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  1. Memorial Day - 2018

    Memorial Day. For a great number of years men and women have fought to defend a nation. They have fought for something worth fighting for.

    Memorial Day is for the remembrance of military men and women who have died while in military service. To remember....and thank those who paid the ultimate price , for the freedoms that we enjoy.

    From the late 1800s to date, it is customary to decorate the graves of American Service men and women. To stand, pause, and reflect ...
  2. The lefts failure of responsibility

    It seems that the US Government cannot get their house in order. Even with many nations watching and studying the United States….. we still air our dirty laundry and childish antics to the world.

    Government shutdown.The most powerful and mighty nation on earth…….a mentor for some other nations, has come full stop. Why? Our politicians. What was the incipient argument --- letting immigrants into the United States…..taking money from our own citizens , and giving ...
  3. The MSM

    The MSM says that North Korea can launch a nuclear missile and hit Nevada. One MSM station contradicts the other saying missiles can hit Chicago. NORAD is defenseless. No aircraft can strike an incoming North Korean ( NK ) missile, no US Navy ship or Canadian Ship can shoot it out of the sky before it hits the US, and the US does not have time to launch its own missile for interception.

    So....I am going to start building my bomb shelter, like they did in the Cuban Missile crisis during ...
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  4. Washington RED.

    It is a fact. In November, Donald Trump won the Presidency
    and is the new resident of Pennsylvania Avenue.

    The Democrats were stunned. So shocked, that Hillary Clinton did not address her supporters on
    election night. A punch in the gut……embarrassment overwhelmed the Democratic
    Party. Democrats who had high hopes of a cabinet position, or work for Hillary,
    was quashed. Secondly, Bill Clinton…..would not be allowed back in the

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  5. The lefts argument , or lack there of.

    Superstars and the "populist" ( synonym of socialist..Russia ) people, whom influence others on television and radio have made promise after promise that if Donald Trump won, they would leave the United States.

    Barbara Streisand, George Lopez, Spike Lee, Amy Schumer, Al Sharpton, Miley Cyrus.....and others said they would leave the country if Trump won the Presidential Election.

    Are they still here?

    Were they REALLY willing to give up their rights ...
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