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  1. Border Patrol Finally Detains Some Minors At Border
  2. It’s Time for Conservatives to Stop Defending Police
  3. The Ruse To Take Your Guns
  4. Man, the Democrats will love this,
  5. Feds: 6 Philly Narcotic Cops Robbed, Kidnapped Drug Dealers
  6. Weapons Other Than Firearms
  7. Detroit Police Take Back the Streets
  8. We’re All Criminals and Outlaws in the Eyes of the American Police State
  9. Amtrak: protecting yourself from an Armed Gunman
  10. ‘if obama doesn’t follow constitution, we don’t have to’
  11. Rules for a Gunfight
  12. Missouri crowd after shooting: 'Kill the police'
  13. New Desert Eagle 1911s
  14. Old jewish guy shot on the way to Synagogue
  15. Officer Shoots, Critically Wounds Suspect Near Ferguson
  16. Firearm Confiscation In Boston
  17. 2nd Amendment
  18. Firearm Confiscation In CT
  19. An interesting fact about all that excess military equipment that the police have
  20. Oklahoma officer accused in 6 sexual assaults
  21. This is what happens when the left take over an area
  22. Watching criminals get their initial court appearance in Florida.....
  23. How are cops trained to use deadly force?
  24. German Schmeisser
  25. Lathi 9mm
  26. Raise the killer
  27. Sunshine Crump is a smelly left wing liberal hippie reporter
  28. Fear Culture/Ongoing Problem
  29. Would It Kill You to Hire More Black Cops? (Yes)
  30. Police Militarization
  31. The domestic isis threat: What you can do
  32. Maybe ISIS is on to Something With all These Decapitations
  33. Concealed Carrier Shoots, Kills 1 of 4 Armed Robbers, Sends Other 3 Running
  34. Half-Brothers Cleared of Murder After 30 Years
  35. This is simply wrong....
  36. Cop Owns City Councilwoman
  37. All too often COPS ABUSE
  38. I saw this and thought it was cool
  39. Shooter Ambushes, Kills Pennsylvania State Trooper
  40. Child Porn Conviction Overturned Due to Illegal Governmnet Surveillance
  41. Where's A Cop When You Need One?
  42. Hunt on for survivalist charged in trooper killing
  43. 'Django Unchained' Actress -- Cops: After Car Sex She Pulls Race, Fame Card (POLICE A
  44. I just saw this....
  45. This dude got really lucky...
  46. Cops Take Hours to Arrive.....
  47. Florida prison boss fires 32 over inmate deaths
  48. 'RoadRage' Incident, Young woman attacks older woman
  49. Just bought ANOTHER gun.
  50. Air Rifles anyone?
  51. Woman punched by California Highway Patrol settles
  52. Good Guy Wins! Three Bad Guys Lose (2 permanently).
  53. 11 year old with a gun
  54. Presence of Armed Citizen Prevented More Death Says Oklahoma County Sheriff
  55. Group of thieves hit Bentley Gold Coast store
  56. FBI 9MM Justification, FBI Training Division
  57. Convicted killer with implanted horns
  58. Judge denies immunity in cavity search lawsuit
  59. Police looking for suspect in police shooting in Ferguson Missouri
  60. Arsonist "Demands" MORE PRISON Time Sentence Given Was TOO SHORT Convict Insists
  61. Police urge residents to outfit homes with police-run surveillance cameras
  62. Pistols review
  63. Armed contractor with criminal record was on elevator with Obama in Atlanta
  64. My Kinda Ladies -- The Gun Totin' Kind! :)
  65. Psych expert says suspect didn't understand rights
  66. Highway Patrol trooper arrested in Cary
  67. Waldo, Florida Votes to Disband Disgraced Police Department
  68. Texas Bar: Customer wins shootout with 4 robbers
  69. Body Cam Shooting
  70. Police...... Excessive force or not?
  71. 1 dead, 1 taken into custody 6 hours after police captain shot
  72. Man Cooks Ex girlfriends DOG & Serves Pooch For Dinner Mails It's Paws Back To Her
  73. Police officer shot in southeast Oklahoma City
  74. Two men charged in Levi's Stadium attack
  75. Navajo Nation officer shot in face
  76. Detroit Homicide Sergeant Caught Wearing Murder Victim’s Expensive Watch
  77. Store Clerk Shoots Robbers in Botched Armed Robbery Two Dead Canton, Ohio
  78. Home Security Camera Video Shows Deadly Police-Involved Shooting
  79. I-95 North Closed in Norwalk Due to Trooper-Involved Shooting
  80. There IS Something You Can Do to Prevent Gun Violence
  81. NJ police say body cameras saving town thousands of dollars
  82. Standoff underway at home of murdered Bullhead City girl
  83. What is the real purpose of gun control?
  84. 7-year-old girl shot in head by Detroit police
  85. Man suspected of shooting 2 deputies is in custody
  86. Rate of Mass Shootings Has Tripled Since 2011
  87. Triple-Shooting Reported at San Pedro In-N-Out
  88. Do you think the 2nd Amendment needs amended?
  89. 10-year-old shooter: ‘I want to be an inspiration’
  90. Drunk Mistakes Jail For A Bar
  91. AP NewsBreak: California prisons end race policy
  92. Chicago police officer shot on South Side
  93. Officer involved shooting at Lakewood Stadium
  94. Real Gunfighter Lance Thomas
  95. NJ Family 'Swatted' by Video Gamers: Police
  96. CHP Officer Suspected of Forwarding Nude Photos From DUI Suspect's Cellphone
  97. Police: Deaths of Utah family of 5 not accidental
  98. The Next Big Gun Debate: 3-D Printed Firearms
  99. Woman Evades Burglars by Hiding in Bedroom
  100. Impaired driver slams car into group of trick-or-treaters in Vancouver
  101. Man with rifle shot by Nevada Highway Patrol on I-15
  102. NYC Corrections Officer Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Leg In Brooklyn
  103. Surveillance Video Shows Struggle as Woman Abducted Off Germantown Street
  104. Off-duty officer shoots man who broke jewelry counters at Wal-Mart
  105. Undercover New York City investigator sneaks contraband into Rikers Island jail
  106. Do you support open carry?
  107. Losing the right to be able to buy guns for the rest of your life
  108. Driver Convicted After Lapping Manhattan in 24 Minutes Flees Country
  109. 6 Bad Excuses to Not Carry Spare Ammo
  110. 4 men shot outside Willowbrook apartment complex; suspect at large
  111. Actor Andy Dick arrested on felony theft charge
  112. Police shooting body cam video
  113. Body Cam Video of Cop Shooting Man With BB Gun
  114. Police Body Cam Shows Shooting Of Armed Suspect
  115. Body cam refutes sexual assault claim against NM officer
  116. Police body cam shows heroic rescue of drowning toddler
  117. Body Cam Shows What Really Happened
  118. Ardmore police issue Amber Alert for missing 7-year-old
  119. Robbery suspect killed after stealing gun, shooting at police
  120. What is your next firearm purchase going to be?
  121. Teen Sex Assault Suspect to Philadelphia Police: 'Come & Get Me'
  122. LIVE: Hostage situation in Norman OK
  123. NYPD to Stop Arresting People for Minor Marijuana Offenses
  124. Off-duty officer, daughter shot; granddaughter, 4, missing
  125. Grandmother shot in sleep during drive-by
  126. Gun Control! Gun Control!
  127. FBI: ‘Roscoe Bandit’ bank robber arrested in Oregon
  128. Missing child alert for 13-year-old Largo girl
  129. Woman dies in Cleveland Police custody
  130. Police Never Received ECSU Student's Call for Help: Cops
  131. 12 hurt after car drives through south Las Vegas parking lot
  132. More Federal Agencies Are Using Undercover Operations
  133. Police fatally shoot man who made threats with knife in Westland
  134. 2 Ann Arbor police officers on administrative leave after fatal shooting
  135. Open Carry - Yes or No?
  136. Michael Brown’s Case Not Vindicated by UN…He’s an Entitled Thug!
  137. Three Officers Stabbed At Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility
  138. Chicago: 5 killed, 16 wounded in weekend shootings
  139. 1 shot, others tied up in home invasion robbery; suspects on the loose
  140. Person of interest in deadly Bronx subway push apprehended
  141. 100 Year Old Woman RAPED by A 20 Year Old Solved By DNA
  142. 101 Year Old Woman "RAPED"
  143. Father Kills His Own Baby Sets House On Fire
  144. Citigroup Executive Found Dead
  145. Three students shot at Florida State University library, gunman killed
  146. Ex-convict sentenced to 160 YEARS for stabbing teen to death
  147. Don Rosenberg lost his son to actions of an unlicensed ILLEGAL alien
  148. AG pick Lynch may face grilling over seizing properties, experts say
  149. Instructor Zero
  150. Ferguson, the National Guard, and the militia.
  151. DUI conviction tossed out after Iowa police eavesdrop on conversation with lawyer
  152. Calling 911 To Avoid A Speeding Ticket
  153. Ft. Eustis ‘barricaded subject’ surrenders
  154. Suspect opens fire on Austin police department
  155. Peaceful Protest in Dallas......
  156. Shooting The Unarmed Man – The Fallacy Of Modern Perception
  157. Amnesty for Thugs
  158. Emotional moment between cop, child at Ferguson protest goes viral
  159. Parents Greeted By Police After 2-Year-Old Toddler Throws Tantrum on Plane
  160. More guns - safer society?
  161. Paul Harvey " Policeman
  162. Milwaukee police chief responds to criticism of police discrimination
  163. The Data on Cops Killing Blacks that the Race-Hustlers Don’t Want You to See
  164. Finally got it
  165. Well the FBI are at it again
  166. 4 stabbed on train in Niles, Michigan; suspect in custody, police say
  167. LAPD Sexual Assault Detective Committed Suicide Over Child Molestation Allegations
  168. EPA closure of last US lead smelter gives govt total control of our ammo supplies
  169. Chicago police got a manhunt going
  170. Trigger Pulled To Stop Executive Order On Guns
  171. Funny case with guns
  172. Wisconsin POlice asking volunteers for home searches for guns
  173. Brooklyn DA will present evidence against NYPD officer Evans Mazile
  174. Possible armed, suicidal person investigated at MGM Grand
  175. Three homicide victims found in Adams County home with gunshot wounds
  176. Aurora men arrested after yearlong drug investigation
  177. The BEST Drunk Driving Excuse EVER....Beer Battered Fish Fry
  178. Some good news for a change
  179. Chicago Cop Punished For Playing SWEET HOME ALABAMA yeah SKYNARD is RACIST
  180. Deputy couple arrested as a part of a drug trafficing ring.
  181. 22 indicted on charges of sex-trafficking girls in San Diego County
  182. MORE guns, MORE crime: Stanford study undermines NRA's favorite study
  183. Shooting reported near Rosemary Anderson High School in North Portland
  184. St. Louis police say they'll discipline officer who wore 'Wilson' name tag at City Ha
  185. Dallas police investigating shooting in West Dallas, nearby El Centro College campus
  186. More white cop vs black Mom Racism
  187. Officer dragged through parking lot and woman shot after car stop in KCMO
  188. Hello from Reno...
  189. Officer shot in West Baltimore, police union president says
  190. 'What do we want?...Dead Cops!!!'
  191. NYPD tweets ‘You can’t handle the truth’ speech for ‘motivational Monday’
  192. Sandy Hook Survivors Sue BUSHMASTER For Creating Mass Carnage
  193. Unique traffic stops in Missouri bring drivers to tears
  194. Should every policeman have a gun?
  195. How do you rate, "Star-Ving," David Faustino's (Bud Bundy) Crackle comedy series?
  196. Explaining An Edwardian Invention
  197. Shotgun for Personal Defense: Knowing Distance vs. Pattern - Thunder Ranch
  198. Militarized Police Attack Dwelling
  199. Isn't it time for sane knife control laws?
  200. Cleveland Heartless Felons gang issues orders to kill white police officers
  201. Police Arrest Third Suspect in NYPD Officer Assault on Brooklyn Bridge
  202. SF sheriff's deputy arrested on suspicion of on-duty misconduct
  203. Protesters Block Major Freeway During Rush Hour 70 people Arrested
  204. David Clarke on 2 Bit politicians Gov Nixon and Claire McCaskill...and Holder
  205. Radicals backing away from the Havoc they HAVE WREAKED
  206. Concessions to Orthodox Islam are the Establishment of Sharia Law
  207. PSA for the Trayvons of the world
  208. What could Eric Garner have said, once on the ground, which would've saved his ass?
  209. 2 shot at Midtown Atlanta movie theater
  210. Berkeley Cop shoots 18 year old...here we go again.
  211. Sheriff Clark on the Problems that De Blasio, Holder and Obama have caused
  212. Shooting reported at Oakwood Center Mall
  213. Robbers stab Houston woman in neck to steal purse
  214. Santa Brought Me a Glock 19 Gen4!!
  215. The, "Support your local police" thread
  216. AFter the killing of the NYPD officers, the Ferguson Movement is at a Crossroads
  217. Firearms Identification
  218. 1 dead, officer injured in Flagstaff shooting
  219. 2 Cliffside Park special police officers hit by car, seriously hurt
  220. US Is The Gun Death Capital of the Developed World
  221. Never Take Gun Advice From A Liberal
  222. Blue lives matter
  223. 8-year-old boy wounded Monday afternoon
  224. Chicago To Record "Lowest" Number Of Homicides Since 1965
  225. Pa. police kill man who threatened officers
  226. Edmonton mass murder leaves 9 dead, including shooter
  227. Report: Gun deaths of officers jump 56 percent
  228. Robbery fail: ATM catastrophically explodes in thief’s face
  229. Woman Arrested After SWAT Surrounds South Philly Home
  230. Warren Police Department releases shooting video
  231. Man shoots at 2 San Francisco area officers
  232. Man Shot after pulling a gun on police in Georgia.
  233. Sexual Assault suspect detained by friend of victim and given tea and crumpets
  234. Zero in @ 50 yds this .22 scope lets you hit 200 yd targets w/1st shot
  235. Woman Smuggles Gun into Prison in her Genitals
  236. Man with tattooed eyeball gets 22 years in jail for shooting police officers
  237. Going after sheriff Joe again
  238. Albuquerque officer shot during stop is 31-year veteran
  239. Excessive Civilian Force?
  240. Cops more willing to shoot whites than blacks, study finds
  241. No More "21 foot rule." The NEW lethal knife distance is 50 feet!
  242. Walmart Shoplifters Left Kids In Vehicle
  243. 5 charged in killing at Southern California roller rink
  244. Child dropped from balcony caught by officer during fire
  245. What Could A Few Armed Citizens Do In This Situation? (Reduce The Death Toll, Maybe?)
  246. Dad Calls Sheriff To Supervise A SPANKING And They responded
  247. Body Cam: Albuquerque police officer shot during traffic stop
  248. Activist critical of police undergoes use of force scenarios
  249. Cruel and unusual Punishment
  250. Why Won't Black Teens with Guns Listen to Police?