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  1. Saturday feel good; no explanation needed/ Donít underestimate the woman/ when all u
  2. Home deliveries of knives bought online to be Banned in UK
  3. Mother of Japanese student killed in US wants gun control
  4. Sunday feel good; u wonít take me alive coppers ,7to1 odds
  5. Monday feel good; liar and a thief
  6. I Added a Glock 42 to the Collection
  7. S&W Gen 1 Model 59 9mm Pistol Review
  8. Tuesday feel good; another one down
  9. Why Didn't They Tase Him?
  10. Why Did They Keep Shooting Him?
  11. 12yr old open carrying AR15 down Philly street
  12. Graduate with a gun goes viral
  13. Wednesday feel good; shoot the tires?/You shot my son!
  14. Thursday feel good;Shot over beef jerky/hold the hm owner/held at gun point and logic
  15. Sub-Compact Handguns.
  16. Friday feel good; mom brings knife to gunfight/ luche libre
  17. I've heard all this talk of politicians taking our guns away . . .
  18. Saturday feel good;armed pizza delivery in Memphrica/on the ground junkie .22
  19. Yippee!!!! It's here.....
  20. "We Are Coming To Take Your Guns".
  21. Exploding Knife Violence on the streets of London
  22. Unalienable Rights Is Not The Best Recruiting Tool
  23. Sunday feel good; donít be a hero
  24. Bullet proof clothing for everyone
  25. Thinnest.45 semi ; reinventing the wheel
  26. Monday feel good; left in street to die/woman vs machete
  27. Dick' Sporting Goods to Destroy "Assault-style" guns
  28. Tuesday feel good; cop protects elderly wmn/ Hero stops bank robbery
  29. UK Boxing Day Stabbings
  30. CCTV of five blacks attacking a white woman on bus at London Bridge
  31. London bus, knife attack 2017
  32. 'We have to walk round with knives' - BBC News
  33. Why No One Invades Switzerland
  34. Wednesday feel good; 2 home invasions go horribly wrong (right)
  35. Danish Army follows the US Army chooses Sig 320.
  36. Famous Fantasy Phrases
  37. Thursday feel good; Machete vs crossbow/carjacker vs woman/AR used in defense
  38. Friday feel good; car shoppers are armed so are rape victims and family members
  39. Woman Kills Husband With a Sword
  40. Update on Thursday feel good
  41. Saturday feel good; robber not coming out of closet.
  42. muslim bakery robbery gone wrong
  43. Guns and fun
  44. Sunday feel good; Waffle House robbery stopped by armed customer/ mother shoots son/
  45. Mom kills son who is choking his sister
  46. Maduro disarmed civilians in Venezuela, now he wants to arm his supporters
  47. Monday feel good; 5 stabbed/rob a cop/Iím board
  48. Again I say not all should have guns
  49. Kyle Kashuv: pro 2A Parkland shooting survivor treated like criminal
  50. Toronto: This afternoon - 10 dead, 15 injured by driver!
  51. Marlin and Winchester lever action comparison
  52. Tuesday feel good; 2 out of 3
  53. Five of the Best Budget Guns Out There . . .
  54. copper tubing shotgun loads
  55. Defense Against Bears with Pistols: 97% Success rate, 37 incidents by Caliber
  56. Wednesday feel good; wanted a different blower/unloaded dumbshit/pistol whipped
  57. Time to Repeal the 2nd Amendment & Ban Guns, How is That Working For You?
  58. Thursday feel good;warning shot/leg shot/not shot
  59. Friday feel good;mom fires warning shot,glad she did/clerks armed and ready
  60. U.S. Homicide Rates by Race
  61. I Thought YouTube Had Eliminated Gun Vids?
  62. Now Switzerland is being hit with gun contro....l
  63. Saturday feel good;2 women take care of biz/off-duty but have guns in bar
  64. New Bersa TPR 9 Pistol Review
  65. Question for Springfield XDS Owners...
  66. Retired Chicago cop fatally shoots armed carjacker in Bridgeport, police say
  67. Monday feel good; crowbar/lady at bar
  68. Busy gun day for me.
  69. Tuesday feel good
  70. Sig Sauer P210...
  71. Looks like Iíll be picking up another.
  72. Wednesday feel good; be back w/ a gun/Released???
  73. Smith & Wesson Adds a 3.6″ Barrel Version of M&P 2.0 Compact Carry Pistol
  75. Thursday feel good; off-duty , on the ball
  76. Yes, they want to take your guns
  77. Glock 19, Gen 4 vs Gen 5.
  78. Friday feel good; the nut is in the hatch/Quindarious wins the gunfight
  79. Man trips armed suspect running from police
  80. Aunt gave daughter a pistol
  81. Saturday feel good/ lucky day for the thieves
  82. Boulder Colorado Gun Ban
  83. Five Facts Gun control nutz don't want you to see
  84. Hogg says Trump afraid of them and they discuss Who Funds NRA
  85. Would not be eating there
  86. Sunday feel good; Mom of cop/ Friend of Dad
  87. Monday feel good; stupidest man in America.
  88. Lt. Col. Oliver North to Become New NRA President
  89. Tuesday feel good; cool customer/shootout at the Metro PCS corral
  90. Wednesday feel good; 2 dead one captured in 3 incidents
  91. Spying On This Forum
  92. Armed bystander rescues woman hostage
  93. Favorite Glock
  94. Multiple Gun Manufacturers stop doing business with Dick's
  95. Your favorite 1911 or 1911s.
  96. Friday feel good; 2 incidents and 2 baddies shot
  97. Officer on horseback makes DUI arrest in California
  98. Saturday feel good; victim victory/unsecurity guard/ got away with guns/ saved after
  99. Israeli method of drawing.
  100. Sunday feel good; head shot/damn!sweet dog/Mc Lovin stabbed
  101. Monday feel good; donít know who killed the thief, who cares he is dead
  102. Tues feel good; 2 unnamed dead perps, ISIS maybe?
  103. Range Report...
  104. New Titles
  105. The Threat the American People Ought Most to Fear
  106. Student Reported to Police for Talking About Concealed Carry
  107. Weds feel good; 3 from Florida, 1 from Arkansas
  108. Hero takes out armed thug.....
  109. 5 Military Guns That Revolutionized Modern Infantry Combat
  110. US military surplus 1911s available. Almost.
  111. Thrs feel gd;beat w/ walker/victim has gun x2
  112. Fri feel good; Clerk concealed got Gonzalez/Not enough Cameras
  113. Texas School Shooting
  114. Saturday feel good; bow and arrow for home defense
  115. GLOCK America Wins S„o Paulo Military Police Solicitation
  116. Mon feel good; 2 incidents in Florida; 2 shot perps
  117. .50
  118. Tues feel good; Florida again CCW is a must have
  119. Dumb Sheriff of the Week Award
  120. Wednesday feel good; girl stabs abductor/leg shotsX2
  121. Gun Grabbing Houston Police Chief Threatens Dana Loesch With Legal Action Over NRA Vi
  122. All Ceska Zbrojovka morning
  123. Thurs feel good; robbers work in pairs, questionable defensive shooting in each case
  124. If U Rather Not Have A Gun In The House?
  125. Joke.
  126. Man opens fire inside Oklahoma restaurant before armed citizen stops him dead
  127. Fri feel good; No victims all perps get shot/ Deandre gets beat down
  128. Scot Peterson, the coward of Broward protected sheriff's son
  129. Saturday feel good
  130. P210 Small Game Hunt With Hickok45...
  131. ACTIVE SHOOTER= New video Game
  132. Sunday morning feel good stories
  133. Background checks
  134. Tale Of 2 Cities...
  135. Mon feel good; drive-up drive-by good bye your welcome
  136. Elmer Keith, the Legend
  137. Tues feel good; clerk with a gun/ still no identity
  138. What can happen when you carry without a round in the chamber.
  139. Wed feel good; untrained woman but still saved by gun/found 2nd perp/more vanishing
  140. Sexy sniper chick shoots a .50 cal
  141. Drive up, drive by , good bye bad guy (video) follow up
  142. Thurs feel good; Scufflegutteless / the last door you ever kick down
  143. Fri feel good: arrow / meth /76 and BA / gunfight
  144. Since "Big Dummy" Seems Delayed ...
  145. Sat feel good; uncle axe murderer / got 2 of em
  146. Sunday feel good; 3 dead perps in 2 incidents
  147. .357 Magnum vs. .44 Magnum
  148. Revolver vs Pistol
  149. Mon feel good: Cop assist/2 dead in 2 failed home invasions
  150. Personal Protection for Emergencies ∑
  151. Tues feel good; why do u need an AK47/donít run when shot
  152. The Magnum Story....
  153. Moron shoots self....Groin
  154. Thurs feel good; SG to the head not fatal/ Bushes beans not fatal/ gut shot fatal
  155. Friday feel good; 2 to the face, ainít talking
  156. 9mm drywall penetration test :part 1
  157. Shotgun to the head (more info)
  158. In Their Face...
  159. Sat feel good; 2 home invasions, bad for invaders
  160. Sunday feel good; raising Arizona
  161. What to buy
  162. Happiest Story of the Day - Pedophile's Head Blown Off by a Mother
  163. Monday feel good; Wasnít expecting that
  164. Revolver toting C.T. folks
  165. Tues feel good; 4 stories , at least Texas got it right
  166. Gun bill intoduced in Congress that will require tracking of licenses and sales
  167. wed feel good; busy day / found dead
  168. Dancing FBI with negligent discharge ARRESTED
  169. Thurs feel good
  170. Hatchet murderer stopped by neighbor w/ gun who heard screams
  171. Female school teacher w/ gun VS. meth addict
  172. Aimpoint new ACRO series sight introduced
  173. 5 Friday feel good stories
  174. The David/Sheperd sling
  175. Saturday feel good
  176. Florida: two attempted car-jackings two armed not victims
  177. Sunday feel good; shoot the ex/5 methheads .40 to the leg
  178. Gun Talk---Heavy vs light bullets in a handgun....
  179. Another Career Ended
  180. Mon feel good: daughter fetch/grocery store shoot out
  181. Tues feel good: midnight auto
  182. "Assault" Weapons Ban Dies in Delaware Senate
  183. Wed feel good: Pkld Fl teen ďIím so highĒ and shot/ 3 on 1 home invasion/warning shot
  184. Handgun rounds lack of stopping power.
  185. Thurs feel good: 5 more stories
  186. The Red Elephants / Gun Crime
  187. Fri feel good: 4 stories with 4 lessons
  188. Trump's Guns
  189. Woman Shoots Home Invader in VA
  190. Manhunt Over Suspect turns himself in FEEL the Power Of Justice
  191. Sat feel good; court for Canada HD shooting
  192. SAS hero bludgeons THREE Taliban fighters to death with a hammer
  193. Sunday feel good
  194. More Guns, Less Crime, DOCUMENTED!
  195. Ruger Scout Rifle....
  196. Monday feel good
  197. AC-130 Gunship Mission
  198. New Jersey: surrender your guns or become a criminal
  199. Cops interfere w/ st. Justice; arrow in arm; dropped the money
  200. Magazine fed 12G Shockwave
  201. Weds feel good: Son with a gun / 1 or 2 down
  202. Important kel-tec recall
  203. Thurs feel good; same case in Texas and Canada totally different ways to look at SD
  204. Worlds simplest SMG; 9 parts 20$
  205. AA-12 Now Available to the Public
  206. 7 Most Powerful and Dangerous Pistols of All Time
  207. Friday feel good
  208. EDMONTON: Criminals' escape goes wrong
  209. 6 Hot Micro 9mm Handguns For Everyday Carry
  210. To the range yesterday...
  211. Development of the SIG P220, aka the Swiss P75 Army Pistol
  212. Weekend feel good
  213. Monday feel good; Wa , Fl, Tn
  214. Tuesday feel good; Ca, Al, Az
  215. Its a right not all should have
  216. Weds feel good: 70yr old woman saves Cop/ carjacker takes on camper/ Armed intruder
  217. JB Weld slugs
  218. PTR 9CT review
  219. Thurs feel good: bath salts/ 2 robbers shot
  220. Texas Mom Shoots Carjacker in Face
  221. The Model 29....
  222. The Model 19....
  223. .30-30 vs .44 mag....
  224. Now here's a handgun everyone should have for home invasion...
  225. A True Understanding Of SELF DEFENSE
  226. Sat feel good: 5 intrusions, 3 doors kicked in, 1 window, 1 unknown/ all shot
  227. Who needs a gun?
  228. Waitress protects co-worker with her gun
  229. Personal Defense: 10MM vs .45...
  230. Coonan .357 Mag 1911...
  231. Best .380 Pistols [2018]: Pocket Rockets
  232. Sun feel good; Florida, Missouri, Texas
  233. Mini 14 used by professionals today
  234. Dominant rifle shoulder/eye
  235. Australian Rigmarole...
  236. Monday feel good; Az, Wi,Ok, Tx
  237. Tues feel good; 3 dead in 4 incidents
  238. Self-Defense Gun Usage a ĎMythí
  239. Doj, saf reach settlement in defense distributed lawsuit
  240. homemade 3d printed weapons now legal?
  241. Best 9mm loads
  242. Thurs feel good; Ok, Oh, Ms, Tn, Ia, Ca, Mi
  243. Fri feel good; Wi, Mi, Oh, Ky, Ar
  244. Range Report....
  245. Sat feel good; 3 incidents and not one hit, come on people.
  246. The Gun I Want!
  247. Does anyone know what an 'assault revolver' is?
  248. Mon feel good; NC, Oh, Az, Tx, Fl
  249. 9th Circuit upholds preliminary injunction against magazine confiscation in Californi
  250. Lots of shot suspects ; Cal beaner problem; Guilty by association and more