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  1. 3 people shot, injured at NC Music Factory, officials say
  2. Police Searching for Missing Elderly Chester County Couple
  3. DOC: Possible fatalities reported in incident at Cimarron Correctional Facility
  4. CPRC Shoots Holes in Study that Claims States with More Guns Have More Police Deaths
  5. Do You Support Gun Control?
  6. Guns, Humanity, Regulations, & the 2nd Amendment
  7. Shut The F*** Up, Hillary! (Exploiting Tragedy)
  8. KSP trooper shot and killed during pursuit on I-24
  9. Woman with loaded handgun in vagina charged with unlawful carry in Texas
  10. Suspect in Gautier shooting maybe be Delta State shooter who killed history professor
  11. Shots fired at police in KCK
  12. 5 Critically Hurt When Car Hits Bus Shelter in Chicago
  13. Are We Training Wrong?
  14. Glock
  15. Glock's Range with Larry Vickers- Engaging Multiple Targets With A Pistol
  16. Walther PPQ 45 Review (Walther's First .45acp)
  17. Girl missing in the East Redmond area
  18. Teen charged with encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself
  19. Deputy injured, suspect shot in St. Bernard
  20. Firearms Maintenance Made Easy
  21. Multiple people shot in Newark
  22. KCPD chasing suspect car after shooting on 9th and Hardesty
  23. Obama and Allies Seek to Nationalize Local Police
  24. Car falls from overpass in wreck with big rig in La Porte
  25. Crimestoppers: Lt. Clay Higgins Still On A Roll
  26. MOB “JUSTICE”: Liberal Democrat hack throws Baltimore cops under the bus
  27. Cop fired for being white?
  28. Wrong-way car chase shuts down northbound 215 Freeway
  29. Governor: Suspect arrested in Phoenix freeway shootings
  30. Cops Caught on Video Breaking into Family’s Backyard, Killing Dog in Front of 2-Year-
  31. Suspect in Daytona Beach double murder found dead
  32. Juvenile dead, 3 others wounded in near north side shooting
  33. Teen dies after parents allegedly try to ‘teach him a lesson’ by forcing him to drink
  34. Suspect in Custody in 'Violent' Lansing Kidnapping
  35. Fayetteville police destroyed 333 rape kits
  36. State Trooper killed responding to fatal crash in Prince George
  37. Fatal shooting in Sand City parking lot
  38. Florida man reportedly shoots at landscapers for getting grass on his car
  39. Shooting At Central Elementary School NC
  40. Pekin woman admits neglecting disabled daughter and collecting her federal aid
  41. ASP investigate after vehicles stolen from headquarters
  42. Car with blue lights tried to snatch boy
  43. Police shoot, kill armed man in Wilmington
  44. Manhunt Underway for Man Who Attacked, Cut Jogger at Suburban Park
  45. Surrender: San Fran's iconic, last gun shop to close over new regulations
  46. IMPD investigating in-custody death of shoplifting suspect
  47. Store Owner Turns The Tables On Armed Robbers
  48. Police seeking suspects in brutal double homicide
  49. Miko Grimes, wife of cornerback Brent Grimes, arrested at Dolphins game
  50. Good cop helps homeless family
  51. Man Arrested For Allegedly Groping Child While Mom Shopped Just A Few Feet Away
  52. ATF agent faces charges for high school football game assault
  53. Another good example of why to be legally armed
  54. Its hard to get kicked out of a Waffle House unless you have one of these
  55. Deputies: Suspects sought after Brinks truck robbed in Orange County FL
  56. Arvada Police: Barricade situation taking place at police headquarters
  57. Sailer Uses Raccoon To Pass A Breathylyzer ...Crashes Into Swinning Pool
  58. Knife-Wielding Man Fatally Shot After Running At New Hampshire Police Officers!
  59. Finally Obama has to say the word CHICAGO, worse death count in Sept. in 13yrs
  60. They’re Baaack
  61. Craigslist ruse ends with two shot in Urbandale
  62. UN Plot to Confiscate American Guns Just Took a Giant Step Forward - Thanks Congress!
  63. Man shot and killed after charging PBSO deputy following machete attack
  64. Ben Carson under attack for his remarks on Oregon shooting
  65. Need a good NEW handgun 12+1 capacity 9mm for $200?
  66. South Carolina Police Agrees to $6.5 Million Settlement to Family of Man Shot in Back
  67. Larry Vickers: The debate is over - 9mm won
  68. Officer-involved shooting in west Houston sends suspect to hospital
  69. Amber Alert issued
  70. Don't Bring a Crossbow to a Gunfight
  71. Woman Choked By Red Light Running Bus Driver
  72. Memphis officer dies after being shot in Cordova
  73. Rikers Guard Smuggled Weapon Into Jail: DOI
  74. Liberals still butthurt over execution of baby rapists
  75. Police standoff underway at bank in Oceanside Cal
  76. Man sets himself on fire outside Virginia gas station
  77. Two people arrested in connection with duffel bag murder investigation
  78. Operation Cross Country
  79. Gunman shoots at armed officers outside St. Joseph motel during standoff
  80. GSP trooper struck by vehicle
  81. Police: Drunk dad beat daycare owner for refusing to release kids
  82. One dead in I-480 pursuit at State Road; I-480 EB reopened
  83. LAPD underreported serious assaults, skewing crime stats for 8 years
  84. Handgun makers compete to supply Army with new handgun
  85. Gun Free Zones
  86. Boys, 6 and 11, arrested after threatening man with gun in Marigny
  87. Two Men Sought After Woman, Baby Forced Into Trunk in Inglewood
  88. Michigan State Police to switch to Glock 17 9mm
  89. Two Children, Two Adults Dead After SUV Plunges Into Arizona Lake
  90. Deputy shot, killed by suspect at St. Cloud Hospital
  91. How to use Glock sights
  92. Bradenton Police located body of missing 11-year-old
  93. Police: Detroit pastor fatally shot attacker during service
  94. Yes. Corruption has trickled down where it affects US
  95. NYPD Officer murdered in Harlem
  96. Massad Ayoob Demonstrates the "Stressfire" reload for the Revolver
  97. Glock: The Other 9mms – Part 1
  98. Albuquerque Police Say Officer Shot Outside a Store
  99. DonGlock! Comment on this gun...
  100. Chicago: Child was left in the day care center after hours ALONE
  101. Sign at a gun show
  102. Drunk Driving In A Wheelchair..Cripple Tears Up Krogers
  103. The Revolving door of Justice
  104. Officer Shot In Putnam County, Suspect Sought
  105. Two deputies shot in Pickens County
  106. Livermore police dept. Cal
  107. FBI Director Ties Spike In Urban Crime To Cops’ Fear Of Doing Their Jobs
  108. Pasadena police end chase that circled through L.A. County for nearly 3 hours
  109. Off-duty NOPD officer shot, search begins for shooter in Desire Neighborhood
  110. Mom Accused of Throwing Baby Says She Thought Child Was Dead
  111. The G36 — Glock’s First Single-Stack (.45ACP)
  112. Car crashes into Alexandria house; 1 dead, 1 injured
  113. Surveillance video shows Waco biker shooting
  114. Woman knocked unconscious during attack near Vanderbilt
  115. Dancing Cop
  116. BCSO deputy shot on S.A.'s northeast side
  117. Son, Girlfriend Arrested After Wealthy Connecticut Couple's Remains Found in Yard
  118. Army takes aim with more M4 weapons
  119. TEACHERS: This Important Question Is For You
  120. Knife vs Gun - The 21 Foot Rule - Great Demonstration
  121. AP: Hundreds of officers lose licenses over sex misconduct
  122. Closing another legal fun shop
  123. 8-year-old fatally shot in Gresham neighborhood
  124. Another record month of gun sales
  125. NYPD Recovers Body, Parts of Small Plane Off Breezy Point After 911 Calls
  126. 'Baby Doll' drug lord busted; oversaw Mexico-Chicago operation
  127. Teen watching TV killed when suspected drunk driver crashes into home
  128. Alleged drug dealer charged with first degree murder in connection to deadly shooting
  129. Ohio man rapes girl, holds her captive while he is electronically monitored
  130. Georgia man charged with raping fiancée’s 12-year-old daughter while babysitting
  131. teacher who sexually assaulted two female students on camera jailed for 50 years
  132. Sheriff: Man pimped out dog, sought sex with farm animals
  133. Cops charged with murder of 6 year old boy
  134. Cops kill rancher 62 years old
  135. Teen shot by police after attempting to rob detective in Brooklyn
  136. 2 officers dragged by car in Mattapan Mass
  137. Armed society = Polite society?
  138. Lois Colley, Westchester County Socialite, Was Murdered, Police Say
  139. Mason County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO
  140. Grand jury issues 106 indictments in Waco shootout
  141. Police officer shot in northwest Baltimore
  142. Notorious NYC Train Thief Arrested in Greyhound Bus Heist
  143. Glock: The Other 9mms – Part 2
  144. Rolando murder suspect arrested near Phoenix
  145. The NRA: On Background Checks
  146. Eating Toilet Paper Won't Get Ya Out Of DUI
  147. Commerce City Arrest Officer In Shooting, False Reporting Case
  148. Police stop Google self-driving car for going too slowly
  149. Safariland 537 GLS™ Belt Slide Concealment Holster
  150. Animal-loving man killed by newly adopted dog
  151. England's TacOps uni's and their Sig Sauer 516's
  152. Enid police investigating close to 20 drive-by shootings
  153. Cop gunned down in parking lot
  154. Training To Kill The Terrorist
  155. Prison Ahead For Woman In Vagina Gun Case
  156. Man impersonating police officer sexually assaulted woman in Fayetteville
  157. Best Handguns for Concealed Carry 2015
  158. DC's Top Cop encourages citizens to TAKE ACTION to stop active shooter
  159. St. Louis officer injured in shooting
  160. NC gun buy back event scores big yields
  161. Glock: The Other 9mms – Part 3
  162. Paris Attacks: The Lessons 2B Learned
  163. Police officer shot after responding to domestic incident in Westmoreland County
  164. Freeway Patrol - Episode 8 - Injured Deer
  165. Handgun Self-Defense Ammunition Ballistics Test
  166. Core skills and ancillary skills
  167. Two children among 4 people dead in possible murder-suicide in Marrero, JPSO says
  168. Two in custody after police-involved shooting
  169. 17 Year old Youth Charged With Killing 91 Year Old Man With Bare Hands
  170. Raffle a Rifle! What an idea . . .
  171. I’m Dreaming Of A Shooting Christmas
  172. Liberals Are Secretly Happy About Shooting At Planned Parenthood
  173. Black Cops kill white child: media silent
  174. Denver cop in serious condition after shooting; suspect dead
  175. 'I'll take a bullet before you do - that's for damn sure'
  176. The FBI reports that the #1 weapon used in violent crime is...
  177. For the First Time, Law Enforcement Takes more Property from Americans than Burglars
  178. Only Life Sentence 4 Killing His OWN BABY
  179. Just in time for Christmas- SIG Sauer P225-A1
  180. Correction officer allegedly beaten by inmate at Rikers island
  181. Universities that allow guns as well as those that will not
  182. Captain Higgins Strikes Again
  183. Off-duty cop kills armed robber during botched Craigslist sale: NYPD
  184. Fed....up
  185. Cops fighting mandatory drug tests
  186. Denver police officer in critical condition after shooting, 1 suspect in custody
  187. Man Arrested In Hit-Run Assault On Toms River Police Officer
  188. Burglary suspect hides in Florida lake, where gator eats him
  189. Five Things That Kill More People Than Guns
  190. These people can end gun violence
  191. Why the left can't be trusted on the matter of guns
  192. Cruz Correct About Gun Control Laws
  193. Grand jury indicts 2 officers on murder charges in connection with deadly Marksville
  194. Man shot at Algoma Town Hall
  195. Naval Special Warfare to adopt Glock 19
  196. Florida Sheriffs calling for citizens to arm themselves
  197. 4 bikers shot in Waco with gun type police use
  198. Former NY Police Chief Arrested For Beating Handcuffed Man
  199. Why didn't they just tase him?
  200. Seattle: Carjackings, Chase, Shots Fired at Police = Dead Felon
  201. Dashcam proves woman lied about cop aiming gun at her
  202. Deputy called to crash finds wife killed in it
  203. SEP 3 2015, 6:51 PM ET Cop Fired After Indictment in Killing of Virginia Teen William
  204. College Student Tries to Axe Officer a Question, Gets Shot to Death
  205. Californians Flock to San Diego Area Gun Show
  206. Kurt Russell blasts gun control push: “I think it’s absolutely insane”
  207. Standoff underway at northeast Las Vegas home
  208. Police Chief Andrew Spencer captures family's puppy and shoots it while caged at a fi
  209. Secret Service agent killed
  210. Deputy shot in Carter County
  211. PD: 1 of 2 robbers shot, killed after medical office holdup
  212. do as I say, not as I do
  213. Police union president arrested for beating daughter, blames it on her
  214. Million Dollar "METH LAB" ...Record Bust
  215. 2 Dead In ROAD RAGE Shootings
  216. Insane cop shoots fellow cop before he murders unarmed man
  217. Another removed from the food chain
  218. NO FEAR South African Police officer on bike chasing thugs
  219. Deputies: Taxi customer shot three times by deputy in Deltona
  220. our rights as provided by our founding fathers
  221. Rand Paul's bill could shut down Obama's gun control agenda...
  222. Seattle hates the second amendment
  223. Democrats. smh
  224. 2 Odessa police officers shot; standoff continues
  225. FireMan "CONVICTED" of SHOPLIFTING....
  226. Unreal
  227. Va. stops CCW reciprocity with most states
  228. Quick Draw McCop
  229. Police officer kills man after attack with heavy object
  230. Off duty MPD officer arrested for DUI, drug possession
  231. american cops now steal more property than all US burglars combined
  232. Armed Father Saves Son's Life From Hospital
  233. Child shot in Chapel Hill dies
  234. somebody needs to take a stand
  235. New Obama Regs. That do Nothing
  236. 78-year-old restrained, robbed in North Memphis
  237. Entire florida police dept busted laundering tens of millions for international drug
  238. Freddie Gray alleged back injury detailed in unsealed report
  239. Police Seize Stun Gun, Weapons From Gillette Stadium Employee Parking Lot
  240. 4 shot dead including man, wife in suburban Los Angeles home
  241. At Least 3 People Dead In Shooting At Ontario Cemetery
  242. What's More Deadly Than a Cop? Your Bathtub.
  243. How Many People Have Been Shot in Your Neighborhood This Year?
  244. US marshal shoots, kills South Carolina murder suspect in South Dakota
  245. Cops TASER 86 Year Old Bedridden Woman Hooked Up To Oxygen! With 10 Cops In The Room!
  246. McDonald’s Worker Stabbed to Death in Bronx
  247. Sheriff’s warning illustrates power of 2nd Amendment
  248. Carjacked 3yo found by officer in cold parking lot at 1am
  249. Narcotics Cop Who Ruined Countless Lives for Weed Possession, Busted with $2 Million
  250. Background Checks