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Thread: On April 13, 1743, Thomas Jefferson was born and grew up to become one of the most im

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    On April 13, 1743, Thomas Jefferson was born and grew up to become one of the most im

    On April 13, 1743, Thomas Jefferson was born and grew up to become one of the most important figures in early American history.

    Jefferson Was a Music Lover.

    Jefferson owned at least three violins throughout his life and had started taking violin lessons as a child, so he was somewhat accomplished. As the story goes, his musical ability during his courtship of Martha Skelton may have discouraged other suitors for her hand. Even while he was in Williamsburg, Virginia, attending law school, Jefferson was known to play during weekly concerts with Governor Fauquier and others.

    English Peas Were Jeffersonís Favorite Vegetable.

    Considering there were 15 different types of English peas planted in the vegetable gardens at Monticello, we can safely assume that Jefferson was an English pea lover.

    The peas in the garden were planted at different dates, ensuring they would be available for about two months during the late spring and summer.

    Jefferson Kept Mockingbirds as Pets.

    Monticello, Jefferson's home in Charlottesville, Virginia, designed and built by Jefferson himself, was amazingly progressive with skylights, octagonal shaped rooms, dumbwaiters and a dome. Apparently, Jefferson loved music so much that, in 1772, he began keeping mockingbirds as pets for their beautiful songs. The following year he bought more mockingbirds, but the birds only knew birdsong from those that were in and around Charles County. Jefferson once took along a mockingbird on a trip he made to France, and when he returned the birds had added the sound of creaking ship timbers to their repertoire of songs.

    The First Known Written Recipe for Ice Cream in America Is Attributed to Jefferson.

    Jefferson was a fan of good foods and wines, and ice cream made from his own handwritten recipe was served at the presidentís house while he was in office. Jefferson's ice cream recipe is the first known instance of a recipe for ice cream found in the United States. Rumor has it that he obtained the recipe while in France. The recipe is one of ten written in Jeffersonís own handwriting.

    Jefferson Was a Skilled Writer but an Unaccomplished Orator.

    According to the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, John Adams noted that he had never heard Jefferson speak publically during their time together in the Continental Congress. Margaret Smith, a friend of Jeffersonís, noted that during his first inaugural address, Jefferson spoke in such a soft voice that almost no one could hear him. His second inaugural address wasnít much better: written copies had to be distributed as soon as possible to allow people attending the event to read what he had said.

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    Trump is better!

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    Jefferson was a poor orator but the premiere propagandist of his era, even Franklin was surpassed by him. He was the ultimate political chameleon who could never be pinned down on anything, and acquired the descriptive nickname of "The Sphinx". It's always entertaining to read people trying to inform us of what he really said, only to find that elsewhere he had seemingly said the opposite view on the same issue in a different time. During his first term as President, he was one of our best. During his second term, one of our worst, a sort of mini-Lincoln prelude. he's certainly the most interesting, second maybe to Franklin, whose views also changed over the years, but in a more easily seen pattern. It's hard to imagine the Revolution without them.

    That being said, I consider Madison and George Mason to be far more important to our actual Founding and Federal govt., and evangelical Christianity the more important cultural influence both before and after the Constitution. It was the Evangelicals that elected Jefferson, and defeated the worst of the Federalist factions, and paved the way for our future. All this was severely eroded by the waves of unrestricted immigration, but never completely destroyed by them in spite of the damage.

    Until now, of course, where it is actually acceptable to murder millions of babies, and homosexual deviancy and psychosis is actually considered a political 'minority' of some kind, and one of our major Parties openly advocates our complete destruction and genocides of millions based on their race and religion.
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