1. Why millenial women want to date older men

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    I've never had a desire to find some older guy or some stereotypical macho male guy. my boyfriend is about a year older than I am and is great the way he is. We have a lot of the same interests, we practically never fight, like the same foods, like mostly the same music, have similar political beliefs, and compliment each other really well.

    Not what was said before
  2. Our President is a PATHOLOGICAL liar.

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    I did you but you dismissed them.....others have but you dismissed could always give you a mirror.....
    Bullshit. The best anybody has done was plunk down some video labeled "Obama lies". IT HAS TO BE TEXT. So far I have won this one. Face it I win. We have sunk to our lowest ever as a nation with this crazy, impulsive, narcissist, corrupt, pathological lying, mental President.