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  1. Loyalty

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    I was thinking about this yesterday when all the shite was hitting the fan about what Bannon told that smear merchant Michael Wolff about Trump and his family. A post by @usfan reminded me that I wanted to create a thread about LOYALTY.
    Loyalty to people who have been good to you and to people to whom you have been good, I believe is the bedrock of a civil society.
    At some point you may not like some of the things these people say or do, but your dislike should under MOST conditions
  2. Random Thoughts about Scripture

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    I will have to explore the Baptists. I wasn't aware that there was a divide.
    My church emphasizes baptism. They also accept homosexuals and preach a social justice gospel.
    I'm coming to learn that anti-Christ is taking over my church and that my best move is to publicly leave.
    I am a respected leader. My departure might wake them up.
    Please do so immediately. Give them your reasons citing Scriptures.

    1. Go forth and multiply. Homosexuals cannot do this.
  3. Why Can't We Just All Get Along?

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    What is it about Man that causes him to be so contentious and belligerent to his fellow man?
    I feel it in myself and see it in others, yet, I am not a bad man. I have a good heart and have
    love and respect for my fellow man. But at times I feel a callous competition of will with others.
    Although I would not take retribution into my own hands, I often wish a negative repercussion on
    another to vindicate the hurt I think they have done to me.

    Taking a step back,
  4. My Favorite Portuguese Song by Roberto Carlos _ Nossa Senhora

  5. White Americans didn''t enslave African Negroes!!!

    I thought a balanced review of American history maybe in order. There was no black-birding in Africa in the 1700 & 1800s. The Negroes were enslaved by there own kind and sold of in the forts their kings erected along the African coast. Most were shipped through London before being deported to colonies.

    Many nations purchased them over that period. Later in the 1860s after Abraham Lincoln made the English sign the "African Slave Treaty," the English shelled and ...
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