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  1. Ruger LCR Part Two: LCR vs LC9
  2. Worlds fastest shooter
  3. 40 priors, Bronx ccw
  4. bowling ball launcher
  5. Never saw this on the range
  6. .223+.40 vs. .22 SS/#metoo, he is dead
  7. Burned in a barrel/ school threats
  8. What a 1911 that’s been fired 2030 times without cleaning looks like.
  9. Defense Against the Zombie Apocalypse (Halloween Special)
  10. Is .25 ACP Literally the Worst Self-Defense Cartridge?
  11. FP 45 liberator pistol
  12. 72yr old vs. 24yr old armed robber
  13. A look at the Beretta--inside Wilson Combat....
  14. M16 vs AK-47
  15. 5 Reasons the Kahr PM9 is Excellent
  16. Hard to not understand why we have the second amendment
  17. Glock Pistols History, Detail Assembly and Machine Pistol
  18. The "Scariest" Dream I Ever Had....
  19. Hog hunting whacking and stacking
  20. Suspect, K-9 officer killed in St. Clair Shores shootout
  21. Democrats drafting bill to screen social media, Internet search history of gun buyers
  22. Remember the Media Reporter Who Shot the AR-15 and Claimed He Now Has PTSD?
  23. The Unanswerable Argument In Support Of The 2nd Amendment
  24. Why A .22 LR Pocket Gun Should Not Be Underestimated
  25. Why Choose the AR 15/M-4?
  26. History of the minie ball
  27. Reminton UMC vs Remington Green and White Box
  28. Having fun with a cannon
  29. Thousand Oaks Residents Want To Arm Themselves Now
  30. Kansas City: Armed Citizen Saves Mother Of 3 From Violent Attack
  31. Washington “semi-automatic assault rifle” measure passes…
  32. First shooting from a “gun grab” protective order
  33. News: Guns used to defend rape, robbery and assault
  34. Company gives employees guns for Christmas
  35. Great place to work with a bonus
  36. Is .22 LR Too Unreliable for Self-Defense?
  37. Why I Choose the AK Rifle
  38. A Swarm of Angry Bees: The American 180 .22LR Submachine Gun
  39. Oregon’s New Red Flag Law: State Confiscates Nearly 50 Gun Owners’ Guns
  40. Smith 317 kit gun
  41. Special Gun Rights for Muslims ?????????
  42. Dashcam Captures Intense Police Shootout w/ Illegal
  43. Kel-Tec PMR-30 vs. FN FiveseveN
  44. we have a right but not all should use it
  45. "Good Reason" For CC In DC Removed
  46. Altruistic "common sense" gun control, Red Flag...
  47. Police Chief Refuses To Enforce New Strict Gun Control Laws – ‘I’ve Taken 3 Oaths...
  48. Judge Blocks University’s Attempt to Infringe on ‘Gun Girl’s’ First Amendment Rights
  49. Cast Iron Skillets vs. Various Rounds, penetration casual study. Fun Video!
  50. Tough decision to open up on home burglars
  51. How do you lose a $50,000 assault rifle
  52. The HK P7-Family of Pistols
  53. Armed robber overpowered/ pistolero clerk defends himself
  54. What's the Maximum Effective Range of 12 Gauge Buckshot?
  55. How NOT To Carry a Colt Single Action Army
  56. 679 lb. Bear Killed with .357 Magnum Handgun
  57. Taurus PT111 G2C 12+1 9mm Review Budget or Bull?
  58. Since Most Guns Were Taken:
  59. The 1873 Winchester for hunting....maybe....
  60. Sig Sauer CEO Ron Cohen Allegedly Arrested In Germany
  61. push f/ legal-owned firearms to be confiscated from parents if minors are red flagged
  62. Meet The British Military's Latest Weapons System
  63. Well this rifle and cartridge interest me.....
  64. For Glock lovers....
  65. Should give your kid a gun for Christmas??????
  66. H&K VP-70M: Polymer Framed Cutting Edge Machine Pistol from 1973
  67. The Top 10 Concealed Carry Handguns (Episode 1)
  68. The Disappointing FN P90
  69. Is it an "assault" or a....
  70. Iowa Town BANS ....TOY GUNS
  71. Nutcase Tom Arnold says 80% of Gun owners have shot themselves
  72. I've Added to My Beretta Collection- Pico .380acp
  73. The Henry Firearms "1860 Henry Rifle"...
  74. Invader meets church lady/ Cops vs armed kidnapper
  75. Ruger GP100 10mm
  76. Pillow Assault Weapon
  77. The Difference Between Paper Targets
  78. Student Kicked Out Of Her Home For Owning Legal Firearms
  79. Pepper sprayed and shot/ multiple gunmen no more
  80. NRA Museum: The Guns of 9/11
  81. Even a current Restraining 0rder only works on the law abiding.
  82. .224 Valkyrie VS. 6.5 Grendel: battle of the 1000yd AR15’s
  83. Long Range Shooting With the 1873 Winchester...
  84. Robber drops gun, victim picks it up, hilarity ensues
  85. Woman shoots escaped inmate
  86. Top 10 CCW pistols : part 2
  87. "Deep cover" concealed carry
  88. Woman kills husband in self defense/ NY defensive gun use is ...
  89. Smith & Wesson J-frame Vs Ruger LCR
  90. Two more justified defensive gun uses
  91. Examples of 5 guns that should be gotten rid of
  92. Violating MA gun storage law saves mans life. Cops confiscate his collection.
  93. Lucky shot leads to manhunt and arrest
  94. No means no
  95. Texas man takes selfie with gun pointed to friends head
  96. Why does it matter how? He’s dead.
  97. Why do you care if someone is f-ing your ex? Overreaction will cost 2 lives.
  98. 2 cases of poor victim selection
  99. Does this make me weird
  100. What is Your Favorite .22LR Handgun?
  101. Man Brutally Attacked, Robbed, Then Saved By Armed Wife
  102. Indiana School Shooter Thwarted Because Mother Called Police
  103. School Districts Roll Out Firearms Course, Give Students the Gun Control That Works
  104. Pittsburgh Mayor Declares Intent to Ban Guns in Violation of State Law
  105. One ventilated, the rest will live to steal another day.
  106. Democrats and Republicans Uniting on Red Flag Gun Laws
  107. The Best .22 LR Handguns for Concealed Carry: Lucky Gunner Video Series
  108. Fight over drugs/ Savage from the jungle
  109. more confusion of the term “victim”
  110. Textbook example of defensive gun use
  111. $290 ar-15
  112. A black man walked into a bar...the Marine bartender...
  113. Would-be robber shot, killed by Oklahoma Walgreens employee
  114. Glock to Release 10 Round, G43X Pistol
  115. Getaway driver waited for cops to
  116. Bullets Capable of Obliterating Armor
  117. Buckshot for Hunting and Home Defense
  118. Should You Use A Pistol Caliber Carbine or 9mm AR-15 Pistol For Home Defense?
  119. Crisis Could Have Been Prevented If the People Hadn’t Surrendered Their Guns
  120. Gunfight at the photo counter; “What’s on the pics, man?”
  121. Like a good neighbor, he has a gun when YOU need one
  122. As if I needed another reason to hate Berretta
  123. Shooting the H&K MP5K Operational Briefcase
  124. Ruger PC9 Carbine Review
  125. Palmetto State Armory: Forged AK - GF3!
  126. Are Glocks really Durable? A Look at Glock Range Rentals
  127. Top 5 Best Selling Handguns in 2018 at Top Gun
  128. The Glock Model G48: Rumors
  129. The Well Engraved 1911
  130. auto bb guns
  131. LSU athletes shoot and kill a man/ Floriduh
  132. Waiting Period Mandated For Nerf Gun Purchases
  133. Armed bystanders shoot then vanish/ poor victim selection again
  134. Paul's Top 5 Rifles and Shotguns for Beginners
  135. Does This Gun Suck? Sig P229 Legion RX
  136. 3rd robbery is the charm/know your robber shoot your robber
  137. Bad shoot/ Texas block party?
  138. FBI Reveals Record Number Of Illegal Aliens Barred From Buying Guns
  139. Arming The Government
  140. NJ Residents Stand Strong Against Gun Control, Not a Single Resident Handed in
  141. New Glock G43X & G48 First Look
  142. Brazil's president-elect plans decree allowing wider gun ownership
  143. Tough decision...
  144. the headline says it all
  145. Political Thoughts :) :) :) :)
  146. Why Bullpups?
  147. Kraut Space Magic: the H&K G11
  148. one great russian shotgun
  149. Zev’s New Firearm Breaks Cover a Day Early
  150. The Glock 20 and History of the 10mm Cartridge
  151. Almost Adopted: The H&K XM-8 Family
  152. Returns to club w/ ak47, female security guard...
  153. 22tcm vs 5.7x28 vs 7.62x25
  154. Mossberg Unveils New Striker-Fired Subcompact 9mm, the MC1sc
  155. liberals shooting guns for first time
  156. Full auto fun
  157. AZ resident shoots 4 kills 1
  158. shit happens at the range
  159. We Will Not Comply – Boulder Colorado Gun Owners Launch Civil Disobedience
  160. Good result of bad shoot
  161. .22 Magnum is Pretty Good
  162. Man Sells Junk Guns To Buy-Back Program, Buys New Gun With Cash
  163. What do you imagine Civil War in the USA would be like in the 21st Century?
  164. Best .270 under $800
  165. 2 Juggers shot. Yes I said j-u-g-g-e-r.
  166. LV jewelry store armed hostage/robbery
  167. Cop fights for gun with murder suspect (video)
  168. Ted Cruz preserved America's right to own and bear arms
  169. ATF: No, Queer People Can’t Refuse to Identify as Male or Female When Buying a Gun
  170. “Long Ranger” 6.5creedmore Henry lever-action rifle
  171. Laavion can’t rob no’mo , Chicago woman w/ CCW is not a victim
  172. Birdshot fails in defense role
  173. E-swap turned into holdup , but everyone had guns
  174. So called AR's in self defense
  175. 00 vs. invader/warning shot/Good Samaritans
  176. Double Barrel Revolver in .22Mag???
  177. 2vs1 all shot/ 70yr old stops 2 armed robbers
  178. Security guard shoots man in bar parking lot after put in choke hold
  179. Burglar Shot Dead in Self-Defense, Accomplices Charged With Felony Murder
  180. Top 10 guns of 2018
  181. .38 Full Wad cutters For Self Defense...
  182. How many pieces of drywall will a 22lr go through?
  183. 90yr old not a victim/break in/armed robbery
  184. Remington 700 CP Bolt Action Pistol
  185. Another Retro Dedicated Rimfire AR build
  186. Guns
  187. Man killed over football bet in Delray Beach
  188. Man attacks mother and daughter
  189. pointing a gun at security always ends well. Motorcycle club member
  190. Publius Huldah Schools Attorney General
  191. About Roughly The Time "GACY" Got Popped & a Trucking Scene
  192. Real "Survilvalism" the Kind Gun Show Doesnt Teach Ya ....ALTHOUGH
  193. Trump's AG Nominee William Barr Supports Gun Control
  194. H&K P7 Family: Pistols for Gun Cognoscenti
  195. US Army's new handgun The Sig Sauer M17
  196. Glock 19x vs Glock 45: Which Gen 5 Pistol Should You Get?
  197. Pastor in critical after shootout over car change
  198. Shot robbing Metro PCS.
  199. Rock Island Armory 1911 A2 (22tcm and 9mm)
  200. Knives and Tomahawks vs the Meat Target
  201. The M-16 versus AK-47
  202. Everyone in IHOP armed/ 2 updates no charges in defenses
  203. You thought your gun range was strange
  204. Great training class
  205. Look at whats happening in Pittsburgh Pa.
  206. Scored another Colt 1911.
  207. Oregon bill would cap magazines to 5 rds, ration ammo to 20 rds/month
  208. Beware of Homeowners with Guns
  209. The NAA Mini-Revolver: You Can Do Better
  210. 38 Special +P 158 Grain Semi Wadcutter Hollow Point Ammo Tests
  211. SHOT Show 2019: These are the hottest new big guns
  212. NEW Steyr A2 MF (Modular Frame) 9mm Pistol
  213. AR Guys VS AK Guys
  214. Armed women come out on top
  215. In defense of daughter/2 more dead in Florida
  216. Noble, OK Officer Involved shooting
  217. Eugene, OR school shooting
  218. Concealed Carrier saves old man trapped on hood by speeding lunatic
  219. Washington State Sheriffs have no plans to enforce gun laws
  220. Thinking about an AR
  221. Anyone ever use this holster?
  222. Gun rights likely to be expanded by SCOTUS
  223. No CCW needed in SD
  224. Thinking about an M1 Carbine
  225. German State Police Adopt NEW Glock 46
  226. It pays to practice
  227. The Utah firing squad debate
  228. Cops get owned then apologizes for not knowing the law.
  229. Take a tip from the best
  230. You Dont "Respect" My Gun Rights So Why Should I Respect "Constitutional"
  231. Handgun Wounding Factors and Effectiveness (FBI Study)
  232. Home invasion and 2 SD no charges
  233. NC Homeowner Shoots Registered Sex Offender After Break-In
  234. Federal court rules firearms prohibition against an individual for a misdemeanor conv
  235. Portland Man Settles $400,000 Civil Suit After Self-Defense Shooting
  236. 3 Wednesday feel good stories
  237. The Sheer Veracity Of A Navy Surplus Jacket
  238. Chivalry and Manhood is not dead; Nashville Police: Would-be robber shot after attack
  239. Find a place with better neighbors
  240. Fires warning shot while beating girlfriend
  241. “I Don’t Like Laws” Florida Student Arrested For Homemade DIAS (full-auto)
  242. 40 S&W is STILL better then 9mm.
  243. VIDEO: Woman Threatens to Shoot Man in Gas Station To Keep Him Out of Her Car
  244. Burglar Shot By Homeowner Listed His Occupation as ‘Theif’ on Facebook
  245. Forfeit the right NOT to be shot
  246. 9mm +P and +P+
  247. 911 caller hears screaming in intruder’s fatal encounter with Lake County homeowner
  248. 44 Special
  249. Suspect Gets Shot After Throwing Rocks and Wielding Knife Toward Sheriff’s Sergeant
  250. The two gunfight fairies...