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The MSM says that North Korea can launch a nuclear missile and hit Nevada. One MSM station contradicts the other saying missiles can hit Chicago. NORAD is defenseless. No aircraft can strike an incoming North Korean ( NK ) missile, no US Navy ship or Canadian Ship can shoot it out of the sky before it hits the US, and the US does not have time to launch its own missile for interception.

So....I am going to start building my bomb shelter, like they did in the Cuban Missile crisis during the John F Kennedy Administration. I am going to dig me a bomb shelter, fill it with food and lots of guns and ammo.

Well.....lets not get drastic.

North Korea is the Trump administrations fault. Damn the President of the US for the North Korean problem. Damn him if he deploys troops. Damn him if he positions US Navy ships off of North Korea. Damn him for involving American in Asian events. North Korea is not the problem of the US, Nor are we supposed to get involved in a conflict or war with them. The Republican war mongers can go to the pits of the earth for this.

BUT WAIT. This is news. This is ratings. This is revenue for us, us merry band of MSM media outlets. - revenue for our pockets. But we can still damn the White House and President Trump. Yes, the blame has to be assigned - lets assign it to him, because our candidate did not win the White House.

The sharp and large increase in the NASDAQ, job and business increase, American infrastructure increase, and billions in revenue that we have in new trade deals that President Trump made...... in the MSMs best Elmer Fudd saying = SHHHHHH ; be vewy - vewy quiet.

I see Main Stream Media ( MSM ) media outlets contradict one another so much. Contradict one another , like you see the night of the Presidential General Election. MSM Media outlets, "Expert Contributors"....All contradicting on another. And everyone has a canary at the Pentagon, CIA, White House, State Department. "Unnamed Sources" are overwhelming in the MSM. And overwhelming sources contradict each other. Contradicting statements ----- try that in a court room. One would not get past the lawyers at the water fountain in the marbled hallway, eating Bayer Aspirin like it was candy.

It happens. Lie and cheat. Mislead and steal. Mislead the Americans - and steal their wholesome mind. Lie and cheat to the voters and foreign powers hooked up to a satellite TV receiver.

Is it possible that the MSM could be a large portion of Americans problem? IS it possible that the MSM is guilty of lying? IS it possible that the MSM could be guilty of being hypocrites ?

Noooooo ......Nooooooooooo , not CNN,ABC,CBS,NBC and others. Not one bit of guilt becomes them, because people guilty of such devious and deceptive practives for making money, would be guilty of fraud.

Is the MSM media and Liberals guilty.........of FRAUD?

Joe :
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