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  1. Oklahoma Officer Injured by Beleaguered Youth ! (TSK **)
  2. It May Not Be A Bird's Nest In There
  3. Gen4 Glock 17 Endurance Test: Month 16
  4. Talk Your GUNS all Ya Want GUNS guns And more GUNS yep 2Nd AMEENDEMENT
  5. 2 HPD officers shot
  6. Texas Takes Aim at Nullifying Federal Gun Grab
  7. Man found hanging from tree in Greene County
  8. 2 police murdered in MS
  9. Two shot, one in custody after altercation at northwest OKC church
  10. Deputies Shoot, Kill Man in Rancho Santa Margarita
  11. Man Shot by Police as He Attacks Officer With Hammer, Sources Say
  12. Woman steals ambulance, crashes into semi-truck in Frazier Park
  13. Online ammo sales once again under attack comes with thug twist.
  14. Police: 2 gunman fired into school bus; 2 girls shot
  15. SJSO investigating law enforcement-involved shooting
  16. Berkeley County Sheriff's Deputy Shot
  17. Demoted Jackson police deputy up for Hattiesburg chief
  18. "Policeman"
  19. Biker Gang Shootings Turn Waco Restaurant Into Combat Zone
  20. San Diego Police Officer Shot, Officers Investigate
  21. Metro responding to plane crash near Laughlin
  22. alleged plan to use rocket launcher to bomb Eustis Police Department
  23. Waco Biker Brawl more Proof of Anti-Black Racism
  24. Do you think defending yourself against a law enforcement officer should be a right?
  25. Police arrest and strip search Pro-Life protesters
  26. Federal Judge Says You Donít Need A Reason For Gun Rights
  27. Md. man suspected in killings of four people in Northwest Washington
  28. LA Firefighter Found Guilty Of Beating Woman Who Was Feeding Stray Cats
  29. Armed woman in Topanga mobile home refuses to surrender
  30. Built Glock Tough
  31. Grandma Kills Cats With Hammer Puts Them In Freezer Now Charged With Animal Cruelty
  32. No charges for white Illinois officer who killed black teen
  33. The Gen4 Glock 19 is the best easily-concealable self-defense handgun
  34. New Orleans Cop Shot Dead in Cruiser
  35. Fired Portland police officer killed on railroad tracks in Washougal
  36. Glock vs Beretta vs M&P
  37. Look at what I found
  38. Brazilian Thieves Robbing The Wrong Person | Off-Duty Cop Shooting At Armed Robbers
  39. Consequences of Liberal policies ...Baltimore
  40. Patron Shot by Bouncer at Tallahassee Sports Bar
  41. Guns in bars
  42. A gathering of fools
  43. Housing Authority Forces City Workers to Wear Orange Vests So NYPD Cops Donít Shoot T
  44. Standoff at Mt. Hope Motorcycle Club, 4 Shot
  45. King Obama Unified Agenda
  46. Five Things To Look For In Your Everyday Carry Weapon
  47. Supreme Court to decide on 13 cases over next few weeks
  48. Here's Johnny.......Bang, Bang, Bang
  49. Officers Thrown Back From Exploding Car, Austin Cops Injured After Man Sets Car On Fi
  50. Police Officer Shoots Insane Woman FULL DASH CAM VIDEO
  51. Dash cam shows dramatic police chase, fatal shooting in Portage
  52. NC Concealed Carry may be changing....
  53. Combat Shooting Lessons From a Navy SEAL
  54. Is this the future of law enforcement in this country
  55. Guns & Ammoís Single Stack 9mm Shootout
  56. Libs view Open Carry as Conservatives view MOST Muslims...suspiciously
  57. Let us not be "that" idiot
  58. Militarized civilian Kills Country singer Randy Howard IN HIS OWN HOUSE!!!
  59. Reports of shots fired near Dallas police headquarters prompts chase
  60. Gunfire erupts at Manhattan's Waldorf Astoria Hotel
  61. CNN Anchor Refers to Dallas Gunmanís Actions as ĎCourageous and Braveí
  62. Graphic video shows man pulling pistol on girlfriend in city park (VIDEO)
  63. Cops shoot man attacking with flag pole
  64. Hidden Dispensary Raid Video Shows Cops Eating Pot-Laced Baked Goods, Joking About As
  65. More Idiots come forward
  66. Boy Tasered for Playing in a Tree, Mom Says
  67. Long Beach Officer Recovering From Gunshot; Suspect Faces Attempted Murder Charge
  68. The Ultimate Second Amendment Supporter
  69. NJ cop pleads guilty in dashcam unzipping
  70. Police Officer Daryle Holloway, 45
  71. conflicting stories About Dylan Roofs GUN and SET me STRAIGHT
  72. How do they work under water?
  73. Australian comedian about US gun laws
  74. TDI Teaches Single Officer Response to Mass Shooter Event
  75. potential Mass Shooter halted by good guy with a gun
  76. Does the 'gay marriage' ruling also mandate concealed carry reciprocity
  77. 2-year-old dies after being left in hot car when dad passed out drinking
  78. Scott Walker Expands Wisconsin Gun Rights
  79. New Ruger 45acp/45 colt
  80. 9mm vs .45---AGAIN!!!
  81. Five people reported shot within thirty minutes
  82. Mother Smokes Pot With Child In a PENIS Shaped Bong
  83. Which New Pistol Will the Army Choose to Replace the Beretta?
  84. 2 children in critical condition after home shooting in Cleveland
  85. 20+ injuries reported in deck collapse at NC beach house
  86. Urban Liberals do not understand guns in rural America.
  87. Motorcyclist Fleeing Police 'Cut In Half At The Waist' After Crashing...
  88. Chief Beck must answer questions in fatal police shooting, judge rules
  89. Police Officer: We Need To Come Together And Fight Back
  90. Shitcago flooded by guns
  91. Beaverton police officer shot after domestic call at mobile home park
  92. 9 People Killed In MILWAUKEE Wisconsin Since July 3
  93. road Rage killer Gets 15 Years State Prison
  94. Big city crime rise
  95. Motorcycle officer struck, dragged on KC street
  96. U.S. High Schools Embrace Shooting as Hot New Sport
  97. every AMERICAN Citizen Should "CARRY" An "ARMED" Society Equals "Civility"
  98. A Quick History of Gun Violence in One Powerful Chart [Meme]
  99. FBI: Roof Backgoung Check Approved Because of Error.
  100. Sacramento prisoner cut in half, organs missing
  101. Deputy shoots 2 during traffic stop southeast of Atlanta
  102. Military.com's Five Things You Don't Know About...
  103. NOPD veteran officer questioned in matter of cop killer's escape
  104. Three shot, another stabbed near 28th Street and Vine
  105. Boy in stroller dies after being hit by car following fatal shooting on Chicago
  106. Kills his own daughters
  107. Sheriff says situation at Grand Forks Walmart is a hostage situation
  108. .45acp Fans-Designed From The Gunfight Up
  109. $1.3M Traffic Stop? Virginia state trooper sues blogger over online claims
  110. Question for my fellow gun nuts
  111. Libertarian Activist Adam Kokesh
  112. 2nd teen arrested in Orlando officer hit-and-run
  113. Manhunt underway in Bedford-Stuyvesant
  114. Rhode Island man arrested for 41st time
  115. Don't Pull a Robbery with a firefighter/former Marine Behind You
  116. New hunting gear...
  117. Babysitter OVERDOSED on Heroin While Five Year Old Wanders Outside
  118. Actress Explains Why She Bought a Gun
  119. Murder rates drop as conceal carry permits soar.
  120. Don't Try This in Baltimore, Philly, Detroit,......
  121. Milwaukee Already Matches 2014 Homicide Totals 86 as Of Lastnight
  122. Police believe suspect in 5 homicides also killed 2-year-old
  123. Sandra Bland's independent autopsy completed as family reveal dash cam
  124. LAPD finds 1,200 guns
  125. Time out picture
  126. another ILLEGAL immigrant MURDER this Time Connetticut and EX con Too
  127. Tucson Police say five employees have been served
  128. Off-duty cop reacts and shoots armed robber at pharmacy
  129. Officer Fatally Shot During Traffic Stop in Hayward
  130. Report of shots fired on campus of Middle Tennessee
  131. Former Miami-Dade Police Director found dead
  132. Five dead in Broken Arrow homicide
  133. 'Snowbird Bandit' arrested for OC bank robberies
  134. Is Chris Rock PARTIALLY responsible for higher ammo prices?
  135. Officers find woman's decapitated body, mutilated dogs in Phoenix
  136. HPD: Woman dies in police custody
  137. Escort kills attacker
  138. Cop threatens to put hole in head
  139. Pregnant Woman Shot, Killed In Brighton Heights
  140. Off-duty NYPD officer wounded in East New York shooting
  141. Watch: State Rep. Bill Beck's DUI arrest
  142. Woman leads police on downtown chase, crashes into Federal building
  143. Campus Cop Pleads 'Not Guilty' In Murder Case
  144. Motorist Shot 3 Times On Chicago Freeway 2Nd Shooting In As Many Days
  145. Neighbor killed for cutting grass
  146. Best States for Gun Owners 2015
  147. Prisoner Pulls His Eyeball Out Of Socket With His Fingers ...
  148. Ultimate Glock Meltdown!
  149. Woman Accused of Hiring Hit Man to Kill Ex Gets Probation
  150. Marshals: Suspected police shooter captured
  151. Homicide victims had slit throats, blunt force trauma
  152. Sheriff's Office asks Drug Dealers to Turn in Their Rivals
  153. California area for gunman linked to killing, kidnapping, deputy shooting
  154. NYPD detective gets 2 years in West Side Highway biker assault case
  155. SPD officer shot in Queensborough neighborhood
  156. The failed U.S. war on drugs
  157. Vermont police investigate 4 deaths
  158. Mother, 20, Arrested After Allegedly
  159. 2 officers shot in Gaston County, conditions are unknown, officials say
  160. Shots Fired At Stowe Twp. Officers During Traffic Stop
  161. Man in Critical Condition After Lighting Himself on Fire in Downtown Chicago
  162. Persons of Interest Sought in Newport Beach Movie Theater
  163. Woman Poured Hot Grits on Man, Hit Him With Bat
  164. MCSO arrests detention officer after inmate assault
  165. 1 Dead, 2 Injured in Brooklyn Shooting: NYPD
  166. Firefighter injured in double shooting in Baltimore
  167. Shots fired in Wendy's drive-thru line on South Side, 2 injured
  168. Pistol-whipped detective says he didn't shoot attacker because of headlines
  169. Las Vegas Police Bodycam Of Fatal Shooting
  170. Hero North Carolina cop disarms suicidal man with knife
  171. Justice Department investigates police killing of unarmed white 19-year-old
  172. 8 wounded in city shootings within 1 hour
  173. Pistol-whipped detective says he didn't shoot attacker because of headlines
  174. Another LEO killed in responding to domestic violence call
  175. Barricade Situation Over At Antioch Home, Suspect On The Loose
  176. Bitch laughed after shooting and killing social worker
  177. Suspect Remains at Large After Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting in Sunnyvale
  178. This is what people get upset over
  179. Four Florida teens arrested in carjacking, kidnapping of federal agent
  180. Female deputy assaulted at Memphis high school
  181. Robbers with machete run when store owner pulls out sword
  182. UPDATE: Shots fired at Euclid Square mall after funeral
  183. Police shoot knife-wielding man at Tumwater Jack in the Box
  184. New Mexico officers to stand trial for murder in homeless man's death
  185. Shots Fired Reported at Haywood County Church NC
  186. State's Attorney, police announce charges against city officer in shooting
  187. A teenager killed by police was shot IN THE BACK
  188. Woman Found Dead Inside Ross County Home, 15-Year-Old Son In Custody
  189. Brevard deputy shot during prostitution bust ID'd
  190. Citizens packing heat in Detroit
  191. Another fine example of how immediate Gun Control would change America!
  192. Man dies after altercation with Phoenix, Scottsdale police
  193. Two Troy police officers shot
  194. Angela Simpson: The Scariest Craziest Cop Hatingest Bitch Ever!
  195. Block 19, Finally I Got It!
  196. Cops: 36 in custody after overnight shootout, standoff in Matteson
  197. Trooper shot in head after responding to traffic incident, suspect in custody
  198. Leo denied service because of gun
  199. Trooper Vincent Dies of Gunshot Wounds
  200. Roommate of Kevin Daigle(Trooper Vincent Killer)Found Dead
  201. Chandler, Ariz., bank robbery suspect leads police on chase in Phoenix
  202. Man with "superhuman strength" filmed pinning UK two police officers to ground
  203. Injuries reported after vehicle crashes into Upstate Chick-fil-A, officials say
  204. UPDATE: Man found guilty after being arrested for open carry in Bald Knob
  205. Police arrest man accused of throwing acid on pitbull
  206. Security Officer Shot at MLK Metrorail Station MDPD
  207. Twenty Percent Of Deputies Walk Off Job After Oregon Sheriff Allegedly Beats Handcuff
  208. Hungarian Model 1948 Mosin Nagant Infantry Carbine
  209. TSA officer arrested for molestation
  210. HCSO: Deputy shot at gas station in northwest Harris County
  211. Cop hit and dragged for miles dies
  212. Phoenix police seek gunman after 1 shot during cab-fare argument
  213. Off-Duty Philadelphia Police Officer Dies After Hit-and-Run Crash
  214. Standoff with armed man forces I-35 closure
  215. 2 Maryland law enforcement dogs die of heat exhaustion inside car
  216. Police officer shot in DeKalb County GA
  217. Video shows Bexar County, Texas, deputies fatally shooting man
  218. Fox Lake police officer shot and killed, manhunt underway in Lake County
  219. 3 San Bernardino County deputies charged in televised beating
  220. Police Officer Fatally Shoots Man Who Allegedly Attacked Her With Metal Chain
  221. Search continues for cop killer
  222. It takes a ghetto to raise a thug
  223. Police recruits are giving up their dream
  224. Woman severely burned in Winter Park
  225. 14-year-old girl, 17-year-old boy shot in South Everett
  226. MPD officer confronted by crowd, punched, police say
  227. Mayor Mitch Landrieu held in contempt in firefighter case
  228. Rikers Island Captain and Officer Are Charged With Beating
  229. Eagle, Gypsum schools on precautionary lockout after an armed robbery in Gypsum
  230. Cleveland Police: 5-year-old shot in chest during drive-by in Cleveland has died
  231. Owning a Car is 80 Percent More Dangerous Than Owning a Gun
  232. Son of woman slain in 1987 becomes police officer, sees cold case reopened
  233. Tinicum Police Officer Stabbed Outside South Philly Hotel
  234. Childís body parts found in Garfield Park Chicago
  235. Police: Car set on fire, body found inside
  236. cops on steroids
  237. The Idiots never learn
  238. Shocking study: criminals generally donít buy guns legally at gun shops
  239. Cop kills self after "Cop Block" falsely links him to Ashley Madison
  240. Police officer shot in east Las Vegas near Tropicana, Nellis Blvd
  241. U.S. Official: "Energetically" Enforce UN Arms Trade Treaty
  242. Black officer stops white driver...what happens next is shocking
  243. Off-duty Lathrup Village police officer allegedly kills man during fight on Detroit's
  244. Huston cops fired on return fire
  245. Man Pushed Out Of Car After East Columbus Shooting Dies
  246. Sheriff Kincaid Releases Natasha McKenna Video
  247. Coronerís Comments Put 'Entire Case at Risk Police
  248. Man to be charged in East Point kidnappings, rapes
  249. Portland-bound passengers urinated on; man jailed
  250. Man Tried to Drag Victims Into Woods