Rigging of the Swedish election

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The Sweden Democrats who are the nationalist party in Sweden were expected to get around 24-28% in the election according to several polls. Yet in the actual election they only got 17% of the votes.

Meanwhile the Socialdemocrats got 28% even after all the shit that they've done to Sweden. With sex crimes on the rise, sharia police, hospitals that don't work, retired people killing themselves when their welfare is taken away from them. And these revelations have even been in the mainstream media.

Why would the Sweden Democrats have around 24-28% for several months and then when the election comes they lose 10% of their voters?

With previous polls it has always been the opposite. That the Sweden Democrats surprise everyone when the election comes because of how high the number of voters is when compared to the polls before the election. Why would it be different this time?

It has also been very noticeable how dirty the leftists have been in this election campaign. They've hidden the Sweden Democrats ballots and destroyed their advertising papers.

Meanwhile, anybody can sign up to be a vote counter, which makes it easier for leftists to sign up and throw away any ballots that they dislike. It wouldn't really surprise me if leftist-activists put in extra effort this year because "fascism is at its greatest now".

And I'm not just taking this out of thin air. There are several examples that have been used under the hashtag #valfusk2018 on social medias. There are a lot of places in Sweden where the Sweden Democrats ballots have been missing, or people from other parties standing outside of the polling stations pushing people to vote for them, which is illegal to do.

People have also found the Sweden Democrats ballots in the trash as seen on the picture below. And this isn't the first time this has happened either, the same shit happened last election in 2014.

Please spread this around so that the Swedish people can get what they actually want. #SD2018
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