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  1. Police Save a life with Naloxone
  2. police save life of fallen runner
  3. officers save toddler
  4. police corporal does CPR to help save man in distress
  5. Police Save Suspect From Mob Justice
  6. Simsbury Police Officer Helps Save a Life
  7. police hero honored for saving woman stabbed 15 times
  8. Heroic Las Cruces police officers save disabled woman from burning home
  9. Officers permanently rescue homeless man
  10. Justice system helps homeless man keep warm
  11. Cop helps domestic violence victim forget her troubles
  12. Hawaii Police feel their hands are tied, ask for leeway to do their jobs
  13. Cop kindly helps teen with her self esteem
  14. Florida Woman Sets Car ABLAZE At Mcdonalds Over A McFlurry
  15. Blind Man Beaten Pregnant Woman Gang Raped In Home Invasion Of The WRONG HOUSE
  16. 007's Police Brutality Thread
  17. Gun Registration: Evil, or Just Stupid?
  18. Empathy, Psychopathy and the Brain
  19. Homeowner shoots and kills two suspected home invaders
  20. Doper stabs Store Security with syringe
  21. Man Who Killed Mendocino Sheriff’s Deputy Linked To Oregon Murder
  22. Violent Man Dies After Attacking Bus Driver and Passenger
  23. Police save woman from burning apartment
  24. Police Save Suicidal Woman on Colorado Street Bridge Tuesday Morning
  25. Police Break into Several Residences Without Warrants to Search
  26. Police Rescue Two Residents From a Smoke-filled Apartment
  27. Political showtrial! ATTEMPTED POSSESSION.
  28. Crimes and Punishment
  29. Police save Synagogue
  30. Cop Killer Acquitted
  31. Nonaggression Principle Yields The Best Law Enforcement
  32. Some not getting help when others fight back
  33. Georgia Legislature Passes Powerful Second Amendment Protection
  34. Body Odor Prompts Police Call
  35. Noble Savages Ask State For Protection From Other Noble Savages
  36. Feds probe Albuquerque camper shooting as police rethink use of force
  37. SWAT Targets Family for Drinking Tea
  38. Justify this!!
  39. police save victim from being shot by ex-boyfriend
  40. My godfather, the hero: Police officer who helped save toddler's life
  41. police rush to save mother, two-year-old girl viciously attacked by pit bull
  42. Bystander and police save woman and dog from frigid SE waters
  43. Gun control works!!
  44. Police unions paying cops involved in shootings bonuses!
  45. Police Officer Dave Smith was shot and killed
  46. Officer Alexander Thalmann succumbed to a gunshot wound
  47. Police Officer Gregg Maloney was killed in a motorcycle crash
  48. Gun grabbing begins.
  49. Time to Impeach Barack Obama
  50. Can open carry justify a terry stop?
  51. Weed vs. Booze
  52. Shot Fired at another Gun Free Zone
  53. Good Cop Pull Over Prank
  54. Texas Man Freed After Video Evidence Shows Arresting Cop Lied To Secure Jail Time
  55. Off-duty officer shoots, kills stabbing suspect near Dallas police headquarters
  56. Fort Hood Texas shooting police scanner April 2 2014
  57. Officer William Dennison's heroic actions
  58. The Coolest "OPEN CARRY" Stop EVER & Show NO Identification RIGHTS DEFINED
  59. Dashcam Video Shows Woman Stab Oklahoma Officer With Scissors In Fort Gibson
  60. L.p.d.: Libertarian police department
  61. Sharpton: FBI Informant
  62. Profiled and then shot seven times
  63. Official Put Glass Pipe In Rectum Before Arrest
  64. Should Fleeing Motorcylists in High-Speed Chases Be Shot By Police ?
  65. -Dashcam Video Police Shooting
  66. Conceal Carry Reduces Murder Rates
  67. Florida manhunt for felon sought in deadly day care crash investigation
  68. Mayor Goes to Cop Killer's funeral, cancels Officer's Memorial ceramony
  69. DOJ Finds Albuquerque PD Uses Excessive Force
  70. Police are terrified of Cameras.
  71. 90% NY Gunowners refusing to register guns by april 15 deadline
  72. "Don't Let Em Take Your Gun"
  73. What is your choice in defensive handguns?
  74. Prints In Oklahoma Drug Bust SOLVE 17 year COLD Case Of Teenage Wisconisin Girl o
  75. Justice Stevens: The five extra words that can fix the Second Amendment
  76. Heroic cop tackles lunatic committing horrible crime
  77. Should we abolish traffic laws?
  78. New Meaning to Under Cover
  79. NYPD officer dies after responding to Brooklyn fire
  80. Bill Maher is Shocked That Crime 'Plummeting' While More Criminals Sent to Prison
  81. Murders soar in Brazil World Cup city during police strike
  82. Al Himdi found guilty of murdering his wife in El Cajon
  83. Air Force Captain Assaulted At Home By Cop Who Mistook Him For Burglar; DA Won’t Drop
  84. Mercenaries attack more than 12 at wedding party....
  85. Calling a bus can get you killed! Mercenary alert.
  86. what is your ccw ammo?
  87. We didn't even HAVE cops for much of US history, many states.
  88. got ABILITY with a gun? Here's some tests. try with airsoft first, then live ammo.
  89. google dept of Justice, read ANNUAL CRIME SURVEY
  90. I can teach a 12 yr old girl to group as well as any in 1/2 day
  91. how fast is your draw?
  92. the top men get repeat hits in .12 second, other target in .20 second. :-)
  93. Reloaders/handloaders chat thread!
  94. I once converted 300 rds of .45 L Colt brass to .45 ACP.
  95. my first gun was a pitted, warped copy of a Baby Browning
  96. Gun silencer sales booming
  97. NYPD and LAPD Twitter campaign goes horribly wrong
  98. Robber Used A POTATO To Pull Stick Up Job
  99. Slain Oregon convict stalked women, had 'movable dungeon,' police say
  100. Rochester Police Arrest Woman Standing on Her Own Private Property
  101. Indiana Man Spits Blood In Officer's Face, Says 'I Have Hep C'
  102. Apparently, this is a provocative T-shirt in an airport
  103. Man shoots two teens burglarizng his home, he is standing trial for murder.
  104. Boy Gets LAP DANCE In Class For Birthday Present TEACHER Charged With Sexual Assault
  105. Virginia Beach this week/weekend. What's going on?
  106. What Is Believed
  107. Homeowner pulls up to his home and police gun him down
  108. Are The Local Police A New OCCUPUYING Force ReadynTo Throw Down On Anyone
  109. Another Important Role for the Thin Blue Line
  110. Police on scanners.
  111. A Question tor the Handgunners here
  112. New Albuquerque police shooting exposes distrust
  113. Teen Dead After Alabama Police ‘Cut’ Throat Open to Retrieve Drugs
  114. High Court Leaves Second Amendment in Limbo
  115. 20 Huge Companies That Want To Take Your Guns
  116. Should EBT Card be used to buy Firearms?
  117. Police officer buys bed, TV, Wii for teen
  118. The Militarization of Civilians
  119. Detroit Grandma wins shootout with her attackers
  120. Friends/Family don't understand why Home Invading teens were shot
  121. Police Shooting Frenzy Raises Concerns
  122. NEVER Let Your Kids Talk to the Police
  123. Confessions of a Liberal Public Defender
  124. I like my guns the way Obama likes his voters
  125. Insider Vigilante takes stand against Rape in American Jails
  126. Ceasefire Kicks Off With TWO MURDERS As Milwaukee Prepares Gun Buy Back & Outreach
  127. Us Vietnam Combat Vets May Be worn, But We're Not Worn Out.
  128. Indiana police taser ten year old boy at day care
  129. Police chase a suspect into another family's backyard, kill their puppy, and arrest o
  130. Deputy pries open woman’s mouth after she takes Tylenol
  131. Bringing Back Firing Squads?
  132. How Marijunana Legalization Destroys Drug Cartels In America
  133. Brazilian Cop and a Grenade
  134. INDIANA State LAW Allows Residents to SHOOT POLICE in SELF DEFENSE
  135. Talking about firearms is dangerous
  136. Simple Explanation For Why Cops Seem Arrogant
  137. Uniforms at work
  138. How would you restrain this man?
  139. NYC-Shootings rising at city's public housing projects
  140. Lets talk about them 'PIGS'
  141. Ohio Abandons Lethal Injection as Execution Method
  142. Russia Passes Castle Doctrine.
  143. Detroit motorists under siege in 'carjack city'
  144. How would you restrain this man?
  145. Hypothetical Situation: Who is to blame when a cop kills under reasonable suspicion?
  146. Naked Man Attacks Women
  147. Force feeding in guantamo and regular prisons?
  148. Making Society Safe
  149. Female OWS-er goes to court
  150. Chicago Gun Violence: 6 Killed, 16 Injured Memorial Day Weekend
  151. Woman Fatally Shot While Returning From Anti-Violence Fundraiser
  152. Ithaca Police save 17-year-old's life
  153. Camden County police save first overdose victim
  154. NYPD receives funding to equip officers with life-saving heroin antidote naloxone
  155. Police rescue darling ducklings stuck in storm drain
  156. Suffolk police sergeant, saves woman from Long Island bay
  157. Should all drugs be legalized in tandem with the abolishment of the welfare state?
  158. Police TOO over-militarized?/baby hurt by grenade
  159. “Game Over” For Game Stop Gunmen
  160. Should Police Critics Join the Police Reserves?
  161. Supreme Court: Police justified in deadly 2004 car chase
  162. Why do you hate security officers?
  163. Murder coviction overturned
  164. Norfolk police officer, teen killed in shootout
  165. police officer shot, killed at Waffle House
  166. The Glock Semi-Automatic Pistol
  167. Officer and dog protect property
  168. Police Officer Wisely Drives Away From Personal Dispute
  169. The largest ever examination of police misconduct cases
  170. Voter Fraud The Justice Department REFUSES To Investigate
  171. Md. man arrested, charged in 'bottle bomb' incidents at movie theaters
  172. Madman Loose in NYC
  173. Officers help veteran leave hospital
  174. Retired Police Officer Kills Carjacker!
  175. Intruder caught 'in act' of raping woman by cops
  176. police seek suspect for corrupting minor
  177. San Diego Police Officers Help a Veteran in Need
  178. What’s Wrong with the Wrongful Conviction Movement
  179. More Indiana Women Carrying Guns
  180. Officers protect taxicab drivers in New York
  181. In defense of cops
  182. Canada: 3 police officers dead, 2 injured in New Brunswick shooting
  183. NYPD arrests man in fatal elevator stabbing of boy, 6
  184. U.S. Marshals Seize Cops’ Spying Records to Keep Them From the ACLU
  185. Naked Man High On Drugs Punched NJ Cop, Tried To Steal Police Cruiser
  186. G2 R.I.P. Garbage or Godsend?
  187. Cops are just "doing their jobs." But what about jurors and jury nullification?
  188. Police department that lost gun won't get Obama Tank
  189. Body-worn Cameras for Police
  190. Onlookers allegedly steal groceries from woman killed in crash
  191. Police solve burglary
  192. Some become cops to do good, and they do very well indeed
  193. Punished for assaulting students
  194. Colorado’s poster boy for ‘stoned driving’ was drunk off his gourd
  195. DA says officer was justified in fatal shooting in Homewood
  196. TEA Party activist threatened, signed up on gay dating sites without his knowledge
  197. FBI Agents threatened during their investigation
  198. Should drunk driving be legalized?
  199. Two Cops, Three Others Killed in Las Vegas Shooting Spree
  200. Should the police stop arresting wife-beaters?
  201. Off Duty Cop Gives Robber a Dirt Nap Timeout
  202. Policing for Profit
  203. H&K Follows Sig Sauer and Introduces their Glock Copy Too!!
  204. Gangsta Protecta
  205. Number of police officers killed on job up 40 percent over last year
  206. Hoodies
  207. Hard lessons!
  208. The Newhall Incident: April 6, 1970
  209. Our Brave Men in Blue Serve and Protect
  210. Police save little girl's life ....
  211. Riot control drone armed with paintballs and pepper spray hits market
  212. Suspect identified in slaying of Little River-Academy police chief
  213. Florida Gov. Rick Scott Signs 'Pop-Tart' Gun Bill Into Law
  214. Why you should always videotape the police
  215. Biden pulls Assault Style Rifle out on Children
  216. California man uses surveillance drone to keep an eye on cops from above
  217. Brooklyn driver decapitated when he tries to flee cops
  218. Honor Student kills his parents, no guns involved...Inconvenient
  219. Always wanted an AR-10
  220. Mandatory "No Refusal" Blood Draws for DUI suspects
  221. The Official Texas Sheriffs Exam
  222. New high tech Bullets Mean "CERTAIN DEATH"
  223. Manhattan Judge sues over traffic camera ticket
  224. Open-carry
  225. Enough Ammunition?
  226. Gun Control
  227. "I'll only be gone a few minutes......."
  228. ~ Veteran With Concealed Carry Permit Shoots Back At Chicago Gunman ~
  229. Your thoughts on gun safety and kids. . .
  230. City Of Chicago Ordered To Pay NRA’s Legal Fees – Again
  231. These are the kinds of nuts the police hire
  232. Long rap sheets for suspects shot by police
  233. Good article by Tom Givens
  234. Anti-Gunners think Steve Spielberg shot Dinosaur
  235. "Thug in peace"
  236. One Found Shot, Another Wounded By Sword in Oxnard
  237. SC mom arrested for leaving 9 yo at park while mom worked
  238. LA Homeless ignored while illegals are sheltered
  239. SC man charged with hugging his child to death
  240. Militarized Criminals Rob Bank with AK-47's
  241. Your Opinion on CPB/Border Patrol?
  242. Most Dangerous Guns.....
  243. Florida Father pummels the person he caught sexually abusing his child
  244. Police Chief who signed tea party leader up on gay porn sites, avoids jail
  245. Armed Citizens Save Lives
  246. Carjackers Murder 3 Children
  247. Campus Cops label words said from a window a hate crime
  248. Some politicians Who Support Firearm Bans
  249. Gun Crime Intelligence Center
  250. The Virtual President On Firearms