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  1. Dems Threatened By Possibility Of Citizen-Funded Border Wall. Here’s What They Did

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    At this point, the Democrats have become ridiculous. They have taken resistance¯ to new levels and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that their only true agenda is working against President Trump.

    As far as I'm concerned those statements could have applied months before Trump was elected.

    But the all-out, undisguised campaign to DESTROY Trump is different than anything we ever saw before.
  2. When the lights go out then what

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    Candles, oil lamp, woodstove/fireplace and wood (matches and lighters)
    Check. Check. No woodstove/fireplace because I live in an apartment without either one.

    Lots of solar powered stuff.

    Solar Powered Flashlights and Lanterns and reading lights.
    Solar powered radio (also works with a hand crank or batteries or USB. Also will power a cell phone)

    Did you know that Vegetable oil can burn and can be used as a fuel.

  3. Islamic State sent images of beheaded girl to her mother

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    I guess both of you have your poignant issues -- I'm just more tolerate than I used to be. For whatever reason, that doesn't necessarily mean I'm not cautious given the situation or circumstances.
    Uninformed caution and uninformed tolerance is making us all vulnerable.
  4. Writing Europeans Out of Their Own History

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    Writing Europeans Out of Their Own History

    I invite you to visit my latest discussion.

    The speech is as relevant here and today as in the UK in 1968!!
  5. Tim Kaine: Trump Was ‘Fact-Checked to His Face’ by Pelosi, Schumer

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    Is it just me, or does Tim Kaine's aura scream kiddy diddler?
    His shit eaten grin reminds me of the Joker.

    He just lacks the class, intellect, skill, and, courage, of course.

    (Although, I bet he did a swell job massaging Hillary's corns....)
    Thanks for that visual.