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  1. Wow, whats with all the rape and murder post?
  2. Spring breaker wanted for hitting cop car with football
  3. Photo of deputy praying with son and daughter goes viral
  4. Officer helps elderly woman with dementia walk home
  5. Teacher Arrested After Video Shows Her Knocking Over Special Needs Student
  6. An Interesting Report
  7. DOJ Brings Back Asset Forfeiture From The Dead
  8. Ebola Tainted Meth & Heroin Found In Texas
  9. Accountant hospice owner ordered nurses to overdose patients, FBI says
  10. Man charged with murder, accused of burning 1-year-old son
  11. Over 100 DWI cases dismissed after judge finds North Carolina cop to be serial liar
  12. Woman In Custody In Connection To Baby Taken From King Of Prussia Mall
  13. Horrific body cam footage shows cop gun down fellow officer during a $60 meth bust
  14. Prisoners killed by guards in Florida prisons
  15. Ex-con Cop Hater-Killer: "He had a lot of anger about the police in the past,"
  16. Jurors recommend death for man who killed 4 near Kansas farm
  17. cops arrest 3 after bikini-clad women caught in videotaped brawl
  18. Amazing moment kids form 'arrow' to help police find suspect
  19. Wrongfully convicted cop stays in jail
  20. DNA in 1997 Ohio rape case linked to man arrested in Oklahoma
  21. Man is busted by a drone having sex with a street prostitute
  22. Distracted driver hits Hudson squad car (video)
  23. Parking violation gets city man arrested for gun violations, drugs
  24. NOPD chief on body-camera footage: 'This is what we face'
  25. He came to her door, pulled a gun and claimed he was a federal agent.....
  26. Sex Offender Shot by US Marshals
  27. Career Criminal Mugs 103 yr old woman
  28. AUSTIN: APD Officer Shot, Seriously Wounded
  29. Bullet lodges in man's testicles, wife charged in shooting
  30. Dad Who Murdered His Kids to be Executed Wednesday
  31. "I take full responsibility for my actions"
  32. Florida Governor Signs Bill Requiring Actual Criminal Charges Before Seizing Property
  33. Are the SEALS Stupid To Switch to Glock 19?
  34. Cop Hater With the Most Appropriate Tattoo Is Arrested
  35. Four Utah Men Charged With Raping 9-Year-Old Girl
  36. Cop charged with second-degree murder after killing sobbing, unarmed man begging for
  37. Former Virginia Sheriff’s Deputy Convicted for Embezzling Over $229,000 in Asset Forf
  38. Wichita Police Officers Rescue Suicidal Male
  39. Cop Shot in Chester -- Then Black Crowd Attacks Police
  40. Killer of New York's Kitty Genovese dies in prison at age 81
  41. Mother drops her baby on the ground so that she can throw punches
  42. Man who killed 12-year-old boy and drank his blood to be executed Wednesday
  43. Father shot defending daughter after home invasion
  44. Thousands mourn Va. trooper killed in Greyhound bus station shooting
  45. He graduated from Ohio State “with a degree in bachelors.”
  46. Murder Suspect Harassed on side of the Road by Cop
  47. Judge-on-judge violence reported in DC court
  48. Man gunned down by Police in Minneapolis
  49. Law Enforcement Motivation
  50. 634 New NYPD Cops "hail from 36 countries, speak 22 languages"
  51. Parents called 911 to help suicidal daughter — and ‘police ended up putting a bullet
  52. It's Not Just the Unborn Being Denied Rights Under the Constitution
  53. Wild road rage on streets of Homestead ends in two arrests
  54. Suspect allegedly tries fleeing police on a hoverboard (and fails)
  55. Newtown teacher arrested for bringing gun to school had permit for concealed weapon
  56. Unconscious, armed man found in Taco Bell dive thru
  57. Suspect in St. Paul law office homicide arrested after chase
  58. Minneapolis police release photos of Jeep in road-rage shooting
  59. Fugitive from Washington psychiatric hospital stopped at parents' home, police say
  60. Gun violence pays in California
  61. "Crazy eyes", you know them when you see them
  62. Ideal Conceal Has Anti-Gun Crowd Up In Arms
  63. Former Marine & mistress convicted in his wife's brutal murder
  64. Boy Tells Police Officer 'I Have Your Six' in Heartwarming Note
  65. Details of brutal murder of Chicago family of 6 emerge from autopsies
  66. You may be at ground zero tomorrow
  67. Semi Auto or Snub Revolver for defence
  68. Barrett Guns & The Bible Embraced by Tennessee
  69. She's the bomb baby!
  70. Woman on way to pick up brother in jail arrested in Wyandotte for carrying gun
  71. 42 Firearms Stolen from Vehicles This Year So Far, CORPUS CHRISTI
  72. Chicago's grim murder trend blamed on light sentencing, misguided reforms
  73. Man Who Held Injured CHP Officer’s Hand Following Hit and Run Speaks Out
  74. Officer shoots hatchet-wielding woman in Wisconsin Wal-Mart
  75. Glock Sight Tip
  76. Bastrop Co. Fmr. Deputy Willis found not guilty
  77. NYPD cop who shot man in the head didn’t use excessive force
  78. Gang member sentenced to 30 years to life for shooting of 79-year-old
  79. Street Robberies and You
  80. Teenage Terror Arrested For School Brawl
  81. Katie Poirier murder case back in spotlight on new cable TV show (MN)
  82. He took his teen daughter to a strip club, and now dad must pay price
  83. Teacher Uses Excessive Force
  84. Serial Fake Cop Busted Again, And Again
  85. Fake cop arrested after wife found shot, bound in his truck in Detroit field
  86. Hey, won't you play...
  87. Mom of 3 disappears after online date
  88. Ala. police hunt suspect accused of shooting at officers
  89. Burglary suspect reportedly sprayed himself with fire extinguishers to hide
  90. Ontario mother died trying to save son from hurting himself
  91. Shootout near St. Paul Cathedral was over girlfriend, charges say (MN)
  92. Court Rules Police Can Legally Make Up Lies to Pull People Over to Fish for Criminal
  93. Man who murdered mother and brother had 'brain injury,' family claims
  94. Bodycam Shows Police Chase Ends With Suspect Into Sewage Pond
  95. Family says woman died after dentist visit
  96. Bodycam Shows Chase Of Robbery Suspect, Takedown
  97. Iron Range man charged in connection with Hermantown High School bomb threat (MN)
  98. Camaro clocked at 171 mph on Highway 61 (MN)
  99. Minnesota man suspected of killing father, woman kills self
  100. Mom turns in 16-year-old daughter in suspected carjacking
  101. Bolivian inmate kills ex-wife during visit, buries her in cell – nobody notices
  102. NY politician says gun manufacturers ‘Make terrorists out of our citizens’-
  103. The stg 44 sturmgewehr remake
  104. Man nearly killed & arrested for doing nothing wrong
  105. 30 Years Ago: 1986 FBI Miami Gunfight - Firefight & Personal Reflections
  106. This pistol could be the Army's next handgun
  107. Sig Sauer P320
  108. Glocktalk Down Again
  109. The New Sig Sauer P210
  110. Mesquite man who fled on motorcycle had stolen gun, Xanax, meth and scale
  111. White Nashville Metro Police Officer Jumped & Beaten By Black Teens
  112. Chicago man shot live on facebook
  113. Police officer on bike chasing and shooting thugs
  114. The 21-Foot “Rule” Doesn’t Exist
  115. The Bias of 1.566 Seconds
  116. Texas Deputy Shot 4 Times After Traffic Stop 'Ambush'
  117. Little boy gets a Spider-Man funeral, family wanted fave superhero by his side
  118. Newtown lawsuit
  119. 2 Firefighters Shot in Temple Hills Fire Officials Say
  120. Nude man waters lawn in front of stunned neighbors before allegedly throwing knife
  121. Former Cop Contracts Hep C From Perp, Wife Dies From Disease
  122. 61-Year-Old Woman Shoots Intruder, Then Burglars Attack Her
  123. “Laronda was a very sweet, caring person until you pushed her," mother of woman says
  124. Police: Two men in custody in slaying of 6-month-old
  125. My message for the cops at the 7-Eleven
  126. Officer Shoots Man Who Points Gun at Traffic Stop
  127. Chase Ends With Police Shooting Teen in Shoulder
  128. Police Kill Mexican Who Brought Knife to Gunfight
  129. Woman Left Infant in Hot Car for Strip Club Audition
  130. Stabbing, carjackings lead to wild police chase
  131. New! Bath Salts Zombie Bag
  132. Top 5 9mm Carbines: Our Picks
  133. Man arrested in Temple City marijuana-house murder
  134. Murder at the Hippie House: As Ohio Fumbles Marijuana Legislation, a Benevolent Weed
  135. Police make 6-year-old cancer patient's dream come true
  136. Ruger LCP Holster Mod
  137. $1000 Gun Tax
  138. Officer Darren Wilson charged with defrauding police officers association
  139. NC Teacher Travels to Virginia for Sex with Boy, 13
  140. Prosecutors: Teen killed man, posed with gun on Facebook
  141. Florida priest found dead in Georgia, suspect arrested
  142. 1 killed, 4 wounded while recording video: 'I told my nephew, don't be going to that
  143. Former NYPD cop Peter Liang spared jail time in fatal shooting of Akai Gurley
  144. The 1873 Winchester....
  145. 3 Cops drag woman from her car
  146. 2 vehicle ISIS attack on a checkpoint , vbied misses mark.
  147. Kicked in the nuts by wife
  148. Video documents fatal Seaside police shooting
  149. Spokane Police Bodycam: angry dv arrest
  150. "You never know when you've saved a life, but you know when you've lost one."
  151. Man arrested after putting soda in water cup at McDonald's, driving away
  152. FBI Paid One Million Dollars To Access IPhone
  153. Louisiana Looks at Making Offenses Against Police Officers 'Hate Crime'
  154. Counted - People killed by police in the US
  155. Number of police officers shot to death doubles in year
  156. Citizens caught on video
  157. Obama's federalization of police grows nationwide
  158. Common ground
  159. 9 Cops Sit Down at Red Robin; Waitress Realizes Something Very Wrong
  160. 2 officers shot, suspect dead at Chandler Walmart
  161. Violent citizens on video
  162. Concealed Carry Magazine
  163. Suspect in Wisconsin prom shooting dies, police say - CNN.com
  164. California Considers Ban on All Gun Dealers
  165. Police: Customer shoots, kills man inside Orlando store
  166. Insurance...just curious...
  167. Bodycam Video Of Officer-Involved Shooting In Athens, Georgia
  168. Prosecutor: Woman Acted in Self Defense in Fatal Shooting
  169. In weekend St. Paul shootings, 35 bullets, 2 injured
  170. Video: Ga. police shoot, wound suspect pointing gun at officers
  171. .22lr...
  172. The gun that the 13yr old had in Baltimore
  173. Four people shot in north Minneapolis, continuing gun violence surge
  174. Bronx raid is biggest gang takedown in NYC history, prosecutor says
  175. Smart Gun Technology
  176. Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Americans Oppose Lawsuits Against Gun Manufacturers Ov
  177. Iowa Police Officer gets shot in the head!
  178. Shooting Of Rodrigo Garcia, Suspect
  179. Man pulling gun on officer shot in Tucson Ends Badly for Man
  180. Police Talk to Man, Man Dies Twice!!!
  181. Handgun Self-Defense Ammunition Ballistics Test
  182. Sheriffs Call for Defying Unconstitutional Gun Control
  183. 11-year-old boy shoots home intruder in Alabama
  184. Churchgoer killed in fight over seat at Sunday service
  185. Some say- GLOCKS SUCK! Well- lets see some "High-Mileage" examples and common Glock p
  186. Innocent Couple Would Be In Jail Had They Not Secretly Recorded This Corrupt Cop Exto
  187. Cop breaks into elderly woman's car. She almost drowns.
  188. Granny get your gun
  189. 12 Year-Old Girl PROVES That The Second Amendment Is VITAL
  190. Second Amendment activist arrested on gun charges
  191. Former Yakima County sheriff candidate charged with assault
  192. Mouse guns
  193. Another American Sheriff Warns: ‘If You Are Fearful, Arm Yourself’
  194. Concealed Carry
  195. Vernon Man Arrested After Firing A Gun In Neighbors Apartment
  196. Your first gun
  197. Second rifle
  198. "He da truth"!
  199. Killer Cool
  200. Shot of love
  201. Violent robbery at popular donut shop in Burlingame caught on camera
  202. Bernie Destroys Hillary on Vermont Gun Laws
  203. Six Aspects Of Donald Trump’s Pro-Gun Push
  204. 2 dead in suburban D.C. shootings; suspect arrested
  205. Glock, Glock, Glock, Glock, Glock!
  206. Florida gun enthusiast shot in back by 4 year old son
  207. Police search for man who stabbed 7-year-old girl at Ohio school
  208. Ruger LCR 9mm
  209. Jury sentences man to life for murder
  210. Homeowner guns down alleged truck thief with rifle at NW Harris County home
  211. Madison Ws. gun buyback
  212. Hickok45 Para Ordinance....
  213. Lowertown shooting suspect is decorated Marine rifleman
  214. Missing Rogersville girl in ‘imminent danger
  215. Florida Man Shoots Self, Doesn't Notice For 3 Days
  216. San Antonio elementary teacher gunned down in apparent murder-suicide
  217. Dashcam/Bodycam Shows Police Shootout In Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  218. Taunton Mass- Off Duty Cop guns down man at mall
  219. Another pig gun...
  220. Man kills robbery suspect in League City McDonald's drive-thru
  221. Carjacking Suspect Shot Before Stealing Police Car
  222. Mass. State Police to review level of force during arrest after chase
  223. Texan with Concealed Handgun Stops Armed Robbery
  224. Birmingham Police: 1 dead, 3 children shot on 21st street North
  225. Tennessee girl allegedly abducted by uncle found safe by 2 'heroes,' official says
  226. Knife vs Sig fight caught on video
  227. Man Arrested In Connection With Road Rage Shooting On Blue Route (PA)
  228. High-ranking NYPD cop kills himself
  229. Suicidal Suspect Opens Fire On Cops
  230. Suspect who shot deputy during traffic stop kills self in Tempe; shooting happened af
  231. Body cam footage of fatal Burlington officer-involved shooting
  232. Man who shot 2 police officers in N.H. in custody
  233. Mental health patient shot by CHL-holder during violent confrontation
  234. Wyoming Cops Hunt 'Extremely Dangerous' Suspect Who Kidnapped Mother, Girls
  235. Woman, 22, fatally stabbed at Brooklyn emergency shelter
  236. Steel Eating with Hickok45...
  237. Deadly Effects: Wound Ballistics "What Bullets Do to Bodies"
  238. The Best Carry Gun? The One You Will Carry 24/7
  239. Suspect shot to death by concealed carry holder at McDonald's
  240. Enough Ammunition?
  241. Will a CHAINSAW Fix The Worlds Most ABUSED GLOCK 17? Function Test
  242. Federal Judge Strikes Down DC Concealed Carry Law, 'Good Reason' Provision Likely Unc
  243. Empty-Chamber Carry is Bullshit
  244. Karls Going 2 "PRISON" again....
  245. Police officer in critical condition, suspect dead after shooting in Phoenix
  246. Browning Pistol Ammo
  247. Gunfire reported at MCSO substation in Surprise
  248. Concealment furniture
  249. Shooting on the move
  250. Hillary Is Now Endangering Schoolchildren