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  1. Machete-Wielding Man Arrested at Santa Fe Depot
  2. Denver officer hit by car, shots fired in Montbello
  3. 4 men killed in San Francisco, no arrests made
  4. Father of patient holds hostages at Texas hospital
  5. NYPD Told No Vacations/Sick Days Until Citizens Are Ticketed
  6. White ex-police chief on trial for killing black SC man
  7. 2 charged in Georgetown knife attack that blinded victim
  8. Florida teen to be honored for helping to save life of booking police officer
  9. Body cameras may correct police memories, but they still have limits
  10. Russian Security Guards Vs Drunks: Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting.....
  11. people dead after shooting outside Palatka restaurant
  12. Officer hurt in struggle with man acting erratically
  13. Detroit nail salon robbery
  14. Ohio mother attacks teenage son with knife following argument over pork chops
  15. NYPD Arrest Two Suspects for Shooting of Two Officers
  16. Vehicle Crashes Into Newark Macy's; 4 Injured
  17. Prosecutors file rape charges against NFL player
  18. Stick'em up, drop your pants
  19. Residents Cite Privacy Concerns at Meeting Over LAPD Body Cameras
  20. IMPD officer injured, suspect killed in "intense" east Indianapolis shootout
  21. The second amendment.. even a teenager gets it..
  22. Great deal on Used Glock 19 9mm's- $379.95
  23. Shooting in downtown LA just broke
  24. Alaska man accidentally shoots daughter while moving gun from holster to pocket
  25. Beloit police on scene of shooting involving 4 victims wounded
  26. Man Convicted for Having Sex With MailBoxes Must Register As Sex Offender Too
  27. DOJ, city select monitor to oversee APD reform
  28. 1986 Miami Shootout (Part 1) FBI Training Video "Firefight"
  29. Justice Department Said to Be Ready to Clear Officer in Ferguson Shooting of Civil Ri
  30. Rescuers trying to extricate worker in Manhattan trench collapse
  31. QUIZ: How far is a .22 round lethal?
  32. Man shot and killed in officer-involved shooting in north St. Louis
  33. Seattle police to begin DNA testing on all stored rape kits
  34. Enough Gun?
  35. U.S. Not Expected to Fault Officer in Ferguson Case
  36. Police kill Felon with knife- caught on body cam
  37. Suspicious Man Attacks Cop with Shovel- Fatal Shooting caught on Body Cam
  38. Man with Axe shot by police- caught on body cam
  39. Haters Gonna Hate.......Shake it off.......
  40. Gatineau police arrest 2 men with fake guns downtown
  41. for DonGlock26 The REAL "SHERIFF CLARKE" Of Milwaukee County
  42. Suspected gunman not found after police search of Sulphur Springs Walmart
  43. Number one with a bullet
  44. Drug using father gives his 4 mo crying infant crystal meth
  45. Phoenix police body cam study shows more convictions
  46. Coyote caught in Manhattan
  47. Shooting at a Home Depot
  48. SWAT Team Searches for Gunman on Roof in Pico Rivera
  49. The Myth of the Good Guy With a Gun
  50. Citizen uses excessive force, makes unlawful arrest, violates civil rights....
  51. Shooting reported at Westfield Southcenter mall, 1 minor injury
  52. Graphic footage: Cop fatally shoots fleeing, armed suspect
  53. Vanderbilt rape trial: Defendants found guilty on all charges
  54. DEA chief: US abandoned plan to track cars near gun shows
  55. Brawl at St. Louis City Hall fergerson
  56. Body parts in suitcase found in SoMa
  57. If you're Muslim don't come Around
  58. Police stop teens seeking snow-shoveling work
  59. Wyoming police officer 'OK' after shooting, expected to survive, chief says
  60. Police accuse 2 men of using Uber to make Thousand Oaks drug deal
  61. Daytona Beach radio producer arrested on child porn charges
  62. Monday is "Gun Day" for Colorado!
  63. State troopers brave flames to save toddler from fire
  64. Crazed Woman Faces Assortment Of Charges For Road Rage Incident Caught On Tape
  65. Phoenix police: Warren Sapp admitted involvement in prostitution, denied assault
  66. All guns should be Glocks
  67. Police save puppy buried in snow
  68. 2 Los Angeles County deputies airlifted after crash
  69. Sheriff: Suspect At Large In St. Louis Park Officer-Involved Shooting
  70. Police Officers Now Deliver PIZZA While Fighting Crime
  71. Man dies after officer-involved shooting in south St. Louis
  72. Citizens are taking action to end police brutality
  73. Off-Duty Officer Shoots, Kills Dog in Dallas
  74. 2 teens shot at Frederick High School
  75. Police begin testing new ‘less-lethal’ attachment for guns
  76. Mentally ill man kills mother, attacks young nieces, prompting standoff
  77. Woman killed, officer wounded in Bourne shooting
  78. 12-year-old shot in Riviera Beach
  79. Arizona Police Officer Involved Shooting Of Justin Roady Of Lake Havasu (Bodycam 1)
  80. 5 Juanita High students charged with attempted rape of classmate
  81. Exeter police officer found murdered in Goshen home
  82. Ohio Cop: Thanks for carrying Concealed
  83. Highland Park Officer Ambushed, Killed In Nightclub Shooting
  84. Baby pulls cocaine from woman's shirt during traffic stop
  85. 3 injured in shooting at mall outside Pittsburgh
  86. 2 dead, including off-duty officer, in apartment shooting
  87. SWAT scene underway in north Houston
  88. Men Bound in Duct Tape, Fatally Shot in Montclair Garage
  89. High-speed chase suspect in Los Angeles
  90. Two officers, woman shot in Sulphur standoff
  91. Dloomberg want to ban gun ownershio by Blacks
  92. Criminal Speedbump
  93. Florida police pull man from burning car - bodycam footage
  94. Officer Indicted in Shooting Death of Akai Gurley
  95. 3 shot, killed in Chapel Hill shooting, police say
  96. Carjacking And Police Chase Shooting in Los Angeles
  97. Bank Robber Fatally Shot After Police Pursuit in Corona, California.
  98. Store Owner Shoots Man Seeking Enlightenment
  99. Kyle Kraska shot
  100. The 2nd Amendment : For Muskets Only?!
  101. With a newfound understanding of the pressure on police officers
  102. Pasco Police Shoot Man Throwing Rocks
  103. 5-year-old boy abducted after mother stabbed
  104. Inmate Shot at Dallas-Fort Worth
  105. Reports of shots fired at Magnolia Mall in Florence
  106. car hits 6 pedestrians in Glendale, CA
  107. Oakland: Anti-police march turns rough Friday evening
  108. Bill Would Let Legal Gun Owners Carry Weapons Around Country
  109. Evansville, Indiana Police Department BODY CAM FOOT CHASE
  110. How to Develop the Situational Awareness of Jason Bourne
  111. Shoplifter disarms officer, fires shots at police on North Side
  112. How To Deal With Shoplifters
  113. Police investigate Walmart shooting in Iuka, Miss
  114. Suspect painted real gun to make it look like a toy
  115. Taurus
  116. Michael Bloomberg Has His Donald Sterling Moment
  117. Arizona campus police who scuffled with professor resigns
  118. Who here has needed to defend themselves/ loved ones with a gun?
  119. Glock pistols approved for special operations Marines
  120. Armed Perp at Obama Market I kid you not gets Taxpayer Relief Shot
  121. Retired Teacher w/ Antique Gun = Big Trouble in NJ
  122. Woman Kills Self Accidentally Adjusting Bra Holster
  123. Three officers shot serving warrant
  124. We Should Teach Gun Safety At School
  125. How to make a pocket pistol " enough gun"
  126. Colorado Springs Explosion Suspect Arrested
  127. Man arrested for stabbing grandmother multiple times
  128. Mpls. officer shot responding to North Side burglary call; suspect at large
  129. Retired officer killed 2 daughters, self, sources say
  130. The CHICAGO "Typewriters" The Thompson .45 ACP SUBMACHINE GUN
  131. Inmates Who Seized Part of Texas Prison Now 'Compliant'
  132. Pinellas deputies: Man, 44, arrested for killing 3-month-old daughter
  133. Beretta's new Glock Pistol!?!
  134. Habersham County Sheriff, deputy shot, 1 other dead
  135. Massive Natural Gas Explosion Caught on Police Dash Cam
  136. Obama moves to ban 5.56 ammunition by Executive Order
  137. Private Sector Security
  138. Truck carrying $4M in gold, silver robbed along I-95 in Wilson County
  139. Plane crashed at Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge, west of Boynton
  140. 1 in custody; 5 suspects outstanding in connection to triple shooting in Reseda
  141. Trauma center activists protest University fundraiser downtown
  142. Police officer shot multiple times in North Philadelphia dies
  143. Michigan troopers show generosity out of their own pockets
  144. Federal judge shot, wounded in Detroit robbery attempt
  145. 5th Wesleyan student charged in ‘Molly’ overdose case
  146. Madisonville Police in Kentucky
  147. BREAKING: Teen dead after officer-involved shooting in Madison
  148. California border patrol supervisor arrested over bathroom camera
  149. Man Jailed Over 'Brutal' Attack On Police Women CAUGHT ON VIDEO
  150. olice Body Cam Shows Officer Rescuing Choking Boy
  151. Woman, Boyfriend Suspected of Trafficking Her Daughters, Including 14-Year-Old
  152. Police Shoot, Kill Person in Anaheim
  153. Bought a new handgun
  154. A spoof on the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln ads
  155. US marshal dies in shooting, murder suspect shot multiple times
  156. I Just Shot Someone, Now What?
  157. I Don't Need To Be Careful I Got Me A GUN and I ain't afraid to use it either
  158. Guns Don't Kill People Only Dangerous Minnorites Kill People
  159. Man with gun hid inside Pinnacle Charter School's auditorium in Federal Heights
  160. METRO: Bus driver shot in southeast Houston
  161. Cop expertly handles two smart asses on the beach
  162. Service pistol maintenance considerations
  163. 14 Teens Allegedly Sexually Assaulted 2 Venice High School Students; 9 Arrested
  164. Police searching for “mystery pooper”
  165. Driver Killed Trying To Beat Train Shocking Footgage
  166. Defending Yourself against a Knife Attack - Fantasy vs Reality
  167. San Francisco cops under investigation for racist, homophobic texts
  168. LAPD Officer Arrested at US-Mexico Border for Alleged Smuggling
  169. D.C. Police Officer Accused of Sexual Abuse of Teen
  170. 6 shot, 1 killed in Mesa; gunman still on the loose
  171. Body Cam- Dallas Police Shoot & Kill Mentally Ill Man With Screwdriver!
  172. Body-cam Footage of Utah Toddler Rescue
  173. Longmont police: Woman stabbed, removed baby from victim's womb
  174. Navajo police: 1 officer dead, another wounded after shooting, pursuit; suspect 'shot
  175. Philly Police Officers Cleared in Shooting of Ex-Con with Stolen Pistol
  176. The Glock 43 Single Stack 9mm Is Here!
  177. Police: Palm Bay mother in custody; 3 children dead
  178. Headshots with Walking Dead Weaponry!
  179. Calipatria state prison
  180. 12-year-old girl detained for trying to poison mother twice with bleach for taking iP
  181. Off-duty police in fatal wrong-way crash
  182. Florida woman stops gator attack with tiny beretta jetfire pistol !!
  183. Cop overtakes slow moving black woman
  184. 2 suspects shot, 1 officer injured in shootout after burglary on northwest side
  185. Seminole County deputy faces molestation charges
  186. 10 Cases Where An Armed Citizen Took Down An Active Shooter
  187. Police officer wearing body camera saves woman from fire
  188. Police Searching for Armed Suspect After Officer Shot, Killed in San Jose
  189. A Police Shooting Roll and Ride With The Kansas City PD
  190. Good Guy Hero stops bad guy
  191. DEA Agents Held Sex Parties With Women Hired by Cartels: Report
  192. Fresno Deputy Police Chief Keith Foster, 5 others arrested on drug charges
  193. Three men become first in New York history to be sentenced to prison for selling khat
  194. 2 People Shot In San Francisco’s Potrero Hill Neighborhood
  195. Police arrest convicted sexual predator in Anaheim Hills boy's death 33 years ago
  196. 2 injured after shooting at senior living facility in Valley Station
  197. 2 Teens Shot in Cal State LA Parking Lot
  198. Suspect Arrested After Cyclist Fatally Shot in Head
  199. Nearly 3.6 Million Crimes Went Unreported Each Year
  200. More blacks in prison than anyone else?
  201. Body Cams Clear Police Officer in Deadly Shooting
  202. Three Reason You Should Home Carry A Handgun
  203. Five people shot, including three children on northwest side of Indianapolis
  204. North Charleston, SC, officer to face murder charge after video shows him shooting
  205. Family wants answers after photo of beaten Georgia inmate goes viral
  206. Men caught on camera attacking Moore Police Officer
  207. One Police Officer Shot, Another Injured in D.C
  208. iGun 4
  209. Kansas Allows 'Constitutional Carry"
  210. Troopers arrest hip-hop artist "Nelly" in Putnam County
  211. Gun Test: Kahr CM9 with Video
  212. Medical examiner called to shooting scene
  213. Gun Confiscations are Gaining Steam Across Nation
  214. A Punt Gun, used for duck hunting but were banned
  215. Dallas Man Wanted in Oregon Murders Spotted in North Texas
  216. St. Charles deputy shot multiple times in 'ambush' while directing traffic in school
  217. Kansas man indicted in Fort Riley bombing plot
  218. Two Teens Stabbed in Brawl Outside Santa Ana School
  219. Defense Attorney Denied
  220. Police Investigating Rash Of Heroin Overdoses
  221. Shooting reported at Delaware State University
  222. Police Use of Force
  223. LIVE COVERAGE: Shooting at North Kern State Prison; correctional officer wounded
  224. Supreme Court: Cops can’t hold suspects to wait for drug-sniffing dog
  225. Man wounded in Lakewood police shooting dies
  226. Three people killed at McDonalds
  227. Miami wants to predict when and where crime will occur
  228. Police officer shot in West Philadelphia
  229. Piano teacher accused of assaulting student shoots himself outside court
  230. Moment four Swedish cops on holiday in New York answered the call of duty
  231. MU Manchester Campus on lockdown
  232. Salem Police confirm suspect in Walmart standoff has died
  233. Glock 43 vs. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Comparison
  234. Gun Review: Glock 26 Gen4 9mm
  235. .950 caliber rifle MUST SEE
  236. Man unfairly convicted of rape tells his story
  237. Vancouver bail bondsman sentenced to 15 years
  238. HARD TRUTH: More Law Enforcement Officers Killed Each Year Than Young Black Men By Wh
  239. Depraved Heart Murder
  240. Guns are deadly....
  241. Police officer shot in Queens Village
  242. Police Respond To Reported Fight At Kennywood Park
  243. self defense when there are no witnesses
  244. Suspected drunken driver crashes into backyard, kills child, woman, police say
  245. More states beginning to follow the constitution
  246. Montana passed a law to nullify the militarization of its state and local police
  247. Joseph Oberhansley killed his ex and then he...
  248. Baltimore to pay $50K to train police on how to legally stop people
  249. Coeur d’Alene police officer in critical condition after early-morning shooting
  250. Denver police: Gun on University of Denver campus was a hockey stick