View Full Version : Homeland Security Spending Money Preparing For Zombie Apocalypse

12-07-2012, 05:16 PM
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You can rest easy at night, might friends, secure in the knowledge that the Department of Homeland Security is spending plenty of tax dollars to keep you safe from zombies (http://washingtonexaminer.com/your-federal-tax-dollars-are-being-used-to-prepare-for-the-zombie-apocalypse/article/2515142#.UL_7auR9IfV). That’s right, zombies.

Coburn found that, among other things, DHS was spending money on teaching first responders how to stop flesh-eating ghouls. The report said the event was held by the HALO Corporation “at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa on an island outside San Diego 9 (and) the 5-day summit was deemed an allowable expense by DHS, permitting first responders to use grant funds for the $1,000 entrance fee.” (Read More (http://washingtonexaminer.com/your-federal-tax-dollars-are-being-used-to-prepare-for-the-zombie-apocalypse/article/2515142#.UL_7auR9IfV))
The article above goes on to quote from Senator Tom Coburn’s (R-OK) report (http://www.coburn.senate.gov/public//index.cfm?a=Files.Serve&File_id=b86fdaeb-86ff-4d19-a112-415ec85aa9b6).
he marquee event over the [San Diego] summit, however, was its highly-promoted “zombie apocalypse” demonstration. Strategic Operations, a tactical training firm, was hired to put on a......................