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  1. My Favorite Portuguese Song by Roberto Carlos _ Nossa Senhora

  2. White Americans didn''t enslave African Negroes!!!

    I thought a balanced review of American history maybe in order. There was no black-birding in Africa in the 1700 & 1800s. The Negroes were enslaved by there own kind and sold of in the forts their kings erected along the African coast. Most were shipped through London before being deported to colonies.

    Many nations purchased them over that period. Later in the 1860s after Abraham Lincoln made the English sign the "African Slave Treaty," the English shelled and ...
  3. How Is It That Left Wing . . .

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    In order to avoid creating yet ANOTHER new thread, I first did a search for "education" and selected this thread from my search.
    I then selected this particular post from this thread
  4. The MSM

    The MSM says that North Korea can launch a nuclear missile and hit Nevada. One MSM station contradicts the other saying missiles can hit Chicago. NORAD is defenseless. No aircraft can strike an incoming North Korean ( NK ) missile, no US Navy ship or Canadian Ship can shoot it out of the sky before it hits the US, and the US does not have time to launch its own missile for interception.

    So....I am going to start building my bomb shelter, like they did in the Cuban Missile crisis during ...
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  5. Republicans oppose import tax.

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    If it weren't for automation and economy of scale then we Americans could not afford
    the many things that are produced by union labor. I once read that the majority of
    common electrical products such as outlets, light sockets, and the like are made by union labor in the NYC area. As long as such products meet safety requirements I don't care where they come from as long as they are reasonably priced.

    Perhaps a federally mandated minimum wage would be preferable to
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