Why Can't We Just All Get Along?

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What is it about Man that causes him to be so contentious and belligerent to his fellow man?
I feel it in myself and see it in others, yet, I am not a bad man. I have a good heart and have
love and respect for my fellow man. But at times I feel a callous competition of will with others.
Although I would not take retribution into my own hands, I often wish a negative repercussion on
another to vindicate the hurt I think they have done to me.

Taking a step back, to look at the family, the country, the world. Imagine, that if we frequently cannot
even have peace within our own family units or extended families, how is it possible for countries
to get along within and with each other?

History as well as current events tells us that Man is a nasty, vicious warring creature, yet we also have
the capacity to be kind, caring, loving, supportive and charitable. The very nature of Man appears to be
psychotic, split in two halves like a Jekyll and Hyde character.

But this is no novel or movie, its real.

Religionists would come to save my soul, but even there, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of religions
on the globe.

I have my faith. I frequently forget and get distant from spirituality, but this morning, something appears
to be tugging at my heart.

I'm so lucky to have you people to share my thoughts and feelings with.

Thank you for listening.


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