice, married to females far younger than he. And the death of his second wife...that should have been an APB. Women in their thirties don't just drop dead. If there's more and it's not prejudicial to Art, it should have been made available, as all death information is.

But...and given that he was an erratic, impulsive sort and a slimebucket...he had a strong personality that neither Mike Siegal nor George Noory had. Barbara Simpson, a sometimes weekend host, was a good writer over at WND; but I never heard her run the show.

But, Art's now gone, and if there's a God, he has to account. And if his weirdo schitt was at all true, maybe he'll trudge to the studio some night...
People do die in their thirties and I don't think he ever claimed to not use drugs either. He was an entertainer that found an opportunity the main stream ignored but I think his willingness to discuss topics the MSM ignored set the groundwork for a lot of comment we see on the internet today. It seems to me, for example, his shows on flight 800 highlighted the absurdity of official sources saying the flight's demise wasn't a missile, just an explosion in the gas tank, nothing to worry about here folks, just move along. I do miss hearing from Ms Simpson, used to be a regular on a local station here, but she could never have achieved what Bell did.