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  1. Judge apologizes but refuses to step down
  2. Harvard Study Finds Violent Crime Rises As Gun Ownership Falls
  3. Mayors Against Handguns Rally quickly becomes a Pro-Gun Rally
  4. Texas Father whose 5 year old was raped will not be charged with the death
  5. Gun Talk - Gotta gun? Let's talk!
  6. This is too easy ... .
  7. NYPD shoot 2 bystanders while apprehending unarmed crazy guy
  8. Four dead in shooting at Washington Naval Yard
  9. Gun Myths Gone in 5 Minutes - ABC News
  10. Why the Police Should Be Privatized: Dirty Cops Caught on Tape
  11. Foul-mouthed Pa. police chief could learn fate Thursday
  12. Journalism Prof (KU) wants to see NRA members' children dead
  13. Another Mass Shooting/Chicago
  14. IMPD Officer shot in head
  15. 2 13 & 14 yo kill homeless man in knockout game
  16. Everyone can get their hands on a gun, why so much trouble accepting that?
  17. Privatization of Prisons in the U.S.
  18. Inmate treatment, Constitutional rights, and ridiculous laws
  19. Harlem: A US Cultural Gem
  20. The right way to approach an open carry protest
  21. Homeowner Who Caught A Trespasser Is Arrested . . .
  22. Police buying up military stuff....
  23. Blue Fascists at it again!
  24. I saw this called police brutality on G+???
  25. Father of the Year Gets His Birth Cert. Cancelled
  26. Protecting America’s Traditions Since 1871
  27. Most Dangerous Cities in America
  28. Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam, wishs bad things for gun owners
  29. Guns and Crime
  30. Get a load of this
  31. What is The Militia?
  32. The Physics of Bullets
  33. Is SCOTUS afraid of right-to-carry debate?
  34. NH gas clerk fired for pulling gun on robber
  35. University of California cop who pepper-sprayed student protesters awarded $38,000
  36. Nazis capture tennessee highways
  37. The justice system
  38. This is a real police state
  39. Trial of Liberty County, Florida Sheriff Nick Finch Begins
  40. Jury finds Fla. sheriff not guilty of misconduct
  41. The War On Drugs Claims Another Victim
  42. Facebook Commenter Criticizes Cops, Cops Threaten To Come Find Him
  43. The Right to Bear Arms: A Biblical and Historical View
  44. Arizona Boy Threatened With Expulsion Over Drawings
  46. Guns&Ammo Editor fired over 2nd Amendment piece
  47. Lahti
  48. Police prevent father from saving 3 yo in house fire
  49. Families of dead criminals want the shooter/victiim charged with crime
  50. Another Argument for a Home Defense Firearm
  51. Deer Dance - The Police Brutality Theme Song
  52. Something I don't understand about the right
  53. Moms Against Gun Violence: This is what the left does.
  54. Pistol permit applications in Newtown soar after Sandy Hook shooting
  55. Every American should see
  56. Parking Ticket Anticlimax.
  57. Poetic, but.......
  58. KnockOut Game Spreading, Strangers Targetted for ..fun
  59. Chambersburg PA citizens give Anti-Gun mayor the Boot
  60. Police states.
  61. A good cop
  62. Wedding Bells are Ringing for Charles Manson and his Bride to be
  63. Don't beat up your girl ... .
  64. Why Haven't the NRA,Always Supported The Second Amendment ?
  65. Knock Out Game Vigilante Sought In Shooting
  66. 40 New laws in NC starting in December
  67. A detective tells the truth
  68. Plastic Guns
  69. DC Cop charged with producing Porn while on Duty
  70. Georgia police arrest man for stealing 5 cents of electricity
  71. NYPD Revokes Media Access To Precinct Offices
  72. Hoodlum stabs man and in escaping gets cut in two
  73. Denver High School Shooting
  74. Army Vet & Cop Destroys Obama’s Gun Control Plan in Three Minutes
  75. This is what will happen to us if we give up our rights
  76. The State of our Prisons
  77. Do nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about.
  78. Free people are not allowed to make this mistake but once.
  79. Today... Be the cop!
  80. Mikhail Kalashnikov, dead at 94
  81. Santa Shot in Southeast DC
  82. Cops cracking down on Pedestrians
  83. Lawless Police Officers. This is disgusting
  84. Forcing Medics Into Live Fire
  85. Gun magazine supplier expands in Iowa college town
  86. Colorado 2 year old tests positive for Pot
  87. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto-"You Cannot Invade the Mainland United States"-
  88. No longer can we question who's in charge
  89. 11 year old in Juvy for stabbing her mother 11 times
  90. Utah GUnmaker turns down $15 mill deal to make guns for Pakis because....
  91. Boiling Spring Lakes father says 18 year old son shot, killed by officer
  92. It’s Fun To Get Groped: TSA launches Propaganda Aimed At Children
  93. Magpul to depart for Texas, Wyoming in 2014
  94. PBO Declares Thousands of US Veterans Incompetent--Strips Them of Gun Rights
  95. Home Invaders Pick Wrong Elderly Victims
  96. Ian Garland - Fast and Furious Scandal Interview 1-8-2014
  97. Listen to these men and tell your kids or teens
  98. Sandy Hook was a Stupid Gun Control Hoax
  99. Armed And Dangerous?
  100. Woman Fatally Shoots Brother During Argument Over Whether Her Gun Would Fire
  101. diabetics need to watch
  102. Ex-cops acquitted in beating death of homeless man in California
  103. Why didn't our media report this
  104. Watch what you buy because cops are
  105. Ok, Cops, this is going WAY too far!
  106. Michigan woman accused of faking rape
  107. New Mexico Man Violated By Police In Illegal Anal Probe Settles For $1.6 Million
  108. Cop Shoots, Kills Man
  109. NYC descent into tyranny
  110. Durham teen shoot himself in head while handcuffed.
  111. 8 anal probes by lawless police result in $1.6 judgement
  112. Smith & Wesson Says No to California
  113. Some criminals may have more firearms training than you
  114. Economics of the Police State
  115. Serial Killers And Spree Murderers Americas Most Nortorious N Sometimes Lesser Known
  116. "R.I.P. Bullet
  117. ND Farmer arrested based on drone surveillance
  118. One Police Gave Dahmer BACK Found Later Inside Hacked Up 100% Preventable
  119. Mother Rapes Her Children While Others Paid To Watch
  120. Elderly woman jailed without bond for feeding animals
  121. filing a complaint against the police
  122. San Diego Students sign petition of confiscate guns, imprison Gun owners
  123. Scary Gunz R Scary!
  124. Off-Duty Officer Shoots Would-Be Robber At Walgreens
  125. Officers fire on man suspected of committing several robberies in Baltimore
  126. Murderer Prison Escapee Captured in Indiana
  127. Chicago Has Lowest Homicide Rate Since 1965 And Lowest Crime Rate Since 1972
  128. Naked attacker ‘ridiculously strong,’ recalls Delray Beach family he assaulted
  129. To Serve and Protect
  130. Headlight Flashing is free speech
  131. Monopoly and The Production of Security
  132. Death Penalty Carried out
  133. Dirty Cop Gets 16 Years in Prison
  134. Albquerque Police Shootout Between Cop Killer Gunman and Police Caught on Body Camera
  135. Killing a dog
  136. Self Defense — Grand Jury Won't Indict
  137. Life In Prison For Ring Leader Of Fake Id Mill That Openly Sold Id Card 2 ILLEGALS
  138. officers help save residents in apartment fire
  139. Off-duty cops, firefighter save girl pinned under car
  140. The Moment Cops Save Child Choking On Chicken Nugget
  141. New Jersey Policeman Rescues Driver
  142. Roswell Cop Saves Woman From Fire
  143. Rookie Cop Saves Baby. Only Been Employed for 3 days.
  144. Whacked Out on Drugs
  145. Us Versus Them Mentality
  146. Robber Scared Off By Singing Billy Big Mouth Bass "Take Me to The River"
  147. Wendy Davis: I'm Pro Gun
  148. Bad Cop, No Donut
  149. God bless the second amendment
  150. Stupid is as Stupid Does
  151. Girl hugs, thanks officer 'for coming to save us' from cord-wielding mom
  152. Police Save Christmas After Mother Has Gifts Stolen From Trunk Of Car
  153. Colorado police save hostage in 18-hour standoff
  154. Police officers Damien Csech and Matthew Goncalves credited with saving a life
  155. Gun Control Activist Ironically Arrested for Violating His Own Law
  156. AR-15 Legal Again In New York Due To Clever Redesign Of Assault Rifle
  157. Police shoot man who threatened officers with a bayonet
  158. McDonald's Shot Up Over Missing Bacon
  159. TSA paedophiles.
  160. The cover-up
  161. Great Flying Tackle
  162. Off-Duty Sheriff's Officer Kills Armed Robber at Gas Station
  163. The life and death of a serial torturer/murderer and his leftist buddy
  164. Unruly Teen Attacks Transit Worker Kicks Some Ass While Bus Is Moving Shocking Video
  165. Connecticut Gun Law Ignored
  166. Ladies and Gentlemen! I give you the newest "shall issue" state: California!
  167. Selfie Leads To Arrest In Church Robbery
  168. Stupid Game Winner......
  169. Arizona Moves on Measures Nullifying Fed Gun Grab
  170. Dunn convicted.
  171. Beating Stupid Gun Laws Is Easier Than You Think, Connecticut Residents Just Ignore T
  172. It's Official: Remmington to Expand to Alabama
  173. Teen dead after shootout with police officer
  174. The wife got me this for a 35th Anniversay Present. God love her!
  175. Mom uses rifle fire to force "Teens" out of her house, Cops catch all three.
  176. Smart Guns Bill Would Require Handguns To Use Fingerprint ID And Only Fire For Owner
  177. Sobriety Checkpoints
  178. New Sanity Exam Ordered For James Holmes Colorado Shooting Rampage Suspect
  179. Would a law requiring all new guns be “personalized” - be beneficial?
  180. New Hampshire Legislator Moves To End Pass-Throughs Of Federal Military Equipment To
  181. Attorney: Cop Shot Teen For Answering The Door With A Video Game Controller
  182. 4 Cops Arresting Jaywalker Photographed
  183. Police officer risked his life to save a teenage boy
  184. One officer that earned respect and got it.
  185. Restitution
  186. Cops Save Ducklings
  187. Dallas police detain man and woman in driveway robberies case
  188. Police: Three men in custody after Steak 'n Shake holdup, high-speed chase
  189. Should we draft our cops?
  190. Support Your Local Slave Patrol
  191. Large Bag Of Marijuana Donated To Salvation Army.....Police Seek Suspect
  192. When They Come For Your Guns, You Will Turn Them Over (The liberal version)
  193. Officers from 10 police departments- "Help Boy With Autism Celebrate His Birthday"
  194. First Responders Save over two dozens people from deadly carbon monoxide leak
  195. Florida Mom Spends Night in Jail After Cops Attack Her
  196. Army Gives Out $500,000 Armored Trucks for Free
  197. Conneticutt Issues warning letters gun Holders
  198. 3-year-old calls 911, saves dad's life
  199. bank robbery suspect killed in officer-involved shooting
  200. firefighters, police save cat from condo complex fire
  201. Police save puppy after man pours hot sauce on it
  202. Off-duty Lehi police officer helps save man's life
  203. police officer, doc save youth who collapsed playing basketball
  204. News Stories about dogs, cops, people - good and bad
  205. Mom Reunites With San Diego Police Officers Who Saved Baby's Life
  206. Police arrest man accused of wounding 9-year-old neighbor
  207. Ironton Police Arrest Two Teens Wanted on Murder Charges in Indiana
  208. 2 Arrested: Robbed Woman in Labor
  209. Connecticut Gun Rights Groups Says Bring It On To Lawmakers
  210. Ohio boy suspended for pointing finger like a gun. ‘Zero tolerance’ run amok?
  211. Are we about to see a stand off in Connecticut
  212. Firearm Collectors
  213. mummified body found inside foreclosed home, Detroit
  214. Surveillance For Hire: Would You Take Money to Record Fellow Drivers?
  215. Five police officers beat a man to death in front of his family
  216. Texas Cops Gun Down Murder Suspect
  217. God and Guns
  218. Obama blames Congress for deportations
  219. Medic-deputy thwarts teen's suicide attempt
  220. Picture Goes Viral After Baltimore City Police Officer Saves Kitten
  221. Police save man from freezing to death
  222. Cop Slaps Baby, Leaves Mother in Tears
  223. Police Officers Save Baby Who Stopped Breathing
  224. The Arena
  225. Man Beating Dogs Dies After Being Tasered and Pepper Sprayed
  226. Cop threads
  227. NY State Police Saved 170 Lives with Automated External Defibrillators
  228. Police rescue deaf girls from Bremerton house fire
  229. Police fire on, severely wound dangerous, hardened criminal
  230. Inner City Maintenance Man STANDS HIS GROUND After Baseball Bat Beating 2 DEAD
  231. Man planning to sue his rescuers possibly in the country illegally
  232. Teenage father arrested after biting nose off one-month-old son
  233. Nebraska Cops Ordered to Pay $40K...
  234. NJ Cops Indicted After Video They Hid Reveals They Beat Innocent Man & Filed False Ch
  235. police, firefighters save woman and terrier from coyotes
  236. Wyoming Police officers use patrol car defibrillator to save man's life
  237. What are you to be? The law says ... .
  238. Man arrested in W.Va. identified as ‘person of interest’ in Alexandria killings
  239. Police arrest man in carjacking, stabbing of 19-year-old
  240. Akron Police arrest two wanted fugitives from West Virginia-recover stolen 9mm pistol
  241. Police Arrest One Suspect In Iowa City Shooting; Three Other Suspects Wanted
  242. Cop rapes woman after she reports assault
  243. 55yo father shoots teen daughter's boyfriend in HER bedroom in FATHER's house
  244. I just Read a Strange and Terrifying Book
  245. ATF raids San Diego gun store despite restraining order against the raid.
  246. Hey Ladies! New Smaller Glock in .380acp
  247. NYPD Stakeout Squad
  248. Dont Depend On 911 Become A Partner In Defending Yourself Milwakee Sheriff Dave Clark
  249. Fla. adds Warning Shot to SYG law
  250. officers honored for saving man from burning building