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  1. Dead, knife fight, targeted robbery, tougher than the customer x 2
  2. Another Useless California Gun Law
  3. Gun Store busts Sasha B. Cohen
  4. Wife as shield, husband does headshot on perp/ good dog nice gun
  5. Death Row in TEXAS
  6. So ya Law & Order Folks got WEAK GUTS
  7. Tell me again about Shooting In Chicago or New York
  8. MMA pro subdued suspect/ ex chest shot/ don’t play in traffic
  9. Ass grab-tossed on ass-arrested in front of wife and kids
  10. Michigan HS stocks classrooms with 'safety bucket' in case of active shooter
  11. Saturday feel good; DRT, and two repeat criminals stopped
  12. More idiots with guns
  13. Severely beaten in Fl; shot dead in Ut pawn shop robbery
  14. 10MM Auto....
  15. Mon feel good; 2 correct outcomes in Tx, not in Ca, Ha, WV
  16. Armed Robbery Suspect Gets Shot After Pointing Gun at Officers
  17. Tues feel good; Fresno and Bakersfield
  18. Open Carry For Hawaii!
  19. Glock 19X is Killing it in Sales
  20. Top 5 autoloader pistols of all time
  21. She shot 5 times, kicker dead, wounded turns up, clerk ready
  22. Thomas Train SMG
  23. Remington R1 10MM Hunter....
  24. Shooting Dimes in a 12ga. Shotgun
  25. Shot by a religious man; what to say in court after HD
  26. Tarae liked to smile, auto shops are not easy targets
  27. Head shot; 72 yr old and woman armed with a shotgun
  28. Citizen comes to aid of officer
  29. 1 Woman pulls the trigger quick; 1 does not
  30. .45/.40/9mm Shot Thru Stacked Paper Plates
  31. did we have a feel-good today yet?
  32. Multiple invaders, shot , wrestle over money bag then shot
  33. Odd ball range day
  34. Donald Trump spoke to the NRA about 3-D printed guns
  35. What is most important in a concealed carry firearm?
  36. Took on 2 armed invaders; bat and knife=dead; oops stay down shot
  37. Just one gun
  38. Cops shot the wrong guy; bike thief has pain in ass; update
  39. HD with stolen gun; 3 misses; why even consider arrest
  40. Clueless Coach on Guns
  41. In da FACE!;80yr old w/gun;guard pig; crawl biatch;
  42. Henry Big Boy in .327 Federal...
  43. Kahr Arms Introduces Special Edition "Thin Blue Line" PM9
  44. Britain's Growing Practical Shooting Sport
  45. The End Of The NRA?
  46. Defensive dog shooting
  47. Real Crime Flyover America
  48. Used condom leads to murder; accidental discharge; pump shoot
  49. NRA Claims 'Deep Financial Trouble
  50. I knew this was going to happen....
  51. 9mm spanks .38 Special and rivals .357 magnum!
  52. Handgun Training: Trigger Control to Improve Accuracy
  53. Colt SSA 1956....
  54. Armslist question
  55. Vet refuses to give up his guns.........
  56. New Hi-Tech Weapon For Our Infantry - Ouch!
  57. Ghost Gunner 2 “3D printer”
  58. Sig patent for integrally suppressed pistol
  59. Fl Armed Bystander stops crazed gunmen at crowded park
  60. Lets be careful out there
  61. Now it' official....
  62. Use and Care of the Revolver. By the US Post Office Dept 1959
  63. 2 robberies both bad guys shot w/ their own gun
  64. another good guy with a gun story
  65. Roy Rogers commericial from 1959
  66. Bakersfield Post Office Call Police
  67. Now this guy is well armed
  68. Legend of the AKMSU
  69. Glass AR-15?
  70. Top 5 Home Defense .223/5.56mm Loads
  71. Barrel Length - Revolver vs. Semi-Auto
  72. Former Delta force SgtMaj. talks about his experience in Special Forces
  73. Convicted sex offender breaks into woman and daughters home
  74. 2 armed customers stop armed robber
  75. Location, Location, Location
  76. Parkland Bombshell....
  77. Florida man charged in “stand your ground” shooting
  78. You got to read this
  79. All 1911 morning
  80. Say what you will about CHICAGO ..we ain't got this problem..
  81. Pharmacy employee takes on 2 armed robber
  82. Surveillance vid shows shooter charge car w/ AR
  83. Embracing The Red Dot Advantage
  84. Guns of the FBI: FBI Sniper Rifles
  85. Practical Guide To The Tactical Shotgun
  86. How to Grip a Pistol: The How and Why
  87. The Best Handgun Caliber - A Real World Study
  88. 3 armed intruders/queen of soul shooting/kids fight back/meth dick
  89. For you self defense guys and shotguns...
  90. Useful Tactical Stuff
  91. Judge Sides with NRA
  92. Old War Horse Sig Sauer Gets a Make Over
  93. Deron went nuts/ gun fight in Charleston
  94. Shocking video shows thieves attempting to steal $75K from woman before running her o
  95. Beaner armed robber gets tackled by victims
  96. DoD evaluation says the Army’s new Sig P320 service pistol is riddled with issues
  97. Wow.....black man that needs to be a politician......
  98. Ultimate Skeet Shooting
  99. Shootout between robbers and victims
  100. Louisiana gets tough with anti-gun Citibank, Bank of America.
  101. Motorcyclist defends herself from road rage
  102. Tuesday crime news Minnesota and Chicago
  103. A new SSA....
  104. Home bearing sign “Smith and Wesson spoken here” wrong one to invade
  105. Range report....
  106. U.S. Army Is Testing 10 New Submachine Guns
  107. Wanted $20G reward; woman w/ gun and hammer
  108. Oath Keepers stepping up to protect patriots from Antifa thugs
  109. OK teen holds serial car thief at gun point
  110. Illegal robs and crashes full greyhound bus;shoot first ask Qs later
  111. Test and Evaluation: Kahr CM9 Review
  112. Midwest Thug ... Forget Chicago..
  113. American gun control
  114. Meet the leader of our neighborhood watch
  115. 2 self defense shootings Tx and Fl
  116. "Short On Ammo."
  117. 2 multiple armed attackers and 1 questionable homicide
  118. Can you believe it ~ ACLU backs NRA
  119. Triple negligent discharge
  120. Range Report....
  121. Uber shooting video shows how fast you decide for life or death: Polk Co. Sheriff
  122. Top 5 Most Concealable Handguns
  123. Top 10 Best Selling Handguns
  124. US Mass Shootings Lower Than Global Average - Contrary to NY Times
  125. 2 for 1; one drt one deported
  126. Building Shiloh Sharps Rifle...
  127. Coast to coast the bad guys get shot
  128. F-35 Lightning Jet 25mm Cannon Firing! GAU-22 Equalizer
  129. How To Buy The Best AR-15
  130. Latest purchase
  131. Mom Kills Home Invader, Now Going To Prison For the Gun She Used
  132. How hard can it be to get a cc in Calafornia
  133. Guns and Lawlessness in Mexico
  134. Grandpa fatally stabbed after asking man to stop doing drugs in front of kids
  135. pregnant woman shoots and kills intruder, deemed Justified, now facing charges
  136. Mother leads 100mph chase down Texas highway with baby in the car
  137. Dead in Pitt, gunfight in Bakersfield
  138. Well if this is true....
  139. Shot stealing boat in CA and car in TX
  140. Pittsburgh Man Wrestles Gun From 18-Year-Old Home Invader, Shoots and Kills Him
  141. Alaskan criminals shoot each other and crash their own cars
  142. Ammo Selection for 9mm Carbines
  143. The one armed Hickok45...
  144. USAF’s New GAU-5A Aircrew Self Defense Weapon
  145. Woman hostage has balls; home invader shot
  146. Lady this ain’t the movies; BB gun bumbling bandit
  147. Testicle shot; more shot ghosts?
  148. Where to zero your .22lr
  149. Open Carry
  150. I'm off to bed but enjoy....
  151. Dashcam & Bodycam Footage of Police Shootout With Gang Member
  152. Online want ad turns to armed robbery/ Anatomy of a SD shoot
  153. Dropping a Hi Point and a Glock 19 From a Helicopter
  154. Knife counts...
  155. Followed for a bag of guns/ car theft kidnapping
  156. MP5 magdump ambush
  157. Backyard carry saves 2 lives
  158. Another Good Guy Carrying Concealed Helps Police
  159. North Carolina Town Criminalizes Personal Firearms
  160. Stab my brother? I shoot you
  161. Father shoots daughters boyfriend
  162. Taurus Judge Part IV and Gun Fight Statistics Part II
  163. Officer Gets Shot in Leg During Shootout With Robbery Suspect
  164. Shot but no explanation/ 1 out of 3 robbers shot
  165. Pedophile’s Decapitated Corpse Found On Judge’s Doorstep After Bail Hearing In Aurora
  166. FL elderly shoots invader/ Sec Guard shoots robber ; both dead
  167. CCW intervenes in attempted rape/ memphrica dead invader
  168. Here's What Happens When Liberals Try to Ban Guns in Texas
  169. 83 year old man fights off 3 robbers
  170. runs over daughter 3 times/ rbbr shot twice in 2 homes/ gunfight leaves hmownr hand
  171. One Armed Hickok45...
  172. A Uberti 1861 Colt vs an original 1861 Colt in .36 caliber....
  173. Son ends domestic violence/ repeated break ins head shot
  174. Personal Protection: Mossberg 590A1 Pump vs Rock Island VR60 Autoloader
  175. Man Shot Dead by Father son duo in Abilene, Texas
  176. SWAT goes to wrong house 2 get shot/ car thief shot
  177. Real Men don’t carry “Pocket Pistols”...
  178. 3 attempted robberies, all shot
  179. How to Keep Your Defensive AR Loaded
  180. Best Gun for Home Defense: Shotgun, AR-15, or Pistol?
  181. 2 knife attacks ended with guns
  182. Glock 45: The Ultimate Service Pistol
  183. Cap and Ball Revolver for personal protection....
  184. Wrongly indicted/ the I’m thirsty burglar
  185. Engineering ‘The Black Rifle’: Why the AR-15 Is the Most Popular Gun in the U.S.
  186. Murder Suspect Killed in LAPD officer-involved shooting
  187. Brownell Retro Series of M-16's....
  188. Cool Stuff and Such
  189. Mom kills knife wielding son/armed int. shot dead
  190. Desert Tech MDR, one gun in both 5.56 and .308
  191. 1860 Uberti Henry vs 1860 Henry Henry....
  192. Top 5 Carry Rounds
  193. Steyr StG 77, aka the AUG
  194. Suspect SHOT...Rides Bicycle down I-94 with BULLET in a Leg
  195. 2 armed invader stories and a follow-up
  196. Springfield XDm OSP
  197. U.S ARMY Killing ISIS
  198. Why is your gun in the truck?/armed pharmacy employee
  199. Chinese Restaurant Robber Gets Bullets With His Egg Roll
  200. An armed society is a polite society
  201. What happened with the M-16 in Vietnam.....
  202. Bumper Tackle
  203. Why I Despise the M14...
  204. Doors unlocked crook coming back/HS football shooting
  205. Crimson Trace announces new line of red dots
  206. New Rifle for the Army?
  207. 7.92 CETME cartridge, light recoil 1000yd full-auto
  208. Maybe I Was Wrong About Pocket Pistols
  209. Bulletproof glass is racist/ 2 baddies shot dead
  210. Laugo Arms Alien Pistol
  211. woman held captive gets captors gun shoots him
  212. 6.5 creedmore VS. .308
  213. Sig Sauer Pro SP2022 Pistol
  214. 2 baddies shot , one held at gun point
  215. Horse f**ker shot/ 4 invaders gunfight w homeowner
  216. Figure that!
  217. 45 ACP for Couger and Bear Defense
  218. “Grandma no teeth” rape defense/burglar shot dead
  219. Starbux drinking concealed carrier save clerk from violent attacker
  220. Glock 45 Review
  221. Beretta APX Centurion
  222. The ORIGINAL Colt M4 Carbine Video 1993
  223. Glock the Book
  224. Don’t rob Texans
  225. Well we will see how this effects Trump in the next election....
  226. Remote security cams save family/Shot 3times in robbery attempt
  227. 3 home invasions
  228. Expanding 12G slugs
  229. Springfield XDm-10 10mm
  230. Ruger LCR 9mm Vs .38+P S&W Snubby
  231. Fumigation burglars/Self defense verdict/Shot robbing on probation for robbing
  232. Complicated road rage shoot/ career burglar dead
  233. Cop shoots at innocent man/ Tenn is shady on SD laws
  234. Stabber yells “Happy Halloween” gets shot dead
  235. Retards Get A Lifetime Ban from Range
  236. Boobytrap shotgun/ burglar dead
  237. Shooting at sign kills man
  238. Mexi tries sex assault/ MD invader killed law may prosecute
  239. Gun storage law upheld for now
  240. Gun Carrying Citizens Drive Murders Down 8.5%
  241. Gun license for self defense
  242. Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging law that requires owners to keep guns locked up
  243. Travis Haley and Garand Thumb talk about their carbine (AR15/M4) setups
  244. Deputy public defender pleads guilty to giving gun to felon
  245. Armed Pastor Saves Lives By Killing Gunman At Walmart
  246. New HK VP9-B (Push Button Mag Release)
  247. States That Have Stand Your Ground Laws
  248. Ban Rifles That Fire Velocity Rounds....
  249. Remington Rifle Settlement
  250. Will left go after CHL/CWP/CCW if they take House