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  1. Abscam
  2. Bonus for Steele Dossier
  3. Biofuels aren’t reducing gas prices or emissions
  4. I Blame MY Congressman
  5. DOJ Review Of Trump Surveillance Is "Broad In Scope"
  6. Sen. Hirono Thinks the Public Is Too Dumb To Understand the Mueller Report Without De
  7. Wasserman Schultz Pushes Ammo Background Check Named for Parkland Victim That Wouldn’
  8. Pelousi: Impeaching trump is patriotism to our country
  9. Why the hearing protection Act was shutdown and a silencer ban is back on the table
  10. Harris: I would force DoJ to prosecute Trump post admin
  11. “Let’s play Twister, Let’s get blitzed . . .”
  12. Ky. LEO shot by police says he was more afraid of officers than bad guys
  13. Oakland Police Overtime
  14. Obama's state 'coordinated' w/ Steny Hoyer on dossier
  15. Good guy Andy McCarthy testifies before committee
  16. Watchdog Exposes $15.3 Billion in Congressional Waste
  17. Eric Swalwell to Present His AR-15 Confiscation Plan
  18. FBI Director Wray Is Obstructing Barr's Investigation
  19. Man Purchases Villa, Ends up with One Food Wide Strip
  20. ATF Tasked with Destroying Firearms; Agent Steals & Sells them for Profit
  21. Ocasio Cortez sics lawyer on aid who penned memoir
  22. Who's Watching The Watchers?
  23. Pompeo State Dept. punishes 15 Hillary Clinton staffers over email scandal
  24. Obama’s ‘Wholesale Destruction’ Of Tens Of Thousands Of National Archive Records
  25. Court allows a class-action lawsuit against VA for the first time
  26. Oregon governor orders police to round up senators refusing to vote on climate bill
  27. Illinois State Senator: Maybe It’s Best to Just Grab All the ‘Assault Weapons’
  28. Eric Swalwell: Keep Pistols and Shotguns but AR-15s Have Got to Go
  29. Nunes threatens 9th criminal referral
  30. Mandatory Voter Registration for Illegals
  31. Federal HEAR Act Would Outlaw Silencers Nationwide
  32. The Weatherman, Hussein, Chicago corruption, etc. etc.
  33. Obama & Co Kept List Of Muslims For Admin Jobs, Excluded Christians Purposefully From
  34. Texas officer charged with murder in Dallas shooting
  35. Florida Officer Accused of Planting Drugs in Vehicles During Traffic Stops
  36. Asshat Frederica Wilson sez: makes fun of us and you goes to jail
  37. Faithless Electors Who Break Their Promise Rightly Can Be Punished
  38. Democratic Official Tells D.C. LGBT Community To Harass Gay Trump Official If They Se
  39. AWFUL. Bernie Sanders Uses Footage of Assassination Attempt on Trump
  40. Judge Defends Teen Accused of Rape Saying He ‘Comes From Good Family’
  41. The FDA’s secret data base opened to the public
  42. Dem Rep. Secretly Sends Staff to Mexico to Teach Migrants How to Beat Asylum System
  43. Laws are out of control....
  44. Amish is probably right about republican rino's
  45. Hillary Proposes Reparations To Anyone Who Ever Lost A Presidential Election To Trump
  46. Former Arkansas State Senator Pleads Guilty to Bribery
  47. Look for the union label
  48. Democrats Want to Use Taxpayer Money to Pay for More Fake Hate Crimes
  49. Judge issues rebuke of Mueller 4 falsely claiming Russia company was...
  50. FBI Investigates LA "Banditos" Sheriff Deputies
  51. Judge Delgado Convicted
  52. They are Enemies of the state
  53. Omar tells press: We will no longer ‘allow’ you to asks Muslims to condemn terrorism
  54. Look out: Govt trying to eat your inheritance
  55. Former Manning Police Chief Pleads Guilty in Fed Court to Theft of Government Funds
  56. Dem Reps dish up food to migrants waiting to cross border illegally
  57. Dems schedule vote to start impeachment process
  58. Did The Pentagon Weaponize Ticks? Congress Wants To Know
  59. House Dems Pass Bill That Will Cause Nearly 4 MILLION People to Lose Their Jobs
  60. Politician Pushing ‘Gender Neutral’ Toilets Charged with Child Sex Crimes
  61. 4 Chicago cops fired for alleged cover-up of Laquan McDonald OIS
  62. World Went to Waste
  63. Florida Dem admits lying about treating Pulse shooting victims: 'I just made it up'
  64. WATCH: Sitting Dem Senator Threatens to Punch Trump In the Face, Then Calls for Peace
  65. irrefutable evidence DJT is a waysist
  66. send columbus house cd club subscriptions here
  67. mister moneybags
  68. The Sneaky Way the Government Is Growing the Number of Bureaucrats
  69. Granny of The Squad Pelosi Calling All Clowns To The Latest Impeachment Push
  70. The Attacks on this president are the continuing war of them against us
  71. PAC's
  72. Sign petition to Pelosi for expulsion of Ilhan Omar
  73. Puerto Rican Gov. resigns
  74. A millionaire coffee CEO offered to pay parents' school lunch debt so their children
  75. Omar says Muslim lawmakers should not be asked to condemn female genital mutilation
  76. JIM JORDAN burns Mueller's ass
  77. Democrats Accused Of Exploiting Campaign Staff
  78. President goes nuclear on Cummings District, includes Baltimore
  79. DOJ Seeks Secret Tape Between Papadopoulos And Informant, Called A “Game Changer”
  80. Kankakee County Democrats Share — Then Delete — Post Comparing MAGA Hats to KKK Hoods
  81. Some in Congress Want You to Subsidize Their DC Housing
  82. Trump calls for John Kerry to be prosecuted for Iran talks amid heightened tensions
  83. Donald Trump: Al Sharpton a ‘Con Man’ Who ‘Hates Whites And Cops’
  84. Mom Seeks SCOTUS Ruling After State Helps Minor Son Get “Sex Change” Against Her Will
  85. Senator escorts 8 1/2 months pregnant Mexican woman and her family into US
  86. Pelosi et al are on fancy expensive trip to Venice
  87. How the democrat machine destroyed Baltimore
  88. Here’s The Real Reason Most Conservative Elites Ignore Concerns About Free Speech
  89. Could (free or subsidized access to) Abortions Be A Part of Agenda 21?
  90. Democratic Party has become a Continuing Criminal Enterprise
  91. Nadler Misrepresents Mueller Testimony
  92. Cummings’ Baltimore got $16 BILLION in aid in 2018
  93. Harris comeback to Gabbard
  94. Speaking=terrorism
  95. DOJ Issues Immunity Agreements With Hillary Clinton Attorneys To “Dispose” Evidence
  96. New BLM Head says Federal employees aren’t held “personally responsible for the harm
  97. Maxine Was Warned And Said She Didn’t Have To Listen, Learned She’s Not Above The Law
  98. Biden’s Brother Rec'd ‘Unusually Generous’ Loans While Biden Was on Senate Banking
  99. Pennsylvania man charged with selling guns stolen from feds
  100. Florida man who asked Walmart clerk about a gun to kill people was 'making political
  101. Bruce Ohr 302 Reports Released; Giuliani Reacts to Release of Bruce Ohr 302 Report
  102. Calif. PDs fear 'suicide by cop' cases. So they've stopped responding to some calls
  103. Joe DiGenova comments on Epstein's death
  104. BARR is About to Break Biggest Scandal in American History
  105. Dem Senators Threaten ‘Restructure’ Supreme Court if 2nd A Ruling goes against them
  106. The corruption is worldwide
  107. Deputy Caught in Child Sex Sting by His Own Department
  108. BREAKING: Clinton IT Aide has Hillary's Emails
  109. Hey..remember when Obama admin denied admittance to israeli knesset member?
  110. Surely, I'm dreaming......
  111. Kamala ‘red flag’ law to take guns from racists
  112. Pentagon Paid Out Nearly $1 Billion in Improper Travel Reimbursements over 3 Years
  113. This vicious WITCH is back-UNBELIEVABLE! Hillary Fires Back
  114. Some Blue States Conspiring To Sink The Electoral College!
  115. Police alter lineup photos to get conviction
  116. Baby Killers
  117. Why Prisoner Proven Innocent Can't Be Released
  118. 25 0f 30 Worst Congressional Districts For Blacks Are Run By Democrats…Ilhan Omar’s I
  119. Ex-Houston police officer charged with murder after deadly drug raid
  120. Senator Charged with Soliciting a Prostitute
  121. IG has released his report on Comey
  122. Trump About To Declassify Documents?
  123. Whitaker - McCabe Indictment Imminent?
  124. The Las Vegas shooting
  125. Coup Attempt
  126. It's time for the Q Storm....buckle up
  127. The Deep State: How it Came to Be and Why it Fights so Hard
  128. Treason in the White House....
  129. Detective Who Led Epstein Investigation Died After “Brief Illness” At 50
  130. Sen Rand Paul reveals $50 billion in wasted taxpayer money
  131. Obama's Italian job scam
  132. How Federal Reserve Bankers swindled working people’s gold and silver deposits
  133. Massachusetts mayor arrested for extortion
  134. Rep. John Ratcliffe says Andrew McCabe....
  135. REPORT: Leaked Documents Show How Democrats Will Go After Trump In 2020
  136. Flynn's attorney winning...
  137. DOJ watchdog submits draft report on alleged FISA abuses to Barr
  138. Flaw?
  139. Liberal cities solution for the homeless
  140. Long Island judge pleads guilty to raiding neighbor’s dirty panties
  141. Jerry Nadler has reasons to go for impeachment
  142. Joe Biden & Son exposed in massive Ukraine fracking corruption scandal (Video)
  143. America: A Land Without Truth
  144. Former Ukrainian Sec Svc Official Leaks Info How Ukraine Funded Clinton Campaign
  145. Bidens son's Billion dollar deal with China
  146. Another ear of corn......
  147. Jailed for criticizing court system
  148. Sherika Hawkins--Democrat
  149. Parkland Sheriff Scott Israel Ordered Reinstated by Special Master
  150. Good News! Stacey Abrams is FINALLY Under Investigation
  151. Here, In A "Nutshell", Is The Problem With Republicans
  152. Biden x2, Hillary, Obama, Jarrett
  153. Former Mitt Romney Adviser Sits on Burisma Board of Directors
  154. If you liked the Mueller report, you're gonna love Impeachment
  155. Jon Voight prepared to battle over Trump impeachment: ‘This is war’
  156. Democrats Hold Event on Childhood Stresses Caused by Trump
  157. Louisiana law used to criminally charge people for criticism of state officials
  158. he subject of indictments of key SpyGate figures were discussed at length.
  159. Was Adam Schiff behind Ukrainian fiasco
  160. Newt Gingrich has it right
  161. Beck explains the Ukraine Biden connection
  162. Ukrainian Prosecutor That Biden Caused to be Removed-His Statement
  164. U.S. To Spend Hundreds Of Millions To Replace A $5 Part In Revamped Nuclear Weapons
  165. Hilliary gearing up for late stage do-over
  166. Barack obama paid farrakhan to teach islam to inmates
  167. John Kerry found guilty of bribery
  168. Shiff and Pelosi connected to Ukraine arms dealer
  169. Dem mayor pleads guilty to stealing $87,000, resigns in disgrace
  170. Biden
  171. Richard Jewell- upcoming movie.
  172. The Bidens' next scandal: China and 1.5 Billion
  173. The Trump Trial
  174. The Chelsea Clinton $$$$$$$ scamming
  175. Lindsay Graham Has Refused To Call Any Hearings On Deep-Stater's?
  176. Beck Releases Audio Of Ukrainian Official Admitting ...
  177. Ukrainian Who Raised $$ For Schiff’s Campaign Received Lucrative Defense Contracts
  178. YOU work for ME!!!!!
  179. Clapper Audio Admitting Obama Made Them Spy on Trump
  180. Dems on Impeachment: It's to make sure "the proper party remains in power"
  181. PBS then and today
  182. Audio Reveals Evidence of Collusion Between DNC and Ukraine to Help Hillary, Hurt Tru
  183. Subpoenas Not Valid Since There Is No Impeachment Inquiry
  184. Cheating Spouse Ilhan Omar: My Adultery Is The Fault Of Republicans & Jews
  185. The Betrayal of Donald Trump—by one he helped most!
  186. VIDEO: Ilhan Omar’s Gallivanting in Africa Raises Questions: NATSEC, Obama Birthplace
  187. "Whistleblower" Eric Ciaramella, CIA Spy in White House
  188. Political Hacks and Tax Returns
  189. "never Trumpers" tied to politician indicted for human smuggling & selling children
  190. DNC colluded with Ukraine to help Hillary win
  191. Hunter Biden Has Me Confused
  192. Levin "Special Edition" on Trump Impeachment
  193. Ukraine Pulls Back Curtain On Biden – Claims Burisma Paid The Vice President ...
  194. The words "Under God" now being eliminated from the House of Representatives. The De
  195. "Whistleblower" worked for Biden at Whitehouse
  196. Adam Schiff's Ukrainian Scandal
  197. Amazon, which provides computing services to the CIA, will soon be running the code
  198. Watch! Democrats Cut Mic on House Floor to Avoid Steve Scalise’s Impeachment Question
  199. This Is INSANE - We're The Pendejo's To Allow This!
  200. CAUGHT: Leftist Bank Behind Bussed In 'Attendees' At Dem Debates
  201. Try this for news
  202. Hilliary: Trump's plan is never to leave office
  203. US political system....totally corrupted
  204. The ID of Schiffty's Whistleleaker may be known.
  205. Why Rep. Omar has been so Quiet
  206. Washington State Preemption Statute Trumps Local ‘Safe Storage’ Law
  207. Sheriff: My Deputies Won’t Be Beto O’Rourke’s ‘Personal Gestapo’
  208. Why Washington D.C. Compulsively Lies About Donald Trump
  209. Try to imagine if you will…
  210. Al Green wants to impeach The President for saying 'lynching'
  211. Chemtrail plane shot down above China
  212. Sheriff’s Deputy and Wife Arrested on Child Porn and Rape Charges
  213. Oklahoma Police Departments Destroy Valuable Property for Ideological Reasons
  214. What the heck is going on?
  215. Obama raises money with Soros’ kid to destroy the republic
  216. In Flagrant Violation of House Rules, Pelosi Bans Crenshaw from Seeing Schiff's Secre
  217. Old rules won’t work against unethical Dems acting like ‘angry pack of rabid hyenas’
  218. RBG Gets $1 Million Prize for Her Liberal Court Decisions
  219. Family Facing $2,500/Day Fines for Firewood Charity That Delivers Wood to the Sick an
  220. California Undercover Agents Staking Out Nevada Gun Shows
  221. James Baker may have FLIPPED, cooperating with Barr
  222. A whole new level of scary
  223. Drop the Black Accent, Hillary Clinton And Stop Being A “RACIST”
  224. Exposing John Brennan’s Secret CIA Trump Task Force
  225. It’s okay for Hillary to get millions from a Ukrainian?
  226. Curious about the timeline
  227. 0bama DHS ignored requirement to obtain DNA from ILLEGAL aliens.
  228. .
  229. Treason: Special Ops found cables directly linking Obama/Clinton
  230. Epstein "Suicide"
  231. Schiff 'Should Be Charged with Conspiracy to Commit Treason'
  232. Dr. Michael Baden: Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Consistent With Strangulation
  233. EXPOSED: names of 44 congressional traitors that have sold out America
  234. The Whistleblower Identity:
  235. Watergate 2.0???
  236. Want to show you the dishonesty of complicit media.
  237. Police blew up an innocent man’s house in search of an armed shoplifter. Too bad,
  238. Former Corrupt CIA Director John McLaughlin on Trump’s Sham Impeachment: “Thank God f
  239. Confiscation Without Compensation
  240. An Indonesian man who helped draft the country’s strict adultery laws – was flogged
  241. The Peace Officer Myth
  242. obstruction of justice is a crime
  243. State department clears clinton of intentional wrong doing
  244. Faux Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella: who is he?
  245. These are interesting questions......
  246. Jackson Cosko Accomplice gets probation
  247. We Warned You in 2008 - Barack Obama, the Stealth Candidate
  248. De Blasio says something doesn't fit
  249. 25 things they say could happen if Trump is impeached
  250. Brennan created a CIA task force to destroy Trump in 2016.........