White Americans didn''t enslave African Negroes!!!

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I thought a balanced review of American history maybe in order. There was no black-birding in Africa in the 1700 & 1800s. The Negroes were enslaved by there own kind and sold of in the forts their kings erected along the African coast. Most were shipped through London before being deported to colonies.

Many nations purchased them over that period. Later in the 1860s after Abraham Lincoln made the English sign the "African Slave Treaty," the English shelled and leveled those forts to finish the trade. To stop other countries profiting from Negro labor.

Abraham Lincoln's treaty had 10 condemnations that also stopped England sending white penal slaves to places such as Australia. For the treaty applied to all vessels that had open hatches, excess sea grass matting and cooking utensils, manacles, and so on.... Any vessel on high seas having one of the ten condemnations would then be taken to the mixed courts of justice.

Yet in the altruistic sense, like many others, the American whites are guilty of profiting from the Negro slave trade. But they are not guilty of initially enslaving the African Negroes. Yet many of those enslaved in Africa would otherwise most likely have been killed. For the African kings were ruthless to the tribes they didn't like.

Yet the commercialization of the Negroes gave them greater status than the poor penal white wretches that they replaced on the cotton fields. For under the English Crown, white penal slaves or unpaid so called convicts were granted no value. So brutal treatments to penals had little economic consequences. For another penal could simply be acquired from the local stockade.

At night the chained white penal slaves watched the Negroes from the barns, basements, and prison wagons. Yearning each night to have a cabin like uncle Tom, and dance and sing around the fire with their family and friends.

When the white penals escaped they would often become trappers and wildermen in the north. To evade being captured! In the later war of Ameran Independence, they demoralized the English armies with their woodland skills and hit and run tactics.

As white penal slaves could escape into the wilder. Negro slaves became preferred. But they were treated with greater respect due their economic value. For the purchase of Negro slaves was a considerable cost and an intended long term investment. In general, negro slavery was a consiserable step up to the ocean of sorrow caused by the English penal system.

Today, both the Whites and the Negroes in America carry equal sorrows as the victims from earlier English history in America. Even still today!!! Respect!



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    Very interesting. Why don't you make this a thread in the History section?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ginger
    Very interesting. Why don't you make this a thread in the History section?
    Hi Ginger,
    I'm glad you appreciated the real history. "I'm a history buff!" I'm only just learning to blog. Tell me how to do that would you!