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I give you Bophal
first the entire thing was to be a foreign built entity.
the dots renigged and said they would do site prep.
then they renigged once more and said their labor would also do the common tasks, like cement pour and conduit runs.
then they decided they’d do it all and seized the blueprints, and for the Russians to do the high tech, or did it themselves, and whalla? A fertilizer complex.
What could go wrong?


  1. Trinnity's Avatar
    Plenty can go wrong. What do you think will go wrong?
  2. jirqoadai's Avatar
    After they killed 35,000 of their own, or before?
    If you hadn’t noticed, this blog was written because I was locked out of the ” Indians “ blog.
    Updated 02-12-2019 at 05:45 PM by jirqoadai
  3. Trinnity's Avatar
    btw, it's renege, not renig.


    re·negeDictionary result for renege



    past tense: reneged; past participle: reneged
    go back on a promise, undertaking, or contract.

    "the administration had reneged on its election promises"
    synonyms: default on, fail to honor, go back on, break, back out of, pull out of, withdraw from, retreat from, welsh on, backtrack on; Moreanother term for revoke (sense 2).ARCHAICrenounce or abandon (someone or something).