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  1. Is Susan Rice the Obama Admin Leaker?

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    I don't think that anyone can completely drain the swamp, it is simply impossible given all of the intrigue in Washington. Trump would be better off trying to control it as much as possible. As far as out representative go, I agree we have to hammer them more to get them behind Trump so things can get done.
    I've actually literally "Drained a Swamp"... as in a piece of land periodically flooded by marshy water.

    It never Stays Drained. It never gets completely
  2. I got blocked from facebook and had my account deleted. Time to create fake accounts

    Well I got blocked from Facebook and had my account deleted. Apparently a bunch of ass hurt leftists got mad at me for commenting on a legacy media article about the supposed "Trump Russian connection" with me mocking the shit out of it and getting 200+ likes on my comment. They reported me to Facebook because I don't use my real name on social media or on the internet in general since leftists will stalk you in the real world for just voicing an opinion different to theirs online. ...
  3. Listening 2 the HANDYMAN Show ...Solving PET Smell Problems...

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    Eliminate the pets....problem solved!!

    I know I'll catch flack for that one.

    Well okay....

    Many of US even "here" LOVE our Cats n Dogs...

    No "MATTER" what we LOVE their kindness , And ALWAYS "Un-"Judging" Compassion. .

    Say @Katzndogz ...I made a stupid rye the "nonetheless" hows "ARWEN" doing...
  4. Our President is a PATHOLOGICAL liar.

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    I did you but you dismissed them.....others have but you dismissed could always give you a mirror.....
    Bullshit. The best anybody has done was plunk down some video labeled "Obama lies". IT HAS TO BE TEXT. So far I have won this one. Face it I win. We have sunk to our lowest ever as a nation with this crazy, impulsive, narcissist, corrupt, pathological lying, mental President.

  5. New York Assembly Considers Bill to Suppress Speech

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    That figures.

    I know, right?
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