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  1. Memories of Some of My Old Threads

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    Today is my 3 year TPF Birthday and I've been reminiscing

    I joined The Politics Forums on June 30, 2015, three years ago today. My entry thread may be one of the longest threads I ever posted and was a lot of fun. Many of the posters on it are no longer here! I bookmark my favorite threads and even though my interest is Politics I found most of my favorites to be Personal ones that brought out the best in forum members.
  2. E-Thot Sells Her Own Bathwater, Breaks Up Relationships

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    Sounds great if you are stranded in the Sarah Desert without food or water.
  3. The Candace Owens Show: Imam Mohamad Tawhidi

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    This is well worth the hour it took to watch. The Imam even makes fun of himself saying he looks like OBL's brother. What I might have asked him at the end is, why do you remain Muslim?
    I think you will really find the interview interesting
  4. Why do I see "Life" so Bleak

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    You want life better? Are you willing to do something besides sit and drink?

    Do you have your CDL still? Clean-ish driving record?

    Go get in your new Jeep. Drive WEST on I-90 for about 600 miles, to get to the Missoula turnoff in Montana.

    Get off. Make some phone calls ahead of time to get a motel room. Missoula rates are high. Frenchtown and Bonner have cheaper.

    Once there...go check out
  5. Iran Threatens…

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    I've seen some get through on other forums. Iran and China usually.
    Valerie Jarrett was born and raised in Iran.

    Valerie being Obama's senior advisor was probably why Obama always gave Iran what they wanted.
    No doubt, and don't forget Huma.

    Her families "muslim brotherhood" is now designated a terrorist organization.
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