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I was thinking about this yesterday when all the shite was hitting the fan about what Bannon told that smear merchant Michael Wolff about Trump and his family. A post by @usfan reminded me that I wanted to create a thread about LOYALTY.
Loyalty to people who have been good to you and to people to whom you have been good, I believe is the bedrock of a civil society.
At some point you may not like some of the things these people say or do, but your dislike should under MOST conditions remain private and be shared with that person, not broadcast to the world in a defamatory hurtful fashion.
For me, a person without loyalty, once exposed is to be shunned. They become marked in my book as persona non grata.
Disloyalty is a serious character flaw. It is a glimpse into the soul of someone who can no longer be trusted.
Gloria Storm, Nosmo King & Ernest Longstaffe (1937)

Never believe the worst of a man
When once you have seen his best,
Of any loyalty worth the name
This is the surest test.
Gossip is ready at every turn,
Your faith and trust to slay,
But the loyal soul is deaf to doubt,
Whatever the world may say.
Whatever you hear on others' lips,
Don't let it soil your own;
Let your faith still stronger be,
Keep the image before your eyes,
Of the friend who's a friend to you:
And stand by that friend through thick and thin
Whatever the world may do.
Never believe the worst of a man,
When your own soul sees the best;
All that matters is what you know
Not what the others have guessed
And if all that you know is straight and fine
And has brought you friendship's joys.
Be proud to treasure the truth that's yours,
Whatever the world destroys.